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  1. I guess I should clarify which cruise line. The question was in reference to Celebrity Cruise line. Haved sailed on enough cruises to be elevated to an upper level, and have dined many a time in the speciality restaurants BUT have never ordered more than one Appetizer, entree, or dessert when dining there, thus my inquiry. Not a huge eater but have on occasion ordered multiple items in the main dining room. My thanks to all who have responded thus far and to those who choose to respond with the noted cruise line referenced. Gary
  2. I guess this could be considered one of those “Dumb questions”. I know that in the main dining room and at the buffet you can have as many of a food item, app, entree, etc that you want. BUT what about the speciality restaurants, the ones where there is an additional fee. Is it acceptable to request more than one appetizer, entree or even dessert, and will your request be honored? Asking for a friend, Wink, wink. Thanks The Friend
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