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  1. Yes they will refare up till final payment and you can add multiple additional days using EZair.I don't believe there is a limit on the # of days.
  2. All paid for Emerald for 15 nights leaving from San Pedro on 12/20/20 to FLL and then 10 days on Sky on 1/5/21 to the southern Caribbean!
  3. Not necessarily!Many people would substitute it for the buffet or the limited room service menu.We sail about 50 nights a year and probably go to the MDR 50% of the time.After 750 + days at sea,getting dressed up every night is not what it once was to us.
  4. After 7 cancellations this year,we are booked on Emerald 12/20 and Sky in 1/5.Hopefully both cruises will sail.
  5. I think that Princess should go back to being able to order off the MDR menu in all staterooms like HAL does.This would ease the strains on the other dining venues.
  6. Has anyone booked their flights using EZ Air and then upgraded using frequent flyer miles?TIA
  7. Can anyone who has cruised over Christmas and New Years advise whether on not Princess has any special menus on Christmas Eve,Christmas Day and New Years Eve?Thanks!
  8. I screwed up my cruises and said 5/5 and 5/15 when I meant 11/5 and 11/15.We are also on Sky on 5/5 to the Baltics so I am not totally losing it!
  9. We are on both the 5/5 and 5/15 cruises and our cruise on the 15th is showing a due date in October.Maybe yours is 3 months earlier because you are in the UK.
  10. We were booked for the 25 night cruise on Enchantment leaving on 10/25 from Italy and just booked Sky for 20 nights leaving NY on 11/5.
  11. People often refer to Caribbean Princess as CP but it’s designation is CB.I believe Coral is CO.
  12. FYI,CP is the designation for Sea Princess.
  13. "Murphy was an optimist"is actually called O'Tooles postulate to Murphy's law!
  14. As a stockholder,I think a lawsuit against every director who voted to exclude this coverage should be brought!
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