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  1. just an update. I woke up this morning to find I had been upgraded on my original bid. I'm happy about that. Had I been trying to cancel or lower my bid yesterday when I couldn't and woke up to this, I'd be choked. For me though, all is well. I guess the "reviewing" the sailing means they're about to do some upgrading.
  2. I'm hoping that's the case. I've asked the RoyalUp team for clarification as well. I'm still wanting an upgrade so I don't mind but if I was wanting to cancel and they wouldn't let me, and then I ended up getting charged, I'd be right upset.
  3. yes. I keep doing that to see how many cabins are left so I know how to bid. they also just added a balcony guarantee option that wasn't there previously so it looks like they're still actively trying to sell out. (there are 31 balcony cabins left).
  4. So I went to modify my Royal up bid today and the webpage showed my current bid (pending), but did not have any buttons or anything that allowed me to cancel or modify the bid. I phoned Royal and asked about this. The agent on the phone logged in to the bid site as me and confirmed that the buttons for modification were missing. He said there was nothing he could do and gave me the email for the RoyalUp team. I emailed them and received this response: **** It is my pleasure to assist you with your question on your RoyalUp bid. At this time, the sailing is under reviewed, and changes to bids cannot be made. Thank you again for contacting Royal Caribbean. We look forward to seeing you on the Adventure of the Seas. The Royal Caribbean International® RoyalUp® Team royalup@rccl.com **** My cruise is over 40 days away. The RoyalUp program seems to state quite clearly that I can cancel or modify my bid up to 2 days prior to the sailing. But here you see that the website doesn't allow me to do that, the agents on the phone won't let me do that, and the RoyalUp team says I can't change my bid. Does that sound right to anyone here? What am I supposed to do?
  5. Clearly you haven't read the entire thread, that's okay I often don't either. But let me refresh... 1. Cannabis is not illegal here in Canada. I'm boarding in Canada and going to Canadian ports, not entering USA until day 7. Nobody is going to arrest me for having cannabis at the port of embarkation even if I chose to bring it. (If there were a US Customs pre-clearance at any port, it would be clearly noted to remind passengers that cannabis was not allowed, in which case I'd have opportunity to toss it long before I ended up anywhere where it was illegal). 2. I've made it clear I don't intend to bring anything unless it were allowed under RCCL policy and I've made it clear I wouldn't bring it to USA. I'm not about to jeopardize my cruising and I'm not an idiot. 3. I've read the guest conduct policy, it does not reference cannabis. 4. Many industries that serve Canada have clear policies now that cannabis is legal here. Airlines and airport security for example allow possession of cannabis now (if you're travelling between Canadian airports, but it is not allowed if you are flying to or from another country). I am simply curious to know if it would be the same for my cruise ship between Canadian ports. 5. I'm not surprised some folks chose to belittle my quest for information and harass, some of that is typical with online stuff, but usually one can wade through that and get to an answer here because Cruise Critic has proven time and again over the 19 years I've been a member to repeatedly be faster at getting information than calling into the cruise lines. (not this time) 6. To head off the reply I know is coming... In 2002 Cruise Critic had a database failure and lost all of the posts and info on everyone so that's why it says "member since 2002", not because I'm high and don't know how to count to 19. 7. This will be my last post on this topic. If someone does in fact find a RCCL policy with regards to cannabis while cruising in Canada, please message me directly. Happy Cruising everyone.
  6. No, it's because I don't buy a lot. Not since just after it was legalized here almost a year ago.
  7. As I've said (repeatedly) I wouldn't take any cannabis on board without knowing the policy. Maybe I should try and find out what it is. Oh, wait...
  8. No, I'm not sure. I've never sailed this itinerary before. Usually you know because the casinos will stay closed if you don't. Someone who has been on a Canada cruise could let us know.
  9. Well, I'm not. Just looking for the policy and trying to respond to all the posts that are everything but.
  10. Not high. I called it dry herb by mistake because that's what I thought they call it in the stores here (as opposed to oil, which is smoked in a different kind of vaporizer), but I was mistaken, they call it dried flower. (clearly I don't frequent the store enough to remember). https://albertacannabis.org/
  11. Which response gives you the impression I smoke a lot? I don't. I bought some when it became legal, just cause I could, and still have some of that almost a year later. But the cruse is my vacation so if ever there was a time to try some again, it would be then.
  12. Clearly that's what I'd do if there isn't a policy allowing it between Canadian ports. I could buy deodorant in a port too, but I bring that from home because I already have some. I'm going on a 13 night cruise and don't hit the USA until day number 7 so if it were allowed, it would make sense to just bring from home and use it up before then.
  13. It's illegal to hold hands in public with your spouse in Dubai. Haven't seen Royal crack down on that on the ships.
  14. Line 3 and 6 reference "illegal drugs". Cannabis is legal in Canada
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