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  1. just an update. I woke up this morning to find I had been upgraded on my original bid. I'm happy about that. Had I been trying to cancel or lower my bid yesterday when I couldn't and woke up to this, I'd be choked. For me though, all is well. I guess the "reviewing" the sailing means they're about to do some upgrading.
  2. I'm hoping that's the case. I've asked the RoyalUp team for clarification as well. I'm still wanting an upgrade so I don't mind but if I was wanting to cancel and they wouldn't let me, and then I ended up getting charged, I'd be right upset.
  3. yes. I keep doing that to see how many cabins are left so I know how to bid. they also just added a balcony guarantee option that wasn't there previously so it looks like they're still actively trying to sell out. (there are 31 balcony cabins left).
  4. So I went to modify my Royal up bid today and the webpage showed my current bid (pending), but did not have any buttons or anything that allowed me to cancel or modify the bid. I phoned Royal and asked about this. The agent on the phone logged in to the bid site as me and confirmed that the buttons for modification were missing. He said there was nothing he could do and gave me the email for the RoyalUp team. I emailed them and received this response: **** It is my pleasure to assist you with your question on your RoyalUp bid. At this time, the sailing is under
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