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  1. Adventure last revamp was Feb 2018. We sailed that May, so everything was fresh and new... I believe is still in great shape, and we are sailing with her again this November. Cant wait!
  2. Weve done the Galley tour, the Back-of-the-house tour, The bridge/Mechanical-Engine room tour and the Behind-The-Theater tour... All were great, super interesting and they were offered free of charge for the Diamond members.
  3. Super happy that we reserved AOS for November/Thanksgiving weekend. Traveling with the family, 2 cabins, interior. Found a great refundable fare of $3900 and change on line. I called (didn't secure it on line) and worked with a lovely lady over the phone that actually found me a $3745.20 rate for both cabins... I said, sweet! lets do this... by the end of the 45min call the rate has gone up to $4093.50! How can that be???? I get that if they quote you a rate, and you decide to call later, that rate is probably gone, but in the SAME call??? Aren't they supposed to guarantee the rate on the transaction? Has anybody else experienced something similar??
  4. Very interesting post!!! We are going to Cuba in October and I work for an international hospitality company that has a hotel in Cuba. This particular hotel is listed in the "Do not go" list! I was hoping to do a site inspection of the hotel when originally decided to go to Cuba, but I guess now that I know the hotel is "black listed" I cant! Does anyone knows why are these establishments on this list and if there is any "exceptions" like working for the company that represents this particular hotel in Europe? I live in the States so that might be taken into consideration and "black-ball" me too!!! LOL
  5. Have not seen any menus from the Empress, and was wondering if there are any items with a "Latin" flair on the menu or is pretty much the same as other ships? I've heard the Cuba cruises have a "theme" throughout, activities being Salsa dancing classes, Spanish food cooking classes and such... Is that true? Do anyone have menus to share?
  6. Goat Cheese and Vegetable tart Onion Tart (more like a quiche) Escargots Heart of Palm Salad French Onion Soup Corn and Poblano Pepper Soup
  7. MMMM!!!! Yummy Yummy... We tried them on a Pub, close to the pier area in Halifax called Maxwell Plum... They were so good! http://www.themaxwellsplum.com/food/
  8. I believe no... Didnt see any kids there, however, I didnt spend too much time either, so it could have been a timing thing...
  9. Just off Adventure, and the Library was always packed! No librarian, and there was an honor system in place. Always a lot of ppl reading and relaxing... Our cabins were just off the hallway, so pass through there at least 4 times a day!
  10. I found Saint John to be a quaint, charming city. Previous to this cruise, I had traveled to SJ because of work... and fell in love with the people, with the culture and the city. I too have done the reversing rapids, so this time with the family, we walked the city, explored the Farmers Market (which is the oldest in Canada) and ate at a local restaurant/brewery (they offered us a Cranberry Ale that was amazing!). The city is "Hill-y" so walking might be an issue if you are not used to that intensity. I was VERY tired by the end of the day. The weather was chilly for us, but when I have visited more into the summer months (and it was hot!) there were a LOT of outside vendors, restaurants and cafes offered outside sitting and it was just lovely. We also visited a couple of historic churches and ate poutine! If you enjoy Indian Food, there is a Restaurant walking distance from the pier, that offers fantastic Indian dishes.
  11. Trip was overall great. Not too many kids, but my kids don't like the Adventure Ocean program so they never go to those activities... Difficult to say if there were more kids than I got to see around... The sights were amazing, even with the cold weather we enjoyed it. In Portland we did a tour of the city and had lunch in the waterfront (Minillos??) were we had Lobster Rolls, Lobster, Fish and Chips and Chowder... everything was delish. In Bar Harbor, visited Acadia with Olys Trolley (Thunder Hole, Jason's Pond and Cadillac Mountain) Really really nice tour and ate Blueberry pie... Our favorite ports were Saint Johns and Halifax... We did our own thing, as the city is very nice and small enough to walk it. We ate regional food and tried Fried Pepperoni for the first time (it is very different than the pepperoni in the states!) The shows were nice but nothing outstanding... We found that the entertainment on board was lacking... almost nothing to do... but of course I think the weather had to do with this, because we could not take advantage of the pools, flow-rider and slides (even though there were some ppl using all these) as it was too cold for us. Hope this helps... Let me know if you have any more questions!
  12. Incorrect... Adventure Re positioned out of SanJuan and ended in Bayonne May 11th, and Its been doing the NE/Canada since that day. Sorry I dont have out Compasses... We just came back from the June 1st - June 8th Trip. It was wonderful... Weather was awful on the first 2 ports, but then it got a bit better...Mikki, Anything in particular that you would like to know??
  13. Daily specials were better in our cruise. The lowest I could find pre-cruise was $109 for 50min and onboard, I was able to book $99 for 75min.
  14. Just came back from the Adventure and the drink card was offered on the last 3 days, but only for beers... I believe it was 10 beers for $49. The drink card for mixed drinks was never offered.
  15. 1. WJ will be open for lunch 2. Just came back from Adventure, port of calls were Portland and Bar Harbor Maine, Saint Johns and Halifax. We check the weather 2 days before leaving and it said that we should expect Overcast, 40-60's weather... we got rain and 30-40's weather... COLD! We took sweaters and raincoats and umbrellas, but I didnt pack beanies and gloves... and I wish I had. 3. We felt activities were lacking... perhaps because the weather was so awful, and we could not be outside enjoying the pool and other outdoors stuff... Hopefully the weather will cooperate for you guys. 4. Trivia was great, they had StarWars, Michael Jackson, Music, Food, Sports... a nice variety and they had prizes like RCCL shirts, baseball caps with RCCL logo, bags, wine bottles, bingo cards... they were a lot of little nice prizes... Hope you enjoy the cruise!
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