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  1. We were booked on Jupiter for January 2nd from Buenos Aires to Santiago. We received emails from Viking this afternoon canceling our cruise. I have a call into our TA. We plan to rebook for January 8, 2022. I am sure more emails will be going out soon to cancel the rest of January 2021.
  2. We are booked on Jupiter for a Jan 2, 2021 cruise in South America. We are to board in Buenos Aires. I have read the State Dept sites and the US Embassy in Argentina site. Travel is not recommended and 2 week quarantines may be mandated. We have heard nothing from Viking yet.
  3. In checking the US Dept of State and the US Embassy websites, travel to Argentina by US citizens is not allowed at this time. The State Dept has Argentina as a Level 4 or Red for travel. We are booked on the January 2, 2021 Buenos Aires to Santiago Jupiter cruise. I don't see how this will happen but Viking has not yet cancelled the cruise.
  4. I have read in several places that US citizens can not fly to Argentina. We have a Jan 2, 2021 cruise from Buenos Aires to Santiago. The cruise line still has not cancelled this cruise.
  5. We are scheduled to cruise in South America on Jan 2, 2021. The reports of the virus in South America grow by the day. Will the ports be open and will it be safe to travel?
  6. We were part of the 6 on stretchruz's tour. I totally agree that 6 was an ideal size and Alla did a great job.
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