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  1. Thank you for responding. Good information when booking. Pricing is still amazing for the 4 and 5 night cruises.
  2. Has anyone looked at these new rates? Is “Always Included” included? Having a hard time figuring it out and really don’t want to call if I don’t have to. Thank you in advance!!!
  3. Especially for the holiday cruises. I’m not sure how that will all work out . I know there is an at home test but I am not comfortable with that being my only option. So much could go wrong!!! I like backup plans 🤣
  4. No it’s on the 5th deck right above the martini bar if I remember correctly.
  5. Our cruise is 1/3/22. I saw online that check in is 11/19 which is 45 days out. But we’ll see what happens!!
  6. Do you know if you book the celebrity excursion where you disembark, do they manage the luggage? We have someone in our group who won’t be able to fly out until 7:30 pm.
  7. You don’t count the day you depart. If you are departing on n a Saturday you can test starting Thursday.
  8. So excited for you! Nothing like being back on the ship!! Enjoy! We are on the Equinox in January. I have never sailed out of FLL. Is the terminal walking distance from the parking garage? I thought I read something about a shuttle.
  9. We were just on the Summit and ordered room service in the morning. We never know what time we are getting up so we don’t like to pick a time the night before. It took about 20 minutes. I am not sure if this was because there was only 245 passengers, or because we were in a suite or just typical.
  10. Do it!!! We just got back from the 9/30 Summit cruise. It was amazing. It felt so incredibly normal and safe. I was so sad to leave the ship but having another cruise booked in 3 months helps.
  11. We just got off the 9/30 sailing. Couldn’t agree more with your review. The crew was amazing and we felt very special and pampered. The ship is gorgeous!
  12. I agree. I’m a white wine drinker and I have always struggled finding a wine I like with the premium package.
  13. Too funny. I literally made my final payment a few hours ago for 3 cabins on a 1/3/2022 sailing. Oh well!
  14. I believe, but am not 100% sure, that if you are traveling on a closed loop sailing within the U.S. meaning leaving from Miami and returning to Miami port, you can use an original birth certificate and drivers license instead of a passport. That may be an option.
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