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  1. I just got off the jewel and the same thing happened. They applied the $50 credit no problem but I had to stand in line to get the 10% discount allowed. At first I thought it was because I was gold whereas my husband does not get the 10% discount and kind of figured they were only looking at his status or something. As I can see that’s not the case. When I called and reserved the excursions the lady told me i would get the 10% off on mine automatically and not to worry. I did have a copy of the excursions price when I booked and those prices were correct. So be prepared to stand in line for your 10% fortunately I only had two people ahead of me.
  2. 1. NCL deducts your non-refundable OBC first from allowable expenses. 2. If you buy 2 cruise next certificates are you charged $500 on your credit card? 3. If so you now have $250 obc 4. You have daily service charges of $15 each. 5. Can the $250 be applied to your DSC? 6. Can the $250 be used playing the slot machines? 7. So my question is this - is the $250 obc received from the purchase of 2 cruise next certificates refundable? Because if not a person would have a bill showing the DSC and the casino charge owed and the $250 obc lost if no other charges were made. 8. Or does NCL just deduct the non-refundable obc from the cost of the certificates to begin with. This would mean it is non-refundable obc but the certificates are an allowable expense applied to your account. Thus the purchase of 2 cruise next certificates for $500 means you have $250 cash to apply to DSC and the slots which some say are not allowed with non-refundable OBC.
  3. I just signed up for the Epic Mediterranean cruise 12 day and the thermal spa suite pass is $189 if you book it online saving $20.
  4. True that you can go to the excursions desk and get your 10% applied. Unfortunately most of the times there’s a big line and it’s a waste of time and very frustrating in my opinion after being told it would be on my account when I booked over the phone. If anyone else has actually gotten the 10% latitudes discount automatically applied to their excursion price when they did book over the phone and did not prepay please respond.
  5. OP. I know exactly how you feel. I booked an OF Obstructed ocean view and read that it would be on deck eight which was great close to O’sheehans or better. I was assigned a midship obstructed Oceanview on deck 4 right by the door where you disembark. I asked my TA how this could possibly be considered better than what I thought I was bidding on. It was explained to me mid ship is better. Lesson learned. I just decided to upgrade to a balcony and get all the perks. Good luck.
  6. Thank you so much for this post. I too had to stand in line to get my latitudes discount for an excursion I had booked by calling. It’s usually a very long line too. I especially appreciate you explaining the $0 showing for a booked excursion you had already called in. I also learned from you the excursions for a port booked disappear! I was going to ask about this because when I went to look at the excursions listed it went from like 154 to 54 and I couldnt Figure out what happened thank you so much! One more question if you don’t mind if an excursion is $35 each do you still get a $50 per cabin discount or only $35? THANKS!
  7. I did Mendenhall -for $2.00 each way on the public bus but did have to walk over a mile. Thinking of doing the Whale watch in Icey Point . Thanks for your input! Trying to economize a little!
  8. Thank you!!! I did not know this and it relieves my mind.
  9. I called NCL and booked the Mr. Roberts Tramway shore excursion at the quoted price of $35 ea to be paid on the ship. I asked if I would still get a $50 credit and the rep said "as far as I know" - I personally don't think that is correct and I will only get $35. Regardless - when I look at available shore excursions left to choose from the price listed is showing as $0. I'm sure this is not because I booked it but wondering why this happened? Anyone know? I will call but hoping to avoid being on hold if possible!
  10. I've had to change the 2nd person on 2 of my cruises. 2 different TA's had no problem doing this and there was no extra charge. The last one was 2 days before the cruise! Also I booked a cruise and was not sure if I would be going with my husband or friend and was allowed to add the name before the cruise. I was told, however, if the cruise was completely booked or something I might not be able to add another person. When the person was added the invoice was update for the taxes and port fees as I had already paid for two.
  11. I thought about continuing the same post and adding the fact that my TA had different information as far as telling me I would have to pay this if i didnt prepay the $15. That’s why I started a new thread because it made me think maybe September 1 there would be an increase. I didn’t mean to confuse anyone. Also as mentioned in another post I thought if you had a TA that was not NCL TA you had to work with them and not call NCL direct. Regardless I agree with everyone this is screwy and probably I am the only one whose summary om my.ncl is messed up and my TA probably doesn’t know what the heck she’s talking about. I absolutely did appreciate the link you gave. Thanks for your help. And as someone else mentioned that link is always up-to-date. And as another person mentioned this is too short of a notice for an increase that would amount to $1.50. Case closed.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion - I'm always wondering if I am "allowed" to ask NCL direct and I have been told more than once to have my TA handle an issue since I did not book with NCL direct. When I've called they always ask if you have booked through a TA too. So not exactly sure what to do!
  13. Right that's what I thought! For anyone who didn't see this - this is what I was questioning to begin with. But the TA told me when she went online it showed the $15. So when she came back saying the $16.61 would be what I would pay if I didn't prepay I figured WT heck... online it showed the $15 charge.
  14. I previously posted a topic concerning when I tried to prepay my DSC (balcony - Sept 2 sailing to Alaska on Jewel) and on my summary it showed $16.5l per person per day for a total of $232.50 for a 7 day cruise. I contacted my TA who emailed me this: The $16.61 is what you will pay on board if you don't pre-pay them ahead of time. I tried calling her but she had already left the office. I have a feeling she doesn't know what she is talking about! But now I am wondering what the heck....is the DSC going up to $16.50 Sept 1 or is she just wrong!!! Anyone knowing anything about this please respond. If NCL has made an announcement I missed it! Thank so much.
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