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  1. Personally speaking, while a great fan of HL, at this point in time, I don't see the rationale of going on a cruise, especially a high priced luxury one, when all the current restrictions vis-a vis Covid19 on board must lead to a sub par experience.
  2. Hapag Lloyd Cruises has posted the following German Language video on a recent Norwegian cruise: Despite the Europa 2 looking wonderfully empty, the current requirements render, what is at the end of the day an expensive holiday, a totally unattractive proposition for me. Given how a person can be asymptomatic with Covid 19 the only secure test is a swab test, yet all we see in the video by way of a boarding check is a temperature check.
  3. You take the trouble to repeat my post, and then proceed to make observations that don't apply to Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. As it clearly states in my post: 'If we have four or more children on board, two childcare specialists will join the cruise and organise a varied programme of activities. ' And: 'after an eventful day, children eat together with our childcare specialists.' Even at lunchtime, on the Europa 2, I have observed a group of supervised children being taken to the back of the self service restaurant to eat their meal. I don't know the
  4. Here in the UK, the Cruise Industry has been angered by the Foreign Office advising against cruise ship travel at this time.
  5. To the anger of the Cruise Industry, the UK Foreign Office has issued advice to avoid cruise ship travel at this time.
  6. As a direct link to it's website is blocked, H-L Cruises plan is as follows: The highest hygiene standards The protection and health of guests and crew always have top priority for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. Together with experts and the relevant authorities, we have developed a safety and prevention concept for the resumption of cruise operations. This concept is the basis of the following ten-point plan, the measures of which will enable a safe and comfortable cruise on board and meet the highest hygiene standards with regard
  7. The EU, in consultation with the Cruise Line Association, has issued a 49 page guide for the re-commencement of cruising. Given the assessment in the following video, a cruise experience, especially a luxury one, is hardly likely to be an attractive proposition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ372hgC-_E&t=33s
  8. Personally, given the ease with which the norovirus can break out on a ship, I would not contemplate a cruise until such time as there is a proven vaccine or a treatment against the coronavirus. Then there is the added problem of airlines recirculating air around a plane's cabin. With regard to deaths in care homes, in the UK, the possible effect of the coronavirus upon mortality has been factored in by comparing the mortality figures for a specific time frame against those for the average of the previous five years . Between 13 March and the 8 May the excess figur
  9. The latest information from H-L Cruises states: 'Therefore, all of the fleet’s voyages are suspended temporarily, probably until the end of July. In addition, all cruises calling at a US and Canadian port will be cancelled until mid-September.'
  10. On the subject of children on the Europa 2, the following video bears repeating once again: From H-L Cruises website: What programme of activities is offered on board? During supervision hours, our youngest guests can look forward to lots of fantastic games, sports and creative programmes. On board the EUROPA 2, for example, we offer musical workshops, group cookery courses or even fencing lessons. Are there any menus designed especially for children? The menus are designed with children in mind; after an
  11. An extract from the latest notice on H-L Cruises' website reads as follows: 'Therefore, all of the fleet’s voyages are suspended temporarily, probably until mid-July. In addition, all cruises calling at a US port will be cancelled until the end of July.'
  12. According to a report on today's BBC News , 200 members of the crew are confined on board with the virus. The report also stated that 10% of Australia's infections, and 30% of it's deaths relate to passengers disembarked from the ship.
  13. I think HL would be wildly optimistic in thinking that cruises could be reinstated within the next 3-4 months. If nothing else, surely crews would have returned home, and being able to leave would depend on the situation re the virus in their respective countries, and national Governments' exit strategy for safely relaxing measures that have been introduced to deal with the virus. Then there is the uncertainty as to which airlines will have survived when the pandemic has run it's course , and how quickly flights can be re-established. Already, Virgin Atlanti
  14. The Company has published a revised list of the first envisaged cruises: MS EUROPA: May 9, 2020 from Hamburg (EUR2008) MS EUROPA 2: May 13, 2020 from Hamburg (EUX2011) MS BREMEN: May 23, 2020 from Otaru (BRE2008) HANSEATIC nature: May 30, 2020 from Porto (NAT2010) HANSEATIC inspiration: May 18, 2020 from Boston (INS2010)
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