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  1. Do they have a website? Can you pre-book?
  2. More behind the scenes stuff that us as guess don't have access to would be great!
  3. Well half the family canceled the cruise this weekend:( Getting close to the 90 day mark. So had my sister call to see if she could get linked with us as I knew 9 spots just opened up and she was able to be linked with us and put on early dinning. Our group of 18 just went down to 9:(
  4. Traveling with some family, unfortunately one family booked later so are wait-listed for early dinner. One night Grandma and Grandpa are taking the grand kids out to a specialty restaurant. On that night can we invite our other family to join us since there will be extra room at our table?
  5. Would they tell you that you require a stateroom change when you call to cancel the 4th and then at that time you could say no let's not cancel the 4th?
  6. So are there cabins for just three on the Explorer of the Seas? or is it only 2 or 4? We are cruising over New Years so the ship should be full.
  7. We have booked a refundable fare for my family of 4. Final payment is coming up in the next week. My son may not be able to join us if we cancel him before final payment is there any potential drawback such as them moving us to another room? Any other potential drawbacks? We are traveling with other family that are all staying in the same area?
  8. Correct switch one of the two names on the reservation to my moms name then the other original name on the reservation is a no show.
  9. My mom may be joining us for a cruise however my father will not mainly due to his health. Is there insurance that would allow my Mom to cancel her cruise if my Dads health got worse even though he isn't cruising? Would he have to be hospitalized in order to make a claim? Also we are from Canada. Do you have to book flights and cruise together for insurance to cover both?
  10. We are booked with: Gone Caribe Willemstad, Curaçao +5999 660 2504 www.gonecaribe.com Anyone else use this company before? This is our first time to Curacao
  11. My Mom may be joining us on a our cruise as a solo cruiser and my sister-in-law may have to cancel their cruise. Is it possible for my SIL to change one of the names on her reservation to my Mom and then my SIL be a no show? It would save my mom about 25% and then she would be in the same area of the ship and have the same dinning time. My mom could just pay back my SIL the deposit directly.
  12. Anyone know the cost of the packages offered?
  13. Anyone know what type of packages are offered?
  14. I can't seem to find photo package pricing on RCCL website? Anyone know what the prices are and what the typical sale would be near the end of the cruise?
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