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  1. If you can provide a US or Canadian address and contacts yes. Otherwise no.
  2. Your BP covers gratuities on the drinks - not the service gratuities. You can use your OBC from Celebrity for gratuities or anything else you pay AFTER you board. Any OBC from a travel agent will be OBC-R and is refundable to you if not used.
  3. Had to laugh at this thread. Celebrity website is notorious for having issues. I actually have the solution. I explore cruises using my TAs website. If on board book then or with TA. Have TA send me copy of Celebrity invoice. The day of my cruise I put a piece of masking tape on each suitcase with my cabin number. Had the cases to the porter. Checkin using the invoice from my TA. Only a minute longer and never an issue with the website. They only time I use is for looking at shore excursions. If I want to book I either call Celebrity or my TA. Lots easier. No stress.
  4. The procedure is a bit different it seems each cruise. Suites and Elites usually get tender tickets from their cabin attendant, but have been also told to go to a specific location. Tendering also varies with whether using lifeboats or local boats, the length of the tender - Bar Harbor ME was 45 minutes! - and the weather as sometimes too rough to tender at all and returning if rough very slow. They key to this and all other stuff on board is ASK. Don't be angry. If you need to know something ask the Captain Club host, cabin attendant or someone how X works.
  5. The US not longer has the customs form you are referring to. Relax. Nothing really to do. We have done 5 B2B and outside the US simply go to a meeting and get new seapass. If getting off and reboarding no need to wait in lines to check in just go to security. In US, a zero count is required so you go into the port for an hour or two. PS the lunch put on has always been lovely.
  6. Same here. Remember people who have a gripe are much more likely to complain. Summit was in much better condition than the ships on Carnival or Princess we recently cruised on.
  7. You can bring water and non alcoholic beverages in a reasonable quantity (know 12 is fine) at your embarcation port. Water bottles fine. The only requirement is they must be CARRIED on. Not put in luggage. Can also bring 2 bottles of wine per cabin.
  8. Ordering them is a waste of time. Simply put a piece of masking tape on each suitcase with your cabin number. It matters not if the porter speaks only Chinese, they can see your tag and attach another in seconds. Why waste time ordering or complaining about the procedure to order. Most lines do not offer them. Wish Celebrity would discontinue too.
  9. This thread is a bit crazy. Inedible? By definition the suggestion that Celebrity food is not fit for humans to eat is nuts. Celebrity serves good and sometimes excellent food. Its buffet is far better than most. The problem is comparing Celebrity to the high end cruise lines like Oceana is also nuts. Those lines charge often twice as much. In a comparison to RCCL, HAL, Princess, MSC etc I think Celebrity will be at or close to the top.
  10. Jazz, respectfully think your comment is out of line. Celebrity has food that is a cut above the other mainstream cruiselines in every dining venue on board from the buffet to the specialty restaurants. As to the good old days, as things became more and more expensive all cruise companies have tried to cut costs. There are also lots of complainers on the internet. For food portions being too small - ask for another steak and they will gladly bring it - to snobbish attitudes about cabins. My dear wife have cruised multiple times in everything from a suite to an inside cabin. Celebrity has treated us exactly the same no matter our cabin choice. We find it our preferred way to cruise.
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