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  1. Check the local high schools beginning computer class!
  2. We are booked on Nieuw Statendam for the cancelled 11/7 cruise,This is our forth NS cruise cancelled in 14 months and our 21st cruise cancelled because of COVID.This is getting old!
  3. We have had both bow and stern cabins and prefer the front facing cabins on the newer ships unless it is an east bound transatlantic crossing.The bow balcony’s are huge on the newer ships and normally less expensive than the stern cabins.We have 56 nights booked on Sky next year all on the bow.There is also the soot issue on the rear balcony’s of the newer ships to contend with.
  4. We have 4 cruises in 2022 on Sky and the shareholders OBC has been applied to all 4.
  5. My start date on CC is 5/1/00 which I believe is the date CC transitioned from an AOL site to the internet.I was on the AOL site from 1995-2000.
  6. We have booked longer cruises with segments,as one cruise and always gotten cruise points for each segment.
  7. If they can do it for breakfast,they can do it for lunch and dinner!
  8. I would call my TA or Princess and get the original cabin back and have it marked for no upgrade!
  9. I always get flight quotes before booking a cruise. Click on the cruise you want and look down under the map of the cruise and you will see flight quotes.Input your info for the quotes.You do not need to be booked to see the airfares!
  10. Seventeen on Princess and two on HAL,have been cancelled so far.Eighty two nights booked for 21-22,so far!
  11. Our 5/15 cruise will be the 18th we have had cancelled since Covid began.Princess has cancelled 16 and HAL 2.This is getting quite old!
  12. Franco is one of the nicest men we have ever met!
  13. She was anchored off the FLL beach yesterday!
  14. We have had 15 cancelled by Princess and 2 by HAL.We are also on Regal 5/15/21 and still hope to sail then.
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