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  1. Do you still have to fill out a form for the entertainment held in Headliners (not Howl at the Moon) so you get seated first? On my last Epic cruise they did away with that and you just got in line or got there early for the enterainers in the Headliners Club. Does anyone know who they will be for the Dec 8 2019 cruise by any chance? Thanks!
  2. Thanks i did not know this. Thought it only applied to DSC.
  3. I tipped on a meal at LaCucina and also Cagneys since the service was so good and the food excellent. I assumed the tips would be allowed against my non-refundable OBC - they were not. Both meals were free with my Platinum status. If you had purchased the meals without a perk wouldn't the whole amount be credited if you had enough non-refundable obc or would they have charged your credit card for the extra tip. I know the gratutity is included in the price. Regardless lesson learned. Would appreciate a response. Thank you.
  4. On past cruises I had to sign up for the entertainment in Headliners once on board - (not Howl at the Moon though). My recent cruise on the Epic did not require this. My question is has this changed also on the Breakaway so when I get onboard I don't have to go to the ticket office or use the kiosk to book any shows or special acts held in the Headliners? Thanks for any responses!
  5. If I do not have a dining perk and purchase a meal at Cagney's and pay for it with non-refundable OBC - does the tip I leave also apply toward my non-refundable OBC? The reason I am asking is I did have a free Platinum Latitudes meal at Cagney's and decided to leave a $15 tip because the food and service was excellent. I had $100 non-refundable OBC to use up anyhow. Much to my surprise (didn't do homework I guess) the tip was charged to my credit card and I was told by CS it could not be applied toward my non-refundable OBC. Just curious if it is handled th
  6. Wow thank you so much for your response - hey Howl at the Moon is why we are going! (well one of the top five reasons I think)! Sure hope the door is the same!!!!
  7. Thanks for your information - I do appreciate your hanger suggestion - I hate those darn ones they give you! I agree we won't be in the cabin that much but still would prefer something other than the bed to sit on.
  8. Thanks for your response! I forgot about the door being a sliding door. I did see the video online before - now looking at it much closer. Can't determine if the door slides on the inside and if I could somehow put the holder to where the door could still slide - well I will worry about that when the time comes I guess.
  9. My friend and I will be on the Epic for a 12 day cruise in an inside since my upgrade bid was not accepted. I am starting to panic over space for our stuff. I know the bathroom door is rounded and I was wondering if I could hang one of these 24 pocket over-the-door things on the bathroom door to have some place to put stuff. Has anyone ever done this? Also can I request a chair to sit on as sitting on the bed is going to make my back hurt! Any helpful tips appreciated!
  10. Thanks - T-Mo is too costly for me - I use Red Pocket Verizon- annual $99 plan for 500/500/500mb per month. Use a $25 travel chat sim for messenger for unlimited for year including USA and many countries. And the 3gb data plan at 4LTE or 4G/3G is new will be trying it out! But yes for people who travel a lot T-Mo is a good deal for sure especially if you talk and text a lot too (which I don't)
  11. I just upgraded my 5 day cruise from a guarantee bx to a bd which included the perks. When I reviewed my summary it showed the wifi pkg as being only 100 minutes. I thought you got 250 minutes! Did they change this or has it always been this way? I did do a mock booking and do not see where it spells out how many minutes you get - was that changed too? I wonder if this would now apply also to 7 day cruises?
  12. Thanks for your input! So possibly if I get a rejection on all my bids there may still be cabins showing as available two days before sailing and since I know my bids were not accepted I could then pay to upgrade correct? Of course this is all theory and will probably never happen but still .... seem like a good loop hole if you are ok with your cabin and can go either way. But as mentioned after reading other posts only insides would probably be left.
  13. Interesting - so if I bid minimum the bid would have been accepted Never thought of that! Thanks!
  14. If I get the email that my bids were not accepted two days before sailing is there any chance I could pay to upgrade? Or that close to sailing is it impossible to do this as the cruise would always be sold out. Has anyone ever done this? If so did you get a good price?
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