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  1. johnmik1

    Ocean Ready app - almost there.

    I can't get my passport scanned in,but was able to do my wife's.
  2. johnmik1

    Travel Insurance: Don’t cruise without it!

    The Voyager plans are single trip plans and the Trekker plans are annual plans that cover all your trips with the Essential covering up to $250,000 Med and $500,000 of evacuation and the Choice covering $50,000 of Med and $250,000 of evacuation.These plans are throughly explained on my business website that should be in my signature.Our actual cost was $390 per year for the higher plan.I can’t advise you how the coverage dovetails with an HMO without reviewing your specific plan.I have been an insurance broker for 43 years but things change so often Ithat I can’t give you a specific answer.Good Luck,John
  3. johnmik1

    Do the TV's have on demand movies?

    Does the Crown have flat screens yet?
  4. I have been Elite on Princess for 10 years and the unlimited internet was discontinued many years ago and the Platinum and Elites get a specific # of minutes depending on the length of the voyage.I did receive unlimited internet last year on the Regal as they were installing Ocean Medallion but I understand that that was a temporary situation.
  5. On the personalizer,go to manage this booking and specialty restaurants.It's all there.
  6. I think it depends on the destination and # of sea days.We have had both C752 and C753 on grand class ships, on numerous occasions and are booked in C753 on Crown for the crossing on 11/3.I did notice that some of the minis were being priced at the same rate as the premium balcony, but with so many sea days and the possibility of weather issues,we will stick with the private,windless balcony on the stern.
  7. johnmik1

    Sabatini's on Crown

    Thanks to you all for the response we were hoping to have!
  8. johnmik1

    Sabatini's on Crown

    Traveling on Crown in November and was wondering if Sabatini's has the new menu.Thanks!
  9. johnmik1

    Carrying of Passports compulsory ?

    If the ID needs to be issued by the government,I will just carry my Global Entry card and a copy of my passport in Italy next month!
  10. johnmik1


    Barcelona is a unique port as the returning passengers are screened and their bags are checked when you enter the terminal and not when you reboard the ship.Because of that you can pick up what you want at the terminal liquor store and walk right back to your cabin.We have done it many times on different cruise lines.
  11. johnmik1

    Lunch in mdr on embarkation day

    Noon till 1:30
  12. We once had a back to back on Emerald for 20 nights and had two different cabins.A fellow cruiser on the roll call mentioned that he had to cancel his cruise,which was our first 10 day cruise the following Monday,as his TA was out of town.His cabin was the one we wanted so we would not have to move.Since my TA was also on vacation till Monday,I asked him if we possibly had the same TA, which we did.We both called her on Monday morning and when she did his cancellation she immediately moved us to that cabin.What are the chances of that happening again?
  13. johnmik1

    Captain of Regal? still Capt Ed Perrin?

    We have not received a precruise email from Princess in years!