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  1. We were wait listed for Select as well prior to our cruise, I can tell you its not a big deal. You can go to any of the 4 main dining rooms whenever you want and request a table. No reservations were necessary and we waited maybe 2 minutes, if that. There are so many different dining options that I just don't think its ever an issue.
  2. Has anyone done the Chef's Table on Independence of the Seas? Where do they have it on the ship? Anything else you could tell me would be appreciated. I've done it on the Oasis, where it was done on the upper level of the Concierge Lounge and on the Harmony where they held it in a partitioned room off of the Solarium Bistro. While the location on the Oasis made for a very nice evening where you could hear what the Chef's was saying, the Harmony of the Seas experience was much different. It was loud and not everyone could hear the Chef. I've signed up on the Independence but don't know where they do it. Thanks in advance!!
  3. So happy to hear this as we have 3 of them booked together on the 9/18/18 sailing!! Do the balcony separations open up to connect them? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. I read somewhere on these boards about certain deck 6 balcony cabins that have larger balconies than the rest. I've done a search on this but can't seem to find it. Can anyone give me more information on these cabins? Thanks in advance!!
  5. Thank you for your live report from the Constellation! I will be on the September 18th sailing and am new to Celebrity. Can you please explain what a Chic Night is? Thanks!!
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