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  1. I really wish NCL hyped up their new ships more like Carnival. They do site visits, have the complete plans out early, and then do photos and walk through videos as the ship nears completion. NCL just eeks things out and you have to wait for people to actually be on the ship for a full reveal. Thankfully we have people like Freestyle who search and find things for everybody.
  2. I did it on the Bliss with the black glass and macaroons and really enjoyed the experience. But the person who said do it for the experience not for the wines is completely correct.
  3. For some reason the cruise wasn't closed until recently and the form on the Latitude website isn't working for some reason. Use this email and put in your latitude number and reservation number and they should credit you in 48 hours: latitudesupport@ncl.com
  4. There's an Encore thread by Birdtravels right now going on that has the wine list in it. Anything $15 and under a glass is in the premium package and the wines that are marked with an * are included by the bottle in the Plus package. Note that Veuve is no longer included by the bottle, it is now Moet, at least on Encore but probably across the board too.
  5. I just have to say I love the bartender has kept his little stein.
  6. Maybe it's different on ships that don't have an actual Starbucks store but both Bliss and Encore I haven't had any issues.
  7. I have had no problems with cold brews or the teas. I don't like the frappuccinos so don't order them but I bet if I went down there right now they'd make me one no problem.
  8. I get the teas at Starbucks as well. Basically anything on the menu should be covered but not the snacks or baked goods. There is an amendment to my previous post, Veuve Clicquot is no longer available by the bottle according to the list below that is on my current Encore sailing. Moet has replaced it but you can still get the Clicquot by the glass. They did let me get a bottle of the included wine at lunch in Savor but your milage may vary.
  9. I can't remember which thread it was, but someone was asking about Veuve Clicquot not being on the bottle list anymore for the Premium Plus package. That certainly appears to be the case as you can see from the wine list below it no longer has the asterisk for the bottle but you can still get it by the glass. You can now get the Moet by the bottle instead.
  10. So the Local does not have minipin bowling but it does have pool table and an electronic darts machine ina sad little corner.
  11. Crab legs on the buffet. Since Doug is posting I won't be but I'll still be sharing pictures on Instagram at goddessocoffee.
  12. Yes, post away, Douglas, by our pact I am free.
  13. But working even though Tapatalk is having issues.
  14. Testing to see how posting is on mobile with pics. Can't do multiple pic selections to upload just one at a time.
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