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  1. I really wish NCL hyped up their new ships more like Carnival. They do site visits, have the complete plans out early, and then do photos and walk through videos as the ship nears completion. NCL just eeks things out and you have to wait for people to actually be on the ship for a full reveal. Thankfully we have people like Freestyle who search and find things for everybody. 

  2. 19 hours ago, CruiseNYR said:

    Im surprised because we have been back for over a month now, ive sent in 2 requests but havent heard anything back


    For some reason the cruise wasn't closed until recently and the form on the Latitude website isn't working for some reason.  Use this email and put in your latitude number and reservation number and they should credit you in 48 hours: latitudesupport@ncl.com


  3. On 11/20/2019 at 4:27 PM, dgreeney said:

    Can someone please tell me where I can I find what wines are included in the different packages?


    There's an Encore thread by Birdtravels right now going on that has the wine list in it. Anything $15 and under a glass is in the premium package and the wines that are marked with an * are included by the bottle in the Plus package.  Note that Veuve is no longer included by the bottle, it is now Moet, at least on Encore but probably across the board too.


  4. 11 hours ago, Motegi said:

    At the onboard Starbucks on our cruise in October only the espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos were covered on our Premium Plus Beverage package.  We were told that frappuccinos or other drinks on the menu were not included.


    I have had no problems with cold brews or the teas. I don't like the frappuccinos so don't order them but I bet if I went down there right now they'd make me one no problem.

  5. I get the teas at Starbucks as well. Basically anything on the menu should be covered but not the snacks or baked goods. 


    There is an amendment to my previous post, Veuve Clicquot is no longer available by the bottle according to the list below that is on my current Encore sailing.  Moet has replaced it but you can still get the Clicquot by the glass.




    They did let me get a bottle of the included wine at lunch in Savor but your milage may vary.

  6. I can't remember which thread it was, but someone was asking about Veuve Clicquot not being on the bottle list anymore for the Premium Plus package. That certainly appears to be the case as you can see from the wine list below it no longer has the asterisk for the bottle but you can still get it by the glass. You can now get the Moet by the bottle instead.



  7. 1 hour ago, Georgia_Peaches said:

    I appreciate the OP's thoughts on this but have been watching this thread hoping that others might chime in with their experiences as well.  I'm sailing on Breakaway in 18 days and I am trying to figure out if we are going to go for it.  The jury's still out.


    I did a post on my experience with it on the Bliss: 




  8. Ship - Bliss

    Deck - 10

    Stateroom # - 10786

    Stateroom Category – mid ship mini suite

    Starboard or Port Side - Starboard


    Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Stateroom was quiet, no noise issues except for the next door cabin scrapping furniture on the deck.


    Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - NO


    Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – View was good, couldn't see directly down due to the cover on the waterfront but it was still very open.


    Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - normal


    Was wind a problem? - No


    If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - N/A


    Any specific problems with this cabin? - No problems


    Any other comments?

    With the cabin being right off the forward elevator lobby it was very easy to find and access when needed. No real sound issues from being close to the lobby.  I enjoyed the shower and would pick a mini-suite again just for the larger shower with jets. 




















  9. 8 minutes ago, Cruise Junky said:

    Duh, seeing as I live in Vancouver do you not think I know that?  when boarding a ship at Canada Place you go through US Customs and immigration and are deemed to be in the US. When you leave the ship you go through Canadian Immigration.  It's not an easy process to just get off and get a drink at a bar as was being implied. You need to clear Canadian customs and then go back through US. 


    We had an overnight in Vancouver for the Bliss and it was indeed very easy to get on and off the ship.  There was no customs or immigration either way the entire time we were docked or after we disembarked.  Maybe that was because we were in Victoria first but there was no customs there either.

  10. 50 minutes ago, CaliMom05 said:

    Thanks for the info on the plus package Coffee Goddess!  I tried to send you a message to inquire about your TA who offers you those awesome deals on the paid grats on the PBP  but I can't send a message via cruise critic message for some reason.  Would you be okay with emailing me with your TA's info?  bakers05 at verizon.net


    Thank you!


    Yeah, PM doesn't work here I don't know why it's an option. Also, NCL stopped those paid gratuities for the groups so any new bookings won't get those options anymore for group bookings.☹️

  11. I debated doing a full trip report and just wound up putting a review up on the review page for my Pacific Coastal on the Bliss from 4/28/19. I did, however, want to provide what my experience was with upgrading to the Premium Plus Beverage Package (PPB). My TA had booked me under the old group package so my DSC and gratuities were covered so my basic drinks package, the now named Premium Beverage Package (PBP) was truly free.  Since I was skipping the spa this time (I felt it was too small on the transatlantic) and wasn't going to shell out the now exorbitant Vibe costs (plus I got there too late anyways) I figured I'd upgrade to the premium package since if there's one thing I enjoy on a cruise it's drinking. 


    I will say that they were not marketing the premium package at all.  I had to ask where I could upgrade it and it was only being sold at the Atrium bar and he was tucked around by the internet area side with an easy to miss sign up on the bar by him. For the six days it came out to $208.80 broken out as $34.80/day and I could get any beverage up to $35.00, bottled water (both still and sparkling), a bottle of wine at dinner that you could choose from a set selection, and Starbucks. Oh, and the buffet bartender told me I could get the fresh squeezed orange juice as well but I never wanted one. I did need to go to Guest Services once I purchased it and have them make me a new card to show I had it. The thing about that was there were others that had upgraded and their cards only showed the a PPB on theirs while mine came out with a PBP/PPB on it for some reason. 🤷‍♀️


    Until the bartenders knew I had it, I did need to point it out as when I ordered something that was usually an upcharge or not included they would tell me that and I would just say "not for me" and point out I had the plus package.  By the second time I went to get my sparkling water bottle up in the buffet the bartender would recognize me and just grab it when he saw me walking that way.  Which reminds me that buffet bar had the small bottles of water while most of the other bars just would grab you the big ones.  I pointed it out to Fourbucks when I went to get my first coffee and he let me know that it would show as a charge on the receipt and I would need to sign the receipt so that they had it for inventory purposes but that it would not be charged to my account. That was accurate for the whole cruise. The only time I had an issue was when I ordered the Chimay Reserve bottle from the District. Even though the server knew I had the plus and didn't bring me a receipt to sign for some reason it still showed up on my account. I went down to guest services and had to explain to the clerk that I had the Plus version so it should be covered. He wound up calling a manager who said, yes, this is covered and they took it off my bill. Otherwise I had no other issues but another cruiser had an issue in The Cellars where they were confused on what was covered by the glass vs. by the bottle. I don't think it was ever resolved since they shut down the Cellars once we hit Victoria.


    The bottles of wine were only available at dinner and they didn't care if you shared them with other people. I do not have a picture of the bottles available since I went to Le Bistro for the first night and requested a glass of Veuve Clicquot and the manager asked me if I wanted just the glass or would I like the whole bottle since it was included in the Plus package and you better believe I went for the whole bottle. I also got my Platinum bottle of wine there but had them bring it out unopened since that afternoon I got invited to a wedding the next day while boozing it up with Clarence (The Chocolate Cowboy) at the outdoor Sugar Cane bar and I brought that as a gift. The only other thing about the wine was that while they were listed on the menus at the bars, the bar didn't always have the higher priced wines there.  I tried to order a $25 glass of Pinot Grigio at the Observation bar but after they did a search they told me they didn't have it actually at the bar so I settled for what they did have.  


    All in all I did enjoy not having to worry about if what I wanted was included or not and for this particular cruise I felt I got my money's worth. However, if I had paid the gratuities for the base package and then added on to it, I would have felt differently and not have thought it worthwhile.  My next cruise is the Encore Transatlantic for 9 days.  I have the same deal with the paid gratuities and it would cost (baring any price changes) $313.20 for me to upgrade for those nine days. Right now, I probably won't but I plan to re-evaluate once on board. Oh, one other thing and this is for the Pacific Coastal and Canadian ports only, each time we were in port they did charge tax and that was not included so you did have to pay that. Also, Canadian liqueur laws only allowed for one bar on each deck that had one to be open while in port so it was a bit chaotic on the last night.


    First drink after upgrading was a prosecco (they didn't have any champagne stocked at Mixx bar at the time) and Chambord which would have been extra on the PBP.



    The problem child Chimay, which was really good and I think about $26.



    And the Starbucks with a cute kitty artwork they did for me on the 2nd to last morning (probably because I tipped them for the week). Oh, it was easy to take my coffee over to the Atrium bar and get a shot of whatever in it when I wanted.





  12. 1 hour ago, TheDougOut said:

    Here’s what I grabbed from Galaxy Pavilion yesterday.  It sounds like you’ll need to reserve a time slot, which will give you 90 minutes to explore all the virtual attractions.  The cost is maybe $15?


    I am super sad they took out The Finger Coaster. 😥 I'd be all about making horrible tracks for people to puke on. 

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