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  1. Thanks for responding I’ll look again it seems like it was just for flights but I’ll check it out more thoroughly. I thought I read something about contacting your travel agent not sure I would be able to do that on a Sunday. Thanks again.
  2. If some unforeseen situation causes you to miss embarkation for your cruise is there a phone number to call for instructions? This has never happened to me but it’s something I would like to know. I did find a number if your flight is delayed or something but I’m wondering about your car breaking down or whatever. thank you very much for any responses. Would you need some sort of permission to board on the next port?
  3. I was assigned a b8 balcony on the Bliss when I upgraded to a bx guarantee from an ix inside originally booked as the price went down. But later I wanted to downgrade when the price for a BF (which included 3 perks) was the same price. Found out I couldn't do it - only thing I could do was ugrade to a b9 or spa balcony. Lesson learned - sometimes it's not so great to get a good cabin assigned from a guarantee. Regardless I bid $150 ea for a spa balcony and today 48 hours before sailing I got my sorry your bid was declined notice. But I knew that would happen as 3 days ago 11 spa balconies were available for $2199 each and I knew no one would bid on them. So when they disappeared 2 days ago and I didn't have a congratulations notice I knew I was doomed. So I just paid the $249 for a spa pass for me as my roommate didn't want the spa to begin with. The funny thing is on an Epic cruise I booked an mx and was assigned a spa mini-suite. Had no clue of my good fortune or what the spa involved until 2 days after sailing I mosied over there and was amazed. So NCL got me hooked on the Thermal Spa!
  4. If you got the 120 minutes you can upgrade to unlimited for the difference once onboard by going to the internet desk from what I have experienced. It is so worth it as with 120 minutes I had nightmares I forgot to log off!
  5. My Latitudes account shows 51 points and Latitues Gold. But it shows on a chart you have to have 54 points to be Gold. I do have a 5 day cruise booked in April but I thought you don't get credit for the points till after you cruise! I am totally confused. Can anyone tell me why I now am Gold! THANKS
  6. I did not know that but as soon as we got on board last time we tried for 2 people - we finally did get 9:30 but that's just too late - thank for the info!
  7. Thanks we decided instead of shelling out all that money we would split a few meals and not get the pkg- couldn't book Cagney's anyhow!
  8. Thanks I didn't want to appear like I was cheap - I'm just frugal!
  9. Yes I did that thanks! But to upgrade to a minisuite with perks on my particular cruise it would cost $600. Not worth it to me since we got a really nice B8. But thanks for confirming what my TA said but she has always been correct - was just hoping .....
  10. I booked a bx and was assigned a fantastic b8 cabin. But if I would have waited I could have upgraded to a bf for $200 more total and 2 perks a better deal . My TA said I could only upgrade from my now b8 to a b1 or b9 - thousands more as this point. I'm wondering if anyone had done what I want to do and if my TA is wrong. If I can't do it - it's my own fault because for some reason I always manage to make my final payment the day before the cabins go down in price as the bf did. Thanks for any responses.
  11. My friend and I want to share meals at some of the specialty restaurants. We do not have the dining package. They serve such big portions it would be food going to waste if we both ordered a full meal. Is it frowned upon to order an extra plate? Not sure exactly what to do. Example I could order an appetizer and dessert and she could order the main course. If you have done this before please advise thank you.
  12. I was going to wait and book the SDP onboard so I could use my OBC but I read it is $10 more. So is the cost then $12 more ($10 + 20%) if you don't book it online and pay or call and pay before your cruise? This is for the Bliss if the ship makes the difference.
  13. Thanks to all who responded to my post. Such a wealth of information. At present we booked the Holiday Inn Express for a decent price at the City Center. We may try to walk from the pier to the hotel (hope it isn't uphill or rainy) when we disembark after our 6 a.m. arrival. It shows it's only a mile. Then drop off our luggage Thinking of doing the duck thing after we do the Space Needle. Thinking of taking the train back to the airport to save a few bucks when we leave the next day. Really as excited about Seattle as we are Alaska! THANKS TO ALL
  14. Mrs Tocko - I believe we are on your cruise - May 12! I tried to put my name on the spread sheet but it won't let me for the meet and greet. I was using an iPad - do I need to download something - I clicked on the link. I'll figure it out. Thanks so much for the information I really appreciate it! I need to catch up on the Roll Call for sure.
  15. I need help regarding a day in Seattle after our cruise as we are not flying out till the next day. I am new to this whole thing so anyone who responds will be deeply appreciated. We want to do as much as possible in Seattle for our one day visit. Not sure exactly how to do this. I think we could uber to a hotel after the ship docs. Or we could pay to have NCL transfer us to the airport if we booked a hotel that offered free transportation from/to airport And I'm hoping to find a hotel that has excursions offered that include pickup and return So if you have spent the day in Seattle and booked a hotel and did excursions as mentioned I would appreciate your advice! Thanks in advance - we are two elderly ladies if that makes a difference.
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