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  1. The AOS is casual on embarkation night as many folks are still receiving luggage through dinnertime.
  2. Neither of my two cruise fares with this agency were kind enough to drop, so I didn't have the opportunity to find out. However, when I booked, I was told that I could get a price drop should there be one, but because of the promotion I may lose my OBC or gratuities. So it could be a numbers game - big enough drop, I take it if the difference is more than the combined OBC and gratuities. As you said, the office does have "hours of operation". If a price drop comes and goes during those hours, you will likely miss out.
  3. Yep, my upcoming cruise thru this TA is on the RCI website - you just log in and add your reservation number and it will pop up. I can't change the reservation itself (the TA had to change me from early to late seating) but I can add Portofino reservations, shore excursions, drink packages and it counts down the days.
  4. I don't know, I've never canceled. There is a cancellation fee that you would lose to the agency and I also think if you ended up switching dates outside of the WOW sale period, you would lose the OBC and gratuities. It might not be the best bet if you're not certain about your plans.
  5. It is a TA event. I've booked my last two cruises with this company on official WOW Sales events and had no problems with them if anyone is wondering if they are reputable, etc.
  6. Keat53, we're sailing with you on 8/16. Come join us on our roll call! http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=862144
  7. I usually just get one salad, appetizer and dessert. But one memorable night, I was torn between 3 desserts and asked our waiter which he recommended. The dear, darling prince of a man brought me all three so I could choose for myself. :)
  8. That might be for me - I am always FREEZING in the sub-artic air conditioning on board and I sometimes forget to pack a sweater. :)
  9. We are doing this itinerary in a few weeks, and I've been on the AOS 3 times already. I know I have cruise fever bad because my breath caught when I saw the picture of the line at the cruise terminal! I thought, "I know that place!" The pictures of the Royal Suite were slow opening for me, which added that extra hold-your-breath sense of excitement you must have been feeling when you opened the door. That stateroom is beyond incredible. I'm so glad you were upgraded! Cannot WAIT to read the rest of the review and check out your pictures. I am making notes of some of your recommendations (the spice store is PERFECT for shopping for my friend who is sitting my cats!) Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I'm glad you had a great trip!
  10. Not in all cases - my hubby was the one who bought $150 worth of products for his bad back at the spa onboard. I had one really hard sell - first for products ($300 to maintain my healthy back...um, okay?) and then for more services. I just kept insisting I would check my budget before returning. My next massage after this was great and no pressure. But the first experience soured me a little, as does the high price compared to a land-based spa. If I am sore from traveling, I will consider booking a massage, but usually I skip it in favor of getting one when I get home. There are enough luxuries on board that I can indulge in and still get that pampered, "I'm on vacation" feel. I have no problem saying no - hey, I'm cheap! - but the pressuring sullies the experience.
  11. I am so sorry for your loss, but the beautiful celebration of your husband's life made me smile and tear up at the same time. To be laid to rest in a beautiful place and toasted with daquiris is a wonderful tribute in my eyes. You and your family are in my thoughts today.
  12. Thanks so much for your review - it is really helpful to hear what kind of shops/access to town there is at each port, so thank you very much for that! Can't wait until our trip in a few weeks!
  13. There are plans that cover if the people traveling lose their jobs, but all of them have clauses that cover only if you've been at that job for x number of years. My husband was only at his current job for one year, so I had to get insurance that allowed us to cancel for any reason to have that extra peace of mind. Make sure you read the specific details on each policy before you buy. I used insuremytrip.com to compare different companies. Hope that helps! And hope that you never need to use the insurance!!
  14. Any ketchup actually make it on the hotdog? Great story - thanks for the laugh!! :D Edited to add: I had the news on mute as I was typing this - just looked up to see a grill full of hotdogs with the text "hotdog warning labels". Made me chuckle even harder. :)
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