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  1. it used to be a distinct number given to you by the Casino. It was changed when the new system went into effect. It is now your crown and anchor number.
  2. And yet, I daresay, there are those Pinnacles that would find the Elite status shared with Diamonds a hard pill to swallow.
  3. My thoughts exactly. RC taking baby steps toward an overhaul.
  4. I was recently on the Anthem (Jan 5th) and will shortly be on Serenade for a B2B2B. The email regarding D+ removal from the CL's was sent out every sailing I am on, so while attending the Suite/Pinnacle gathering on the Helipad, I questioned one of the managers. He stated that he had been under the impression that the removal of D+ from the CL was permanent. When I asked why he had come to that conclusion, he seemed uncomfortable, avoided answering and changed the direction of the conversation. Perhaps, he had said too much.
  5. Ah...but then there is always the likelihood that D and D+ will not have a lounge anymore. RC will change it to the Pinnacle Lounge (which may happen anyway in the future -- at least on ships with many suites)…..lol
  6. I am enraged that some journalists are still reporting (Chicago Tribune as of yesterday) that the child fell out of a window in a child's play area, which she did not. She fell from a window located next to a Bar which is in no way part of the children's play area. What ever happened to the ethical responsibility of a journalist to exercise due diligence in their reporting?
  7. I believe deck 10 has no public spaces. It is all cabins, so he must have left the ship via a balcony.
  8. You can bring 12 cans on board with you. If you are looking to avoid that kind of a bill, remember the Windjammer has flavored water for free and the ships water is ok to drink as well. Brink a couple of cold storage drink containers with you and fill up as needed.
  9. Blendjet uses a USB port and will work for your protein shake. Plug it in to any usb port or charging brick.
  10. And so, if they break up, can he then link someone else to his account and give that person Pinnacle status as well or must he remove the old girlfriend first?
  11. Personally, I hope that boyfriends/girlfriends who are not recognized as "significant others" legally (reside at the same address, share household expenses, etc.) are not being linked to a C&A members account. I hope RC asks for some sort of proof that people are really "together" and not just sharing status. I always assumed they did, but from the sound of some of the posts I have read here and on other sites, "shared" status is becoming the new get around.
  12. Yes and others can be requested when speaking to Crown and Anchor. I already booked Oasis for summer 2021 and Anthem for winter 2022.
  13. I am going exclusively on the Press Release that Royal put out yesterday which said, "The newly amplified Oasis of the Seas will return to the Big Apple for her 2021 summer season from Cape Liberty in Bayonne, New Jersey. While on board, guests can experience mouthwatering dining options, including Royal Caribbean’s new Portside BBQ – another first for the cruise line, following her recent transformation as well as chart topping hot spots like Spotlight Karaoke and Music Hall. After spending a summer in Southampton, England, in October 2021, Anthem of the Seas will make her way back to Cape Liberty to offer 7-night cruises to The Bahamas, along with a handful of Southern Caribbean sailings for the holidays. Guests can begin to book sailings on Oasis today and sailings on Anthem the week of Dec. 2, 2019." It is my understanding that she will do 7 night sailings. About all I could get the C&A rep to verify were dates for the end of August. She would not release any info about ports. I am assuming that the ports will either be the same or similar to what she is doing out of Bayonne during the summer of 2020. Anthem is being released the week of Dec 2nd as she does Bermuda and Caribbean sailings so she would fall under the sailings listed for that week.
  14. Has anyone had any success booking Oasis out of Bayonne for the summer of 2021? I called and they told me the sailings haven't been released yet and to try calling back later in the week. The Press Release said they would be available to book today?
  15. There should be an accommodation for those who are truly traveling as a solo. But those gaming the system, husband/wife combos who book 2 rooms for double points and consequently get many double amenities do hurt the loyalty program. Just because they can doesn't mean they should. One of these days, it's going to come back to bite us all in the butt.
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