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  1. I was able to book all shows @exactly 90 days out for our recent Allure show. I booked the comedy show in the small comedy live venue for early in the week then it let me book another comedy show for the Main Amber theater the last night of the show. I had thought that perhaps the shows would be different because it let me book each and also I guess because they were in different venus..but with the exception of just a couple of lines from each comedian, it was the same material.
  2. Did either of you who were just on Allure notice if they offered any 3D movies in the theater? They used to have them and we really loved that last time we were on her. I looked at someones compass they posted and couldn't find any 3D.
  3. Oh I know...we had no problem with them being on board. And their costumes were incredible! The only time I was “inconvenienced” was when hubby and I wanted to wander around onthe pool deck one evening and they were holding a cocktail party if you didnt have a wrist band for being with the “High Seas Group”.
  4. Funny you should say this...the last time we cruised over Halloween years ago, we were on Freedom of the seas and there was a large (like 1/2 the ship) group of Bikers on board. And yes they had private events that excluded entry into certain public areas.
  5. Yes, although I don't expect the mornings to be an issue in the lounge if everyones take on this notice is correct and the lounge is open but potentially crowded. It is a nice token on their part but I actually have the Royal Refreshment which includes specialty coffee.
  6. Got the following notice just now regarding my sailing this Sunday on Allure. Do you think they are saying that we will not have a Diamond lounge? We are Diamond members. I know like they say we have the 3 free drinks but I enjoy the lounge as well.😭 ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, We are excited to welcome you onboard Allure of the Seas for our 7 Night Western Caribbean cruise. As this sailing is quite popular among our top tier guests, we encourage you to utilize the three (3) complimentary drink vouchers loaded on your SeaPass Card, daily. These vouchers are available for use throughout the ship during the scheduled happy hour times. Due to pre-planned events and activities, we are unable to extend the Diamond Lounge into any other venue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hope you enjoy your evening beverages. Additionally, we know coffee is an important part of your day and the morning rush can become hectic. To alleviate waiting times, we are loading one (1) specialty, non-alcoholic coffee voucher onto your SeaPass Card, daily. This can be used in Cafe Promenade. Once onboard, please check your Welcome Letter for additional information. We’re happy you’re joining us for this voyage and hope your time with us is nothing short of spectacular! As always, thank you so much for your loyalty. Sincerely, Your Crown & Anchor Society Team
  7. What are you most looking forward to on your cruise... with ours just a little over a week away, I am looking forward to using my refreshment package and getting my fill of frozen coffee drinks. I get them instead of desert at cafe promenade! Cant wait!
  8. I vote for wipeout Cafe. Lots of tables and in my experience they also have bagels and lox..hope thats still the case. Ill let yall know in 8 days!
  9. It sounds like you have a boardwalk balcony. We have a gty neighborhood balcony booked for the 27th on Allure (sister ship of Oasis) our muster was F02 and our luggage tags were also C mint green. Anyways, we got our cabin assignment at 30 days prior to our upcoming sail date and we are in a BW balcony port side...If im not mistaken F04 is also BW.
  10. Were going on Allure in a couple of weeks. We were on her several years ago. I was really looking forward to going to the Main theater to see some 3D movies again but I just got done looking at someones cruise compass from this past September and I dont see any listings for the 3D movies only a few movies offered at the aqua theater. Does anyone know if they no longer do the 3D in the theater?
  11. When I walk onboard. Because no matter how hard I try to not be, I am a nervous traveller! Once I get onboard I feel Ive made it and I can relax.
  12. i tried rereading this post but am I missing something? What do you mean “moving happy hour already!” .? We will be on Allure this October...oh, do you mean moving the Diamond lounge location?...That is not happening until 2020, I believe.
  13. We have had Mike Hunnerup before and he was one of my favorite CDs. Will be happy to see him this October on Allure!
  14. I was happy to just see the picture with the chips because I thought I read that they no longer had them but I guess the fact was they no longer had them accessible for people to hoard.
  15. WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! My sister will be thrilled..even though it doesnt say frapuchino it does say Frosted Beverages..so Im gonna assume thats the Frappe.
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