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  1. Wait 15-20 minutes and you'll be able to get back in.
  2. I should have explained better. My wife manages to pack our items and the 2 kids clothes into just two pieces of luggage (defying many laws of physics, IMHO). If I brought a tux (or suit, etc) it would add an additional bag that we'd have to pay to transport to and from the cruise. No thanks.
  3. Because it saves me $50 in luggage fees by leaving it at home....
  4. Here is the Diamond Lounge as of Nov 25, 2017. Besides the interior area, it has a section that is outdoors and overlooks the sports area. https://1drv.ms/i/s!AmEFZaZ67kD-iNJR3CoLU-wQ_Rmaug
  5. bcarney

    Adventure of the Seas 11/18/17 Review

    I was on the came cruise as the OP. The CD was Elvis Pinto, he'll be onboard until Dec 16.
  6. bcarney

    Crystal Blocks

    I don't suppose you'd consider selling that one, would you? Adventure is our favorite ship, we've been her 6 times. I'm on track for 140 soon, but somewhat unfortunately that will happen on our 11 day on Serenade next fall. Would love to have a crystal ship from Adventure instead. Would you consider selling it?
  7. He was AD on Rhapsody last spring when we sailed on her, and he was CD on Adventure when we sailed a week before the OP on this thread. He seemed a little "toned down" on Adventure. We'll be on Rhapsody again this spring and will likely see him again onboard that ship.
  8. bcarney

    Jump RCI ship for Norwegian?

    FYI Royal has a number of 7 night sailings out of New England to Bermuda, on Anthem, Serenade, and Grandeur.
  9. bcarney

    Glory Tours Anyone??

    Last week we did the "Treasures of Barbados" tour through Glory Tours. They were very professional, even to the point having their own check-in desk at the pier - no wandering around looking for someone holding a sign. The van was immaculate, and the driver very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.
  10. bcarney

    Cabin 8000 Serenade

    Thank you!!! We are booked in 8000 for Nov 2018, and we are really looking forward to it!
  11. bcarney

    Cabin 8000 Serenade

    I don't suppose you have photos of the cabin? I can't find any, anywhere.
  12. bcarney

    If you won a free cruise......

    I'd pick one of the Azamara cruises that goes to southern Asia. That whole part of the world is so alien and strange to me...I'd love to go there.
  13. bcarney

    Kilt vs. Pants

    On one cruise we met a pair of gentlemen wearing kilts, and I noted that the design was from Clan Gordon, of which I am from. It lead to some great conversation. I'd wear a kilt if I owned one.
  14. Michelle is da bomb! Great lady to work with. In answer to your question, I'd say you could rely in your own device 90% of the time, and if it didn't connect to the wifi hotspots, complain to guest services and they should allow you to use the hard-wired machines to access the internet. I had an issue where my credit card company cancelled my card mid-cruise, and I wound up having to use the computer in the Diamond Lounge to do an online chat with customer service. That worked fine when my wifi access didn't work. So at least you have a fallback option.
  15. bcarney

    Diamond lounge tipping

    How much do you tip the Diamond Lounge Concierge? We were just on Rhapsody and he assisted with serving drinks, and gave my kids two souvenirs (rather pricey ones, a model of the ship, and the glass block they normally give Diamonds that hit 140 points, and a cup that said 'Cruising Princess'). I was really perplexed as to how much to tip him. (This was compounded by my credit card company shutting down my card while at sea due to fraud. I wound up having to pay my shipboard account in cash, which left me with very little paper money for tips. I did the best I could, but I still feel like I 'shorted' him).