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  1. OP, you’ll love Allure and the Aquatheater suite. We stayed in a 1-bedroom ATS and loved it. We’ve sailed in suites on DCL, RCCL, and MSC, and the ATS was our favorite room. The only downside is that you’re not near the lounge and restaurant on deck 17.
  2. We were on POA last June, and on the last night of the cruise there were timed luggage tags on a board next to guest services. I went about 15 minutes after they were put out, and the earliest two times were already gone. I think they were staggered pretty close together — maybe 15 minutes apart? There was also an express walk-off option, which I think started at 7:15am. Hopefully someone who sailed more recently (or has a better memory!) will chime in if I don’t have all the details right!
  3. Thanks for taking the time to post! We have the same itinerary on Epic in early April (84 days, but who’s counting), and your review will help pass the time!
  4. I’m enjoying your review and looking forward to reading about your day in Cozumel! We stayed in an Aquatheater suite on Allure a couple of years ago. I loved being at the back of the ship. There was very little foot traffic, so it was super quiet. Lots of people talk about the long walk to the elevators, but we didn’t think it was that far! We’ve been on Harmony too and love that class of ship.
  5. We were able to book the Flighthouse zip line for our April cruise over the phone. The cost was $89/person before our $50 ShoreEx discount.
  6. We’ll be on Harvest Caye in April and were able to book the zip lining over the phone. It was $89/person and we were able to use our $50 ShoreEx credit.
  7. That’s inspiring! I’m going to try again tomorrow using all these suggestions. Thank you to all who’ve replied!
  8. Thank you for taking the time to price various options! I’ll take a look at these and try to think more creatively!
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I like flying into Orlando, but I don't think we can make that work this time due to the distance. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll take a look at flights in/out of PBI.
  10. I hadn't thought of that since reduced air wasn't offered for this sailing. I may call just to get pricing, but we don't have a lot of flexibility this time, especially when it comes to our departure day.
  11. I'm looking at coach departing 4/3 and returning 4/11. Lots of airlines. We have to leave in the evening on 4/3 (work and school that day) and we need to be home no later than early evening on 4/11. I realize that doesn't leave a ton of room for flexibility, but we've flown to those airports with similar parameters many times and I've never seen prices this high. I'll try again, looking at other airports and paying more attention to flights with connections -- which we usually avoid if at all possible!
  12. Hi everyone. We'll be sailing on the NCL Epic out of Miami in April, over DD's spring break. I realize that's a heavy travel period, but I'm still shocked by the air prices I'm seeing. We live in the DC area and have 3 airports we can fly out of, and we can fly into either MIA or FLL. I've been watching for a few months now, and prices keep hovering around $700/person. That seems really high to me! Anyone else experiencing the same thing? This is the first time I've passed final payment for a cruise and not had flights booked, and I'm nervous. I'm wondering whether I should bite the bullet and buy now to make sure we get the best flight times or wait a little longer to see if prices come down. Any input appreciated!
  13. Thanks for your input! Our booking window opened a few days ago, and I booked Le Bistro, Teppanyaki, and Moderno under the package, plus Cirque (premium seating). I’d rather go to Cagney’s than Moderno, but DH and DD outvoted me!
  14. We had a late flight as well, and I had read that you can pay to store your luggage at the port. We ended up getting a room at the Royal Hawaiian, though, and had a fantastic day there!
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