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  1. Thank you very much. Such a long list of lovely benefits. Do they all apply on Regal Princess?
  2. I agree with your thoughts entirely. No one can possibly predict what will happen in the rest of 2020, never mind 2021 and 2022. There will certainly be a time when cruising becomes safe again. In the meantime we will just do whatever we need to do with any future bookings and cruise credits that we have. I will not pay the final balance if I am unconvinced about safety.
  3. Thank you all for your very useful and helpful advice. On accessing my account on on Princess.com I can now see that we have been allocated a forward premium S5 suite on Baja deck. This will suit us very well. We do not mind that it is so far from the central part of the ship, nor that it has a narrow balcony. The forward window in the bedroom looks fabulous. Do we get complimentary access to the Spa? what other benefits do we enjoy other than Club class dining. We are presently Platinum level Captains Club , though after this next cruise we will move up to Elite. The cruise is still over a year off so we are hoping that cruising will be safe enough by then. Our last cruise ended on March 10th and we were so very lucky. The next one after ours stopped for good at the first Port!
  4. Yes it is a cruise from Southampton in 2021. Was changed to Regal about 6 weeks ago but I’m still awaiting news of our new cabin allocation. Many thanks to all who have commented. These comments are very helpful.
  5. I was originally booked in a club class mini suite for the same cruise. We swopped to a window suite at a very comparable price. Another factor is that currently offered prices for our cruise are much lower than when we booked. Perhaps it would be best to take a hit on our deposit and book afresh?
  6. Hi We were booked in a window suite on Grand Princess which put us in the club class/ suite restaurant. What grades of mini suite would get us the same on Regal Princess? We are still awaiting new cabin allocation from Princess. Can we expect a full suite at window suite prices? Many thanks for any observations .
  7. It is interesting to read how others have reacted to this same situation. i think that the FCC route is only helpful if you are sure that you will be going on a future Princess cruise - or it is available on other cruise brands as well?
  8. Thank you to everyone for your very helpful replies. we have booked F311 and are very much looking forward to it. Hopefully in 17 months time the cruising world will be up and running again. What happened on the Grand on its ‘infamous’ February 2020 sailing?
  9. I had this problem with regard to our September 5th sailing to St Peterberg. we booked with a TA so the due date for the final balance was coming up soon. we decided to shift the whole thing to a year later. We now leave on September 4th 2021, hopefully. Having made this amendment nearly all of the cost is is deferred until May 2021. Hopefully our story may be helpful to others. Be very wary about paying final balance, we’d say,
  10. Sounds like these are great cabins if you're not bothered about having a balcony. The suite privilege are qwell worth having obviously. Is the thermal suite one included on the Grand or not?
  11. Yes the TA wanted us to pay the full balance for our September 2020 cruise in order to be able to move it to a year later! The balance was due in May 2020. Now of course our final balance date is May 2021. I am happy to have kept my money in the bank.
  12. We have just come off a Celebrity Cruise where we had a superb extremely large ocean view cabin. We didn't actually miss the balcony and we preferred having the extra Space. Having just had this experience I happened to stumble on the 'Window suites' on Grand Princess. They are on deck 7 adjacent to the Casino. I guess they have been added fairly recently. Has anyone come across these cabins or even had one? We were offered F301 but didn't like the look of that one on the plan (near toilets, lifts etc). Do they come with all the suite privileges?
  13. We booked with a TA. If we hadn't rebooked another cruise then they expected us to pay up the full balance now for our cruise in September. This way we have deferred the full payment until May 2021. Disappointed to lose out on our good deal (and our OBC) but we are happy to have opted out of September 2020 without costing us a penny until May 2021. Who knows what the climate for cruising may be then There might even be a shortage of supply as cruisers take back to the water!?
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