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  1. I also have to say be prepared for warm weather. It could be cold on sea. It could be very warm in the ports of Quebec City and Montreal, like 80 degrees warm. One of the hottest tour days I spent was a few years ago in Quebec. You have to be prepared for anything. Geographically, your cruise is covering a huge weather area. Hope this helps (yep, I'm a Canuck!)
  2. This is the longest time I ever remember being like this, closing in on 24 hours by my count.
  3. I am about to take my mom on her first (last minute) cruise on the Veendam, Canada New England. There are some great deals to be had. Anyone have any experience with the front porthole cabins? They are pretty much all that is left. Are they noisy? Is the motion terrible? Any advice you can give would be great. My mom is 72, in great health, slightly deaf (lol). She has never been on a ship, but has never suffered motion sickness. She IS slightly claustrophobic, which is why I'm thinking being able to see light from outside would be helpful, but I don't think we need a view or anything. It's a port intensive cruise, only one sea day, so I really think we will only be there to sleep and watch a movie before bed, but I thought I'd see if anyone has any advice or tips. Thank you all so much.
  4. I hope you will jump back on and let us know if you were successful! One time I got an upgrade from inside to balcony for $75 bucks, and I'm still looking for a story to top that, lol.
  5. I am so sorry that you didn't like Roatan. It is hands down my favourite Caribbean port. I've spent two weeks there on land vacations too, I just love it. If you find yourself there again, book a tour with Cleve's tours, you will not be taken ANYWHERE that has shopping and you will learn the absolutely amazing history of this island. I really hope you will give the island another chance!
  6. Stop giving gifts to teachers. We don't all celebrate Christmas either. If we did, there are only so many coffee mugs and dollar store candles we can use. Then they go to the landfill. This destroys the earth and raises global temperatures. Please, please don't force your kid's teacher or the NCL crew to participate in the insanity needless collection of useless "things". Give them money to support their families. Give to the foodbank in the name of teachers, crossing guards and hair stylists.
  7. I've bid successfully before - inside to spa balcony for $50 US pp.
  8. We did it a number of years ago and I found it fascinating. If you try it and you like it, I'd suggest a St. Lawrence River cruise out of Montreal sometime. I did that a couple of years ago on HAL. It was all daylight and you could see all the Eastern Township villages. I thought both river trips were amazing, it's like having a port stop without getting off the ship - so much to see!
  9. The big show in the shower happens on the Epic
  10. Hubby and I have different names, so no matter what we request, they are separate. We are male and female. The stewards change them around within seconds, cheerfully. I think the whole thing is just a guessing game. I would not worry until you are onboard
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