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  1. The greatly reduced price might be what is known as a Sailaway Price. You get no amenities on the Sailaway cabins. Your cabin probably included some amenities like a dinner package or drink package, etc. What cruise are you going on? What amenities did you get? I booked a Western Caribbean cruise with NCL a few years back and I kept watch on the price. I had a studio cabin. The price dropped below what I had paid for my studio and my cruise consultant did get me into a balcony. I would take the $100 if it is still available and see if they can upgrade you into a better cabin or get you an additional amenity. .
  2. Thank you for the review. It was very helpful and interesting. I am taking this cruise the third week of September so I assume that the weather will be colder and the crowds smaller. The Hermitage is very important to me and I booked the five hours with the Gold Room. I had originally booked the evening at the Hermitage because I hate crowds but I think the crowds will be much smaller the end of September. I was born and raised in Boston but have lived in Austin Texas many years. I love Boston. Re some of the guests having their passports stolen. What a horrible thing to happen. I have purchased a travel purse that you wrap around your body and can carry all the papers you need. Were the guests who had their passports stolen on your excursion or was it another excursion?
  3. Thank you for you very interesting and in depth reviews. I am taking this journey in September. After seeing all the pics of the food, I have to go eat.
  4. I am taking this cruise in September. Thanks for posting. I hope that you might also review the ports and excursions as well as post pictures. 😀
  5. I sailed the Bliss last September. I found it too big and too crowded but obviously other cruisers feel differently. I never sailed the Gem but wish I could sail a smaller ship. I am a senior citizen who travels alone and needs a studio cabin. Only the largest ships have the studios. The Bliss did have great food and the observation deck / floor was wonderful.
  6. I tried to edit my earlier post but could not. Just to clarify, when I said that I was watching for you, I meant that I have been watching and hoping that passengers from the June Baltic Getaway would begin to post their experiences as well as their pictures. You are the first one and I am looking forward to your reviews.
  7. Great. I am taking this cruise in September and am looking forward to June passengers who sailed the Baltic on The Getaway. I have been watching for you.
  8. I sailed the Bliss to Alaska last September and the ship was booked almost completely. In fact, it was unpleasantly crowded. Maybe they all got special deals or were last minute but the ship was most definitely NOT empty. I do not know what to tell you but if you feel that you have a good deal at this time, grab it. The food was great and I loved the observation deck. However, my complaint was the crowding. The elevators were a nightmare except very early or late. However, someone told me that there were other elevators in a less convenient area. The atrium and other public places were also overcrowded. Alaska is beautiful. I loved all the ports especially Skagway.
  9. Even if NCL crew was in the wrong, the couple should have been polite. First, they should have asked to speak to the manager or the supervisor. If that failed, they should have taken it up with guest services on the ship and if that failed, just accept the inconvenience and call their TA or PCC when they got home as well as calling or writing customer service when they got home. They might have missed the show but saved the cruise and got some compensation.
  10. When the Interior Cabin is less than the Studio Cabin, that is because the rate you are seeing for the Interior is the Sail Away rate which means no amenities.
  11. There is some controversy around Park West. There are lawsuits regarding the art that the cruise passengers have received. There are investigations going on and some cruise lines will no longer allow Park West on their ships. You can google this informations.
  12. I have credit cards with a chip but no pin. How do you get a pin and is it necessary to have one?
  13. I have credit cards with chips but no pin numbers. Did you need a pin to use your credit cards?
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