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  1. The perks for the Pinnacle Suite are basically the same as the Neptune Suites with the difference being the amount of space, and the fresh flowers are a bit larger arrangement. The Concierge is very respectful of your wishes. I traveled in February with my Daughter and 2 year old Grand Daughter, and we were given something that I have never received before while staying in the Pinnacle Suite. I'm not sure if if was because of my 5 Star Mariner Status in combination with the Pinnacle Suite, but the Concierge came for us the day of disembarkation. She pushed the stroller for my Daughter put me on one elevator, and then said she would follow with my family in the next elevator that had room. When I got off the elevator, the Pinnacle Grill Manager, called my name, and asked me to come stand by him near the bank of elevators. I was watching anxiously for the family, and he said here they come now. The elevator opened, the Concierge and my family emerged. I realized they had been in contact by radio. She took us to the head of the line, the Captain thanked us for sailing with them, and we were told a person would be waiting at the end of the gangway. The person was at the end of the gangway, escorted us to an open elevator, and told us that when we got off the elevator, the man would be waiting to help us with our luggage. The man was indeed waiting, called me by name, and proceeded to help us with the luggage, took us to the head of the line at customs, and since we drove, took us to the parking garage, loaded the bags, asked if we knew how to get to our road, and wished us a safe trip. I have always received superb service on HAL, but never have I received this kind of service. This is the one of several reasons why I continue to sail with HAL.
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