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  1. Can’t see why anybody should feel out of place anywhere...a cruise is a cruise, some do cost more than others but that’s only a matter of money. In some people’s cases you just have to remember that money doesn’t buy 'class' or good taste.
  2. May have asked this before so apologies in advance...... my better half is giving me grief because our first trip with Regent is 16 nights and they advertise two formal nights....but I’ve read that the majority don’t do black tie / tux' and said I won’t need to lug mine across the Atlantic.... Am I right or will I need to book another case on the flight? Regards Anxious from England!
  3. Shoot me down in flames if you like...... Ships and boats are regarded as female because they're expensive to create, maintain, they're (hopefully) beautiful and men fall in love with them. Choosing a god mother is merely a tradition, bit like old ships having a figurehead to protect them. I'm sure nothing would befall the ship if they didn’t have one but sailors can be superstitious and it’s just a bit of fun.......bit like crossing the equator, no big deal but tradition dictates a ceremony is held. One not knowing who someone is only stops them from being a celebrity in your world. I know who Christie Brinkley is but don’t ask me to name 10 international sports personalities....I don’t know any but I wouldn’t put them down due to my ignorance.
  4. My pleasure...(the reply not the MiL!)😇
  5. I'm sure if you've a mind to, you'll enjoy the cruise. If you're into entertainment most of the Headliner shows are worth the 40 minutes out of your day - the average time of each performance. The Rising Sun gets busy in the evenings so if you're a pub goer , go early. She's a nice ship, I was pleasantly surprised - we could have made more of it but it was our 'care in the community' week so had the mother law with us - we'd certainly consider another cruise on board (but without the MiL!)
  6. Saw this and thought I'd add my opinions to maybe put your mind at ease. Got off Arcadia on Sunday 26th., Yes the poor girl is looking tired, there were a few plumbing issues ( slow drinking off the bath, one afternoon/evening we had only warm water, not hot in the shower but in fairness there was a team on board doing some work with pipe work. there were also a few buckets in weird places due to an odd leak or two. We took a 'short cut' past cabins on deck 8 from the stern forward to our cabin, we were barefoot and noticed damp patches in the carpet. At some points they had vacuums and blow driers going to help dry things out. The issues above sound awful and my observations but actually made no real difference to the enjoyment of the cruise, we were blessed by the weather, the staff in general were lovely, helpful and relatively efficient. Food served was usually hot and sufficient for normal humans, although the names of some dishes sounded exotic they were bland but to be fair they're catering for the masses. Excellent curries are to be found in the buffet late on though. our cabin as the most of the ship was immaculately clean, it was my first impression on our first day....yes there are some worn parts but everything was spotless. Linen, towels, carpet in our cabin were lovely....I even checked under the sheets and bed..out of curiosity of course and everything was spot on. we've been fortunate to enjoy different ships and cruise lines and the only things that really let this cruise down in my opinion was 'Harmony' a duet which weren't as good as they thought they were, the brass section of the ships orchestra and some of our fellow passengers - the usual 'snap of the fingers - I've been everywhere sort' P.S. The average age of the passengers on this cruise was 65, this may make a difference to you if you're young (if only 'at heart')
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