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  1. DDF2821

    Ray Coussins - Singer in Crooners Bar

    He said that he was on the Coral through to Ft Lauderdale, but after that would be off for a while. We did not get the impression that he would still be onboard beyond October, but don't know specific dates.... Sorry
  2. DDF2821

    Ray Coussins - Singer in Crooners Bar

    He performed at the Universe Lounge last night on Coral Princess, 9/13/2015. His final number of "My Way" with the Princess Big Band was simply sensational.
  3. DDF2821

    Compensation for change of itinerary/

    [quote name='caribill']Reminds me of an airline experience once. A co-worker had a ticket to go from Houston to Charleston, WV with a change of planes in Pittsburgh. For those unfamiliar with the geography, Houston is in the southern part of the USA and Pittsburgh is north of Charleston. As a business traveler, this was the highest priced coach ticket at the time. The flight from Pittsburgh to Charleston was cancelled due to weather and he rented a car to get home that night. When asking the airline for a partial refund for not getting him to the booked destination, the airline said there would be no refund. Reason was that Pittsburgh was further away from Houston than Charleston and thus the airline had flown him further than contracted for.[/quote] I'm sure that the airline would have rescheduled a flight after the weather cleared. He probably didn't want to wait and decided to just drive home, which makes sense. You can't blame weather delays on the airlines!!
  4. DDF2821

    Compensation for change of itinerary/

    Keep in mind that cruises that are sailing in hurricane areas during hurricane season are priced accordingly! Cruise lines are very open about their policy concerning itinerary changes. These ships are staffed with up to two thousand employees. There is already perishable food, on board. Many times the ship needs to be at another port in time for the next cruise. Travel insurance, including, "Any Reason" cancellation policies are available to cover just these situations. Travelers have to be knowledgable and responsible for considering their options. Or...maybe they need a new travel agent!