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  1. Is there somewhere to stop and get some wine in the pier area,when coming from the airport?
  2. We sailed in M108 for 15 nights and I don't remember it being substantially covered or covered at all by L108.
  3. I bought my first 100 shares at $19 and have gotten over $5000 back in OBC and dividends.I have bought 400 more shares over the last 2 months as the price has been attractive.I may buy some more this week.
  4. We have stayed in C750 and D737 which we preferred.D736 is also very desirable.
  5. I am not coming back now to complain,I am responding to a post of Why do you hate HAL so much and I did post our experience immediately after returning from that cruise!Why do you think that if something did not happen to you,it didn ‘t happen or doesn’t matter?We were obviously satisfied with the HAL product prior to this cruise but would never attempt to defend any company with limited knowledge of the situation which it appears you are doing!
  6. It was on Noordam in the spring of 2017 from Sydney to Vancouver.Many guests disembarked early in Honolulu rather than endure another week on the ship.I failed to mention that on the last day I had to use the HAL computer to print our boarding passes and I definitely logged off properly ,as I checked it on my IPad.I had bought a 1000 minute package and had about 100 minutes left.Later that day,the system said that I had no minutes left so I went to passengers services were they said the their system kept me logged in and they could see that I had not been online using the remaining minutes.I politely asked the young lady to replenish the minutes and she refused.When I said that that would be my last HAL cruise after all the other issues she said “We don’t care” and walked away.This was also mentioned in my letter to HAL.Our next HAL cruise would have made us 4 stars mariners.I have been on six cruises since then with two more coming up in the next two months and those will be our 59th and 60th cruises.I can only guess at how much profit HAL will not be getting from us.Time for some serious management changes at what was one a great cruise line!
  7. That what we did!On our last HAL cruise,they did so many things wrong that I kept looking for the Candid Camera.Our suite balcony was filthy dirty and had paint stains everywhere.We were told to wait half an hour for lunch, as there was a shortage of wait staff.We had to move dirty dishes in the buffet so we had somewhere to eat.On three occasions,we saw friends open up the silverware from the napkins to find dirty forks and knives that was caked with eggs.Numerous buckets collecting water from leaking pipes.One evening show was cancelled because the staff could not figure out the electrical system.We talked to passengers that disembarked a week early rather than complete the cruise.I wrote to HAL who acknowledged their short comings and they offered us onboard credit,four dinners in the Pinnacle Grill and the wine package,if we would return to HAL.That offer went in the garbage.We were vary happy passengers on Hal till Ashford was hired.Never again on HAL under the current leadership.JMHO!
  8. We have had somewhere around 40 minibars and never remember receiving anything diet.
  9. How many days out from a cruise does Royal Caribbean issues the luggage tags?Thanks for any info.
  10. Thanks for your prompt response.I will check out the menus and decide.
  11. We are visiting Boston before our next cruise from NY and looking for a nice family Italian restaurant in the north end.Any suggestions?
  12. I notice when they are wearing robes from the cabin,especially in the buffet.
  13. We are also on this cruise and yesterday we gave up M104 to move up to L104.These are the largest balconies on Regal.M104 is still showing as available so I suggest you get right on it if you want the cabin.
  14. We took a back to back on Regal spending a week in a mini and 15 nights is a premium deluxe balcony and enjoyed the aft facing premium much better.The mini had a tiny balcony and the extra space in the mini was no big deal with only 2 people.
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