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  1. Right. And you can even buy the metal ones at Walmart. Just don’t leave them in your drink when you’re done I did that once and it disappeared never to be seen again. The problem is caring them around after you finished your drink if you don’t buy another one immediately. Any suggestions?
  2. So if you “ accidentally missed the flights” would they charge you?
  3. Exactly! I booked a minisuite guarantee on the Epic and was assigned a spa mini suite. I had no clue of my good fortune. About three days into the cruise we walked down to the thermal spa and were delighted to find out that was our benefit. ENJOY
  4. Thanks everyone for responding. I was going to use the dinner package perk but if I’m gonna get the two dinners because of latitudes that is wonderful!
  5. I'm a new Platinum Latitudes member. I'm taking a 5 day cruise and would like to know if the Dinner for 2 at Cagney's or Le Bistro and the Dinner for 2 at Moderno or La Cucina is included or if you have to be on a 7 day cruise. Also does the guest have to be the person in your cabin. Thanks!
  6. Curious what would they charge you for a la carte like at Cagney's?
  7. I booked an obstructed Oceanview cabin 0F that said it was on deck eight or better. I was assigned a port hole ocean view on deck 4 across from the morgue or something. It was a “better cabin” than the OF because it was mid ship. Eventually I just paid to upgrade to a balcony. But I understand exactly how you feel. This was on the Jewel.
  8. Wow my spa pass for my 12 day nov 10 Epic Med cruise buying on line was only $189 each. The Epic spa is the best!
  9. I'm doing the 12 day Med cruise on the Epic and don't have the wifi perk. I was investigating the international prepaid data sims you can use in an iPad while in most ports. I could check email and text via apps etc. and get on the internet. They are very cheap! If you have used one and would recommend it I would appreciate your response. My cellphone plan is prepaid thus no data roaming internationally.
  10. You make the most sense of all. Good post.
  11. Absolutely agree! We are seniors in our 70’s and did the walk there and back from bus stop just fine. Plus if you have a Federal golden age passport there is no admission fee. Do the tram too. Worth $35 and if you have the $50 excursion perk it’s only net $20 for 2!
  12. Thanks for your response. Hopefully my TA will get it straightened out.
  13. I know you are right! And if we were more mobile a cab would be ok.
  14. Thanks for your advice. I have done NCL transfer before and it worked for me because they greeted us right at baggage pickup and led us to the bus and took our baggage and we didn't have to tip and our baggage was in our cabin. It's $25 each whereas it looks like a cab is 39 euros (plus tip and then tip again for porters at pier). This way is easier for a couple little old ladies but appreciate your response! I'll have my TA call NCL I guess as I don't even know if they will let me do it if I call.
  15. I need advice before I have to call NCL if you have experienced this. I am doing an online booking of a transfer from the airport to the Pier. Flying out of JFK to Barcelona. I know I have entered the arrival airport as BCN but it shows JFK. Shouldn't it show the arrival airport as BCN? I don't want to pay for it if incorrect but don't know how to correct it. I know I have to enter the flight number from JFK to Barcelona. Is there a glitch in the system that anyone is aware of? Thanks for any advice if this has happened to you!
  16. Congratulations!!!!!! The closest i came was booking a minisuite Guarantee on the Epic and being assigned a spa minisuite. I had no clue how wonderful the spa was till we mosied over to the spa on day 3. Got us hooked.
  17. I just got off the jewel and the same thing happened. They applied the $50 credit no problem but I had to stand in line to get the 10% discount allowed. At first I thought it was because I was gold whereas my husband does not get the 10% discount and kind of figured they were only looking at his status or something. As I can see that’s not the case. When I called and reserved the excursions the lady told me i would get the 10% off on mine automatically and not to worry. I did have a copy of the excursions price when I booked and those prices were correct. So be prepared to stand in line for your 10% fortunately I only had two people ahead of me.
  18. 1. NCL deducts your non-refundable OBC first from allowable expenses. 2. If you buy 2 cruise next certificates are you charged $500 on your credit card? 3. If so you now have $250 obc 4. You have daily service charges of $15 each. 5. Can the $250 be applied to your DSC? 6. Can the $250 be used playing the slot machines? 7. So my question is this - is the $250 obc received from the purchase of 2 cruise next certificates refundable? Because if not a person would have a bill showing the DSC and the casino charge owed and the $250 obc lost if no other charges were made. 8. Or does NCL just deduct the non-refundable obc from the cost of the certificates to begin with. This would mean it is non-refundable obc but the certificates are an allowable expense applied to your account. Thus the purchase of 2 cruise next certificates for $500 means you have $250 cash to apply to DSC and the slots which some say are not allowed with non-refundable OBC.
  19. I just signed up for the Epic Mediterranean cruise 12 day and the thermal spa suite pass is $189 if you book it online saving $20.
  20. True that you can go to the excursions desk and get your 10% applied. Unfortunately most of the times there’s a big line and it’s a waste of time and very frustrating in my opinion after being told it would be on my account when I booked over the phone. If anyone else has actually gotten the 10% latitudes discount automatically applied to their excursion price when they did book over the phone and did not prepay please respond.
  21. OP. I know exactly how you feel. I booked an OF Obstructed ocean view and read that it would be on deck eight which was great close to O’sheehans or better. I was assigned a midship obstructed Oceanview on deck 4 right by the door where you disembark. I asked my TA how this could possibly be considered better than what I thought I was bidding on. It was explained to me mid ship is better. Lesson learned. I just decided to upgrade to a balcony and get all the perks. Good luck.
  22. Thank you so much for this post. I too had to stand in line to get my latitudes discount for an excursion I had booked by calling. It’s usually a very long line too. I especially appreciate you explaining the $0 showing for a booked excursion you had already called in. I also learned from you the excursions for a port booked disappear! I was going to ask about this because when I went to look at the excursions listed it went from like 154 to 54 and I couldnt Figure out what happened thank you so much! One more question if you don’t mind if an excursion is $35 each do you still get a $50 per cabin discount or only $35? THANKS!
  23. I did Mendenhall -for $2.00 each way on the public bus but did have to walk over a mile. Thinking of doing the Whale watch in Icey Point . Thanks for your input! Trying to economize a little!
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