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  1. Pacific Princess was our favorite ship in the Princess fleet. We only sailed on her for 2 cruises but both bring back fond memories. The first cruise was the 50th anniversary cruise R/T from LA which hit the Mexican Rivera. Was wonderful having the Love Boat cast on board and so many other fabulous friends. Our last cruise was a cruise from Venice to Rome in one of the rear suites. Again so many friends made and such a great time. We will miss her immensely.
  2. What good is it to be an "Elite" princess cruiser if one can not see prices for the 2022 Europe cruises?
  3. First of all, if a vaccine is developed and proves effective then cruise lines will (Should) require customers and crew to provide certification that they have received the vaccine before being allowed to board for a cruise. It would be a higher effective rate and do more to control the virus than mandating that cruisers obtain a "letter" from a doctor saying they are "fit to sail". Secondly, can you provide the scientific source that proves that the virus is mutating? Could it be that the morons that have the virus are not taking precautions such as social distancing and wearing face mas
  4. Now that the EU has proposed restrictions does the question "Are our cruising days to Europe Over?" become a viable question again?
  5. I Thought that the subject of this thread was more cancellations may be announced soon.
  6. Thrax, I just went on the Princess web site and looked at the sailing for "14 day Morocco Passage" on 6 Dec, 2021. Click on "Stateroom selection" and choose "Interior" it will give you 3 choices, one being "Balcony Obstructed". Follow it to deck 8 and there it is. They are listed at about $200 more PP than the Premium Ocean View cabins
  7. Of course, all of the above information could change if the cruise lines decide to do a deep cleaning between each cruise. I would ask this question again after the cruise lines resume sailing.
  8. On Monday afternoon the Pacific Princess departed San Pedro for Ensenada, Mexico where it remained overnight. Tuesday evening, I noticed that the Pacific Princess had departed Ensenada, Mexico with Hawaii as the destination. Anyone know the purpose of this cruise? As the ship is under a "no sail" order from the CDC could the stop in Mexico be a means of circumventing the do not sail order or is it a normal stop as required by the PVSA? Could this be a corporate holiday for the PCL executives?
  9. Roger 88, It seems to me you missed the point. All of the above posts are referencing OBC received because of owning 100 shares of CCL stock. None mention buying OBC with hard cold cash. I do not feel it is prudent to sent CCL any money from your account until CCL can show that they know what to do with what they have already received from us.
  10. You probably would get a better response if you posted this as a response to many of the posts dealing with refunds, FCC and or credit cards
  11. In the future go with a different TA, one who will not charge a cancelation fee.
  12. We just booked 2 cruises on Princess for 2021. First one is a 14 day RT from LA to Alaska and the second is a 14 day Quebec to Ft Lauderdale a few months later also in 2021. I plan on waiting a while (Before final payment is due) before I write Princess and ask "We are both over 70 and I have had type II diabetes for over 25 Years and my Blood sugar is normally about 101. Will you allow us to cruise?" I will ask for a written reply. Maybe by then PCL will be able to establish a consistent policy.
  13. it seems obvious to me that because PCL was so generous with FCC's and not having any income to speak of, they are raising the price to eat up the FCC. Remember, you only have 18 months or so to use it or loose it which in Alaska cruise terms means all of 2020 cruisers +2021 Cruisers need to fit into 1 cruise season. Demand will keep prices high.
  14. Have sailed in A508, little noise and little motion. There would be less motion the lower you go on the ship.
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