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  1. I was there starting Jan. 5th and left in Feb. to board Serenade, for 31 nights so, yes. The CL was restricted during that time. I heard that there had been a sailing in Dec. in which D+ was allowed in. When I boarded Serenade, the lounge was also restricted to suite and pinnacle guest as well.
  2. My next cruise (if it sails) is on Oasis so I guess I will see firsthand. I am in a GS but I will also wear my pin. 😊
  3. In the 2 to 3 months preceding covid, Anthem's lounge was still a CL, but consistently only Suite and Pinnacle guests were allowed in. In January, one of the officers let it slip that it was going to be that way from then on.
  4. Who knows---The headlines read "Fully vaccinated ship," but the small print says otherwise. Apparently, RC's use of "fully" falls into a gray area that Webster's doesn't mention.
  5. 🙂M8, Jeopardy when used as a noun equals the state of being in danger of loss, harm, or failure. Are you sure you don't agree with my statement now?
  6. I did not suggest that nor do I agree with that. I do, however, feel that though it is unfortunate, those who can not for medical reasons be vaccinated should look to other venues for their vacation rather than place other people's lives in jeopardy.
  7. I am allergic to dogs and have requested my seat be changed, through the years several times from first class to premium. In that case, yes, there is an exception. However, peanut allergies can be life threatening and don't deserve to be compared to someone's personal preference to not to get vaccinated.
  8. I was trying to head off what I have seen happen on CC; it was not a reference to something I had said on this thread previously.
  9. Should anyone take issue with what I have written, I ask only that you not quote my words out of context which is a commonplace issue on CC. I am writing this to make my thoughts known for your consideration and not to debate. I believe that full vaccination against Covid19 should be mandatory. Yes, that would exclude those with health conditions that disqualify them from receiving the vaccine as well as those who choose not to receive the vaccine. However, taking a cruise is not a necessity. It, too, is a choice. Should the cruise lines require a vaccination in ord
  10. Cape Liberty is controlled by The NY/NJ Port Authority. Booklyn, Manhattan and NJ ports are overseen by this agency which is controlled by both NY and NJ.
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