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  1. I am with you, it is very upsetting. This is our story: -On Feb 25, I booked our first Princess cruise to Alaska for August. Stupid me, I paid the whole amount even if I could have paid only a down payment (I learned and will never do this again!) -I cancelled our Princess cruise on March 17 -On April 9, I filled a dispute with our credit card company (through Bank of Montreal). BMO explained: 1-) once BMO start my dispute (an employee looking at the documents I had just filled), BMO will apply a conditional credit back to my account of the amount paid to Princess on Feb 25 2-) I would not be able to transfer this credit to my bank account 3-) From the day I would receive the credit, Princess would have 45 days to “defend” themselves. So the credit could be conditional for 45 days... -On May 3, I emailed BMO inquiring about my dispute -On May 5, I saw a credit for the amount paid on Feb 25 on BMO credit card statement and it was called ‘Dispute Princess’. I decided to call BMO to make sure it was a conditional credit. I was told it was conditional and that Princess had 45 days to reply to the dispute. BUT, for the 1st time, I was told I could transfer the money to my bank account (they call it a cash advance even if you have a credit on your account!) but if the dispute would not go my way, I would be responsible to reimburse BMO + interest for cash advance. -I transferred the credit from BMO credit card to BMO bank account. I then transferred all monies to another bank. I am lucky, BMO is not my primary bank account. -My credit card can deal with Princess! The cost of our cruise was charged to our credit card within 24 hrs on Feb 25 but once you cancel, you have to wait 60-90 days to receive your money back. Do they think we are stupid? Do not hesitate and dispute your charge ASAP. The Canadians!😎
  2. I am VERY glad to hear that. I really sympathize with you and I am glad The Zandaam is getting medical supplies.
  3. She/he just sent me 2 photos of the Zandaam getting very close to the Rotterdam.20200326_180738.heic
  4. VICTORIA -- The federal government has temporarily barred all cruise ships and ferries that carry more than 500 people, including crew, from docking in Canada until July to protect against the growing COVID-19 pandemic. In a public address Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that "cruise season is suspended until July." Transport Minister Marc Garneau says that the government will re-examine the ban after June 30. https://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/cruise-ships-over-500-people-banned-in-b-c-until-july-1.4851940 The Canadians!😎
  5. ZANZIBAR TAXI DRIVER with photos Hello all, We just came back from a fantastic trip to Uganda and Tanzania. This trip included ZANZIBAR. I would love to share with you a taxi driver that was excellent: We used him (Abdul) on 3 different occasions. The first occasion was on a spice tour with another couple (Literacy Lady on CC). His van is new with plenty of room, he speaks really good English and he is also very interesting. The second time, Abdul drove my husband & I from Nungwi (located on the north side of the island) to Jambiani (east side of the island) and the drive took 1.5 hours. The third occasion was from Jambiani to the airport (1 hour 20 min). Abdul was always on time which was very important to us. The drives did not seem long as we talked about life in Zanzibar… So if you are visiting Zanzibar on a cruise or independently, this taxi/tour guide was excellent. Contact: ABDUL ALI email: abdulswamadali54@gmail DOT com +255 773 672451 or +255 679 406496 or +255 629 065118 P.S. When cruises are in port, he is in high demand. The Canadians!😎
  6. I guess they could add a stop in Canada for N/E and N/E and a stop in Mexico for S/E and S/W. i am just wanting new itineraries! The Canadians!😎
  7. What about creating totally new different itineraries which will appeal to seasoned cruisers AS WELL AS everybody else. Examples: -East coast of USA with 2 nights at each port of calls: cute towns in Maine, Boston, Washington, Williamsburg... How fun would it be to discover the East coast of USA without having to drive or take a tour? HAL could do 14.days in N/E USA and another 14.days in S/E USA .Africa: I understand HAL will be stopping in Africa this fall but all the sea days are not at all appealing to us. This is why we are looking at Azamara, Oceania or Norwegian for winter 2021 from Cape Town or from Dubai. -West coast of USA with overnights in several cute places for a total of 14 days. Could do B2B with 14 days N/W and 14 days S/W of USA We are now trying to find cruises that spend overnights (2 nights would even be better at some port of calls) in historical cities (even towns) full of museums... We are hoping to see positive coming out of this mess in Asia and see “out of the box” cruises. We are currently in Tanzania (also spent 15 days in Uganda) and are really impressed with this part of the world in terms of beauty of the land, friendliness of the people and teaching us so much in so many ways. We hope HAL, Princess, Norwegian (actually they are impressing us with their Africa itineraries)... will be ingenious, open minded in trying new itineraries. I know it is not easy but if you want to be the leader in the cruise industry, you have to think think outside the box and be proactive which HAL is really lacking. They use to have superb itineraries but lately, they have nothing new... Anybody else thinking like us? The Canadians!😎
  8. Just saw all your replies... Thank you everyone. We will need to think over about doing Antarctica... We are in Tanzania and when we left Canada Jan 15, it was -50C! This is why snow and glaciers don’t warm our hearts. The Canadians!😎
  9. Thank you again everyone. Carnival Corp is a bit more generous as the $250 OBC is for sailing of 14 days or more and NCL is for sailing of 15 days or more. They are many 14-day cruises out there... We have sailed so many 14-days cruises... This last spring, we did 3 cruises with HAL: 14 day- 14 day and 15 day for a total of $750 OBC. If it would have been with NCL, the OBC would have been only $300. The other OBC are the same. Maybe they will revise their decision from 15 to 14 in the future...Let’s hope. The Canadians!😎
  10. Thank you again for the great replies. i have another question. With HAL, if you own at least 100 shares, you receive free OBC depending on the length of the cruise. Does NCL have something similar? Is so, where could I read all the details. i think a Mediterranean cruise in November is “low season” and I will take my chances in buying after final payment. The Canadians!😎
  11. Hello Nebr.cruiser, HAL has smaller ships & great itineraries so it is why we cruised mostly with them. Their entertainment is terrible but I am not an evening person and need my rest for the next port of calls. But now I have to say Norwegian is really stepping up to the plate with great itineraries. We usually do B2B (2x 14 days) and the itineraries are extremely important to us. Norwegian has great value like HAL. We are allowed to bring 1 bottle of wine/person on HAL on embarkation day. Is it the same with NCL? Thank you The Canadians!😎
  12. Thank you everyone for the great replies. We were planning to buy our cruise last minute (Sept or Oct) after final payment. When can you start booking your shows, escape room? As soon as you have a booking? That would really penalize us to book at the last minute... Any idea what I can do to solve this problem? The cold Canadians!😎
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