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  1. A few from a transpacific freighter cruise, Auckland to San Francisco, taken in late 1998. San Francisco pilot approaching Asia-bound container ship - the first other vessel we had seen since Fiji, 18 days prior
  2. It's too early for any reliable numbers for September, but according to ITA you can fly nonstop on Delta from LAX to AMS in business class, departing Aug. 11, 2021, and returning on Aug. 25, for $2379 all in.
  3. Here's one of an old Princess ship docked in Suva, Fiji in 1998. We were on the freighter (which you can see behind the cruise ship) on a transpacific cruise.
  4. Do you have a particular cruise in mind, or are you thinking about back-to-back 7-day cruises to/from Seward or Whittier? Regardless, it's unlikely you'll have time for any surface/land/air travel since 14 days on the ship(s) won't allow for enough time to make it to places like Denali or the interior. That simplifies your options (a little) since the logistics will be easier, and if you're weathered out of some activities on the way north, chances are you'll visit some/most of the same places on the return.
  5. Sorry, but the question is incomplete. Do you plan on a round-trip cruise to Southeast Alaska, or a one-way cruise followed (or preceded) by time on land? Because if it's the latter, then timing becomes even more of an issue, depending on what you plan to see or do in addition to the cruise. Popular land touring (or land + air) destinations like Denali National Park, other destinations in southcentral and interior Alaska, or destinations in the west and north (accessible by plane) have very different climate profiles over the course of "cruise season." Wildlife sightings, presen
  6. I've been scanning more old slides, this time from San Francisco in 1968-70, and thought these sunset pix were nice. Alcatraz Telegraph Hill Golden Gate (mostly taken from my $100/month apartment)
  7. I've been having a lot of fun with the product, adding some cool skies to pictures that are otherwise a bit flat. Like any technique (especially HDR processing, which people use to excess) it's possible to have too much of a good thing, but for everyday manipulations it's a blast. A couple of "before and after" examples - "Grandfather Looses the Ponies," a sculpture commemorating the region's wild horses, set on a clifftop overlooking the Columbia River in central Washington state: Mont Saint-Michel (base image)
  8. Here are three taken overlooking Cook Inlet from near my apartment in Anchorage back when I lived there. Midsummer, probably around midnight - 1 A little later (2) From the same area in the winter. That's Denali at the far right.
  9. Snoqualmie Falls near Seattle Palouse Falls, eastern Washington Latourell Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite NP, California Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe Tavoro Falls, Taveuni Island, Fiji
  10. Leaving Auckland on our freighter Leaving Suva, Fiji, same trip At the equator, same trip Mid-ocean sunset San Francisco pilot approaching
  11. I would imagine the flights would have to be charters. The 737s that Alaska uses on the Nome-Kotzebue-Anchorage triangle aren't nearly big enough to handle the number of pax that would be disembarking. I too would extend a couple of days in Nome. I'd look at booking a car and use it to explore the road system that radiates from Nome into the bush of the Seward Peninsula. Terrific country - history, scenery, tons of wildlife... That's a terrific sounding itinerary. I have never seen Unga mentioned as a destination, but it's a good one. You might even pull into my
  12. A couple from the Beagle Channel (Tierra del Fuego) Later...
  13. Beer and wine were available for purchase; one could bring liquor on board if you chose. Otherwise no restrictions.
  14. Sunrise over the Indian Ocean, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa Brighton, England Bethel, Alaska
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