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  1. I know there are plenty of threads regarding this topic but I can't find any at the momentso I will just start a new one. Me and my girlfriend are sailing out of Miami on September 12th. We arnt 100% sure she is going to be able to go now. So how close to the cruise date can I change a name on the reservation?
  2. CW502

    cozumel currency

    Does Cozumel only take pesos? Or is the American dollar taken as well?
  3. CW502

    post cruise blues

    My cruise ended November 10th of last year...and I am still experiencing post cruise blues!...Booked for another one in September though...can't wait!
  4. We were going to do some shopping (I'm going with my girlfriend so we can't skip the shopping) then maybe do some sight seeing.....we are big into history and nature
  5. I am sailing to key west in September but have never been before. I was wondering what I should do while I'm there?
  6. CW502

    question about cozumel

    I am sailing to cozumel in September and was thinking about going to 'Mr sanchos'. Can anyone shed some light on this place for me? It looks pretty awesome and I've read a lot of good things but just wanted to get some other opinions. Thanks!! Carnival victory- September 2013 to key west and Cozumel Carnival fascination- November 2012 to half moon cay and Nassau
  7. CW502

    HMC vs. Coco Cay

    I have never been to coco cay...but was at half moon cay last November and it was amazing...we were on the first tender to the island and the last tender back to the boat...we did NOT want to leave!!...half moon cay is a beautiful island and I can't wait to go back!!
  8. CW502

    in re Half Moon Cay

    I am glad to hear this!..I will be visiting the island next week for the first time and was getting a little worried about what damage may have been caused. I cant wait go!!!!