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  1. Yep, that’s us. We got notification at 3am this morning (departing today). I’m happy with the change, I’d rather be out of the smoke, except I flew up to Sydney from Melbourne yesterday to board the ship and have packed warm weather clothing, Hobart is quite the climate change, I just wish they’d told us with 24-48 hours notice so packing could be adjusted.
  2. I’m headed to Moreton Island on Carnival next week, hoping it’ll blow out to sea by then, of they’ll change the itinerary and take us south instead
  3. There’s a video on the “other social media” of P&O’s Explorer coming back from Moreton Island, they’re blowing the fog horn constantly because the smoke is so thick!
  4. SHIP: Solstice CABIN #: 7108 DECK #: 7 CLASS: FV (Family Verandah) AREA: Very front of ship BED NEAR: separate bedroom, near the front window QUIET?: Most of the time. VERY noisy at docking and when anchor goes up/down (normally in the very early morning). Was also VERY noisy when preparing for and helicopter came in for medivac right infront of the room BALCONY VIEW: balcony is partially obstructed by overhang and looks to the side of the ship (there are also 2 large windows that over look the front of the ship) BALCONY SIZE: small WIND A PROBLEM?: no SOOT A PROBLEM?: no PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: The noise in the early morning was VERY loud. This was the only issue and is tolerable, because the size of the room with 2 separate bedrooms makes up for it
  5. Brent Nixon is awesome! We were lucky to have him on board to a New Zealand cruise and again a couple of years later for Hawaii cruise. Make sure you get to his talks. His wife Amanda was on board with him for our Hawaii cruise and also did a series of talks, she was great too.
  6. I will have to remember to come back and answer this after March! We did the Syd-Hawaii transpacific via Moorea, Bora Bora and Papeete in April this year and next March were on the Tonga, Fiji, Samoa out of Auckland.
  7. On other ships, they won’t let you keep the bottom a queen when bunks are down for a quad room because the room steward would have to stand on the queen bed to make the bunks, so quad rooms generally have to be 4 singles (2 bottom & 2 top bunks), unless there’s a sofa bed with Pullman layout
  8. Is it still pay per minute? I thought I read somewhere that they now had an unlimited internet option with Platinum and up getting discounted a rate.
  9. Thank you for taking time out of your holiday to post all these updates. I’ll be eagerly awaiting reading about the rest of your trip, looking forward to trying Majestic
  10. I guess the activities will mirror other Princess cruises, there’s always something happening. There seems like so many sea days, but they’ll go quickly. I’m on that cruise too and look forward to consecutive Sea days
  11. It was a small sedan. The road up was narrow and windy but tarred and in good condition (for a remote island). A standard car is fine to go up the main tourist road. Buses cannot go up to the top lookout (it’s too narrow/windy), so on a bus tour you won’t get to the main viewing platform.
  12. You can also get pancakes in the buffet.
  13. I’ve been on Solstice 3 times with another booked and I’ve never met or had anything to do with the CC hostess. Can you please tell me what their role is?
  14. We’ve had Brent twice on Solstice -he’s awesome. Most recently he was there in April/May Hawaii cruise. Miss Amanda (who was also on our Hawaii cruise and who is equally entertaining) is Brent’s wife. I assume if she’s still on board that he would be not far away.
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