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  1. Kewz1

    Guide book

    Thank you both for the help!
  2. Kewz1

    Guide book

    Is there a particular guide book you would recommend for San Juan? Thanks! Kristen
  3. I'm really enjoying your live blog! I'll be doing the 8-night BI cruise in August. I have also travelled with my mom who has mobility issues. It can be a challenge but it's worth it. Hope you had a good night's rest! Kristen
  4. Kewz1

    To upsell or not to upsell???

    Thanks everyone! We took the balcony! So, is it August yet?? :D Kristen
  5. Kewz1

    To upsell or not to upsell???

    This cruise is in celebration for our anniversary and we are inclined to go "all out" for it. Everything is paid for so we're good on that end. You're swaying me to say yes. ;) Thanks for responding!
  6. Kewz1

    To upsell or not to upsell???

    Yes, it is the 8-night British Isles cruise. I forgot to mention that. And you're right about it being port intensive. We've cruised with just a window but we sure love having a balcony. Thanks for giving us something to think about. Appreciate you responding!
  7. I just received an email giving us the option to move from our outside stateroom (OB) to a balcony stateroom for $149 pp. I'm assuming this is a good deal and we should take them up on the offer. Since this is our first Princess cruise I wanted to run this by all of you experts first. So yay or nay? Thanks! Kristen
  8. Kewz1

    Is There a Pub Lunch on Ocean Princess??

    Thanks for posting about the Pub Lunch. Looking forward to trying it out this August! Kristen
  9. are now available or the 1 August British Isles cruise. I know some folks were waiting on this. Me included! Kristen
  10. Kewz1

    Disembarkation in Dover

    Great! This helps with my planning. Thanks for responding! Kristen
  11. I'm attempting to make plans for the last part of our time in England. I'm curious as to what is the earliest we can expect to leave the ship. The schedule shows us arriving in Dover at 4am. Thanks in advance. Kristen
  12. Ontheweb, We are considering doing this excursion after our BI cruise this August. Did you find you had enough time to get to the airport/through security, etc with a 4:05 departure time? The flight we are considering leaves at 4. I'm just not sure how close we are cutting it. Thanks! Kristen
  13. Kewz1

    Best and worst Princess tours you have done?

    Just went and reserved this! Thanks for posting about it. And thanks to the OP for starting this thread. Kristen
  14. I checked on the Princess site and there are no excursions planned for our port day in Londonderry. Does this mean there will not be any or is there still time for them to add something? We are on the Aug 1 British Isles cruise. Thanks, Kristen
  15. Kewz1

    Tendering at St Helier

    I'm attempting to plan our day at St Helier. Right now we are scheduled to be there from 8-5. Since we are first-time Princess cruisers and not doing a Princess excursion, what time should we realistically plan to get off the boat? Thanks! Kristen