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  1. That’s what we did. We watched from the Aquatheater the first time and from our balcony (11730 on Allure) the second time. It was even cooler to watch the divers practicing from our balcony!
  2. If I can get this to work, the video I took when we were on Allure will answer some of your questions. The wow factor of the balcony was real. We spent a lot more time out there than we’ve spent on any other balcony we’ve had. We caught the AT show from there a couple of times and also got to see the divers practicing. The wake view was amazing. In one of the ports, someone yelled over from another ship and asked what kind of room we were in. 🙂 ETA: I'll try to post the video again later. I'm having issues with my privacy settings in Vimeo.
  3. We stayed in 11730 on Allure and LOVED it. The balcony and view were amazing. We liked being at the back of the ship. The walk to the elevators was no big deal and the big upside was that it was extremely quiet back there due to the lack of foot traffic. We’d stay in an ATS on deck 11 again in a heartbeat.
  4. I booked over the phone so I could ask questions. I got lucky and got a knowledgeable, patient rep. When I booked, NCL was running a 30% off promo. First, the 20% discount was taken off of the regular/rack rate cruise fare. Next the 30% off was applied. Then the port charges and Free at Sea service change were added, and finally our FCC was applied. We were booked on the Epic April 4-11, 2020 in a mini suite. We booked the same category (now with a *new, improved* name, LOL) on Encore for the same week next year. We did not put any additional cash down and will owe about $500 at final payment time (if the cruise sails). That’s offset by a $280 OBC, so the net cost is only about $300 more. I understand that cruise prices may go way down, but I’m fine with the way things currently stand. If prices do drop dramatically, we’ll upgrade to the Haven.
  5. I called on 3/6 to cancel DD’s beverage package and SDP and our upgrade to unlimited WiFi. I called the next day and canceled the Free at Sea promotions so I’d get the service charges/gratuities back. I was told I’d get all the refunds in 7-10 days. Exactly one week later, I got the refunds for DD’s bev package and SDP. I still haven’t received the other 2 refunds. I called a couple of days ago and got the same lame excuses everyone else has gotten. My refunds are “pending,“ but they can’t tell me how much longer it will be until they’re processed. I was told the amenities department handled the first two refunds and another department is handling the others, and that department is backed up because it’s the same one refunding people’s cruises. Not totally buying it since I called before any of that started. I’ll keep checking, but I have a feeling it’s going to be at least another few weeks.
  6. I missed that one. When did the change go into effect? I just looked for the info on NCL’s site and it was kind of hidden. When I tried a mock booking, I didn’t see any indication of how many dinners were included with the perk. Here are the details: Specialty Dining Package Sail Length # Of Dining Package Meals Retail Value 20% Gratuities 3-5 Nights 1 $44.95 per person $8.99 per package 6-8 Nights 2 $79 per person $15.80 per package 9-10 Nights 3 $99 per person $19.80 per package 11-14 Nights 4 $114 per person $22.80 per package 15+ Nights 5 $129 per person $25.80 per package Applicable to guests 1-2 on the reservation.Dining package is applicable to guest ages 2 and older.Package prices are subject to change.Guest is responsible for 20% gratuities on the retail value of the Specialty Dining Package prior to cruise.
  7. I'm booked in a mini suite/club balcony suite on Encore in April 2021. The base price today is $729 higher than when I booked a few weeks ago using the FCC from my April 2020 cruise. FWIW, when I booked they were having a "30% off" sale. Obviously the math does not line up. 😂 I don't like the new name at all as I still think it implies things that aren't actually the case. Not only are they not "suites," but booking one doesn't grant access to any type of "club." I think "deluxe balcony" is probably the closest to being an accurate description.
  8. Same here. We applied our FCC to an April 2021 cruise. It was enough to cover all but about $600 of the total cost. We were not asked to pay anything additional in cash, and I wouldn’t have booked if we had. They already have several thousand dollars of our money.
  9. I called this morning to cancel, and the rep was very clear on this point. I think they've been instructed to point this out. In addition, this info was in the cancellation email I received after the call: As per your request, we have canceled your current reservation and will be issuing a future cruise credit in the next seven days. Please be reminded that all future credits are valid one year from the issue date and applicable to all published sailings through December 31, 2022.
  10. I had a very similar experience. Called right at 8am, was on hold for about 20 minutes, and then was abruptly disconnected. Called back and was on hold for about 30 minutes. The woman I spoke with was very pleasant, and the process was quick. I received two emails afterward, one confirming the cancellation with an invoice attached and the other confirming that I canceled under the Peace of Mind policy. I just wish I had asked the rep to confirm the amount of the FCC. The invoice attached shows only the cruise fare under "Cancellation Charges Per Guest." Maybe that means the port fees will be refunded?? I had already canceled all the add-ons I could over the weekend. ETA: I called the main NCL phone number, not the number in the FAQs.
  11. I called NCL yesterday and removed everything I could from our reservation as we’re planning to cancel our 4/4 cruise. I will be refunded for all of the following: -DD’s 3-night SPD -DD’s soda package -The cost of the upgrade to unlimited wifi -The gratuities on our Free at Sea promotions We had not prepaid for any excursions, but if we had we could have received refunds for those as well. All that’s left on our reservation are the cruise fare and port fees/taxes. I’m a little surprised that the latter aren’t being refunded. I wonder whether their stance on that will change…
  12. I called a little while ago and canceled all of the “extras“ that I had added to our reservation. So a three night specialty dining package for DD, a soda package for DD, and upgraded Wi-Fi. We hadn’t pre-paid for any of our excursions because we had the $50 per port credit, but if we had pre-paid, I would have been able to cancel those as well.
  13. Since NCL is allowing guests to cancel and get FCC, we’re going ahead with our Plan B. I’m very happy that we’ll be able to use the FCC through the end of 2022. Very generous, IMHO!
  14. I’m happy with what NCL is offering since we’re leaning toward canceling, but unless I’m missing it, no mention of OBC for those who choose to sail. 😢
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