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  1. Final payment for this cruise was pushed back to 30 days before sailing or Dec. 31st. I am on this cruise and the two preceding it. It has not been chartered.
  2. The Federal Maritime Commission said it has spent the past year looking into cruise companies’ refund rules. “It was difficult for us to figure out,” said Federal Maritime Commissioner Louis Sola. “Even where lines were owned by the same group, they’d have completely different refund policies within that group,” Sola continued. Now, the commission is proposing new cruise refund rules, modeled after federal airline rules. The proposal includes “uniform procedures” for “how and when passengers may make claims for refunds.” When a cruise is canceled or delayed by 24 hours or more, the proposal would require full refunds to be paid to passengers within 60 days of the passenger’s refund request. If a cruise is canceled or delayed by 24 hours or more due to government orders to stop sailing, cruise lines would get 180 days to return passengers’ money. NBC 5 Responds asked the Cruise Line International Association for its take on the proposed rules. It didn’t get back to us. In an email to our colleagues at NBC Bay Area Responds, the association said it would provide comment directly to the Federal Maritime Commission docket. How you can weigh in on the proposed rules The Federal Maritime Commission is expected to vote on this proposal later this year and is taking comments from the public before it votes. You can add your voice until October 25 by emailing: secretary@fmc.gov In the subject line, write, “Docket No. 20-15, Comments on PVO Financial Responsibility Rulemaking.” The commission asks that you attach comments to the email as a Microsoft Word document or a text-searchable PDF.
  3. Just received an email from RCG: final payment for cruises leaving Jan 1 2022 to Jan 31st has been moved to 30 days prior to sailing.
  4. If you are not using a TA, use the internet onboard and log into your C&A account to pay for the cruise.
  5. I am a solo, so I don't have the availability of combining offers. You were fortunate if your cruise cabins dropped enough that you didn't have to pay any additional money for an upgrade. I am only Prime with the casino and 95% of the time my offers are for inside or oceaview. I always upgrade to a balcony cabin, but per Casino Royale, I am required to pay the entire cruise fare for the upgrade at the time I book it. And yes, I am aware that points are given.
  6. Yes, you can upgrade any sailing offered to you by Casino Royale, but be prepared to pay for the cruise in its entirety at the time you book it.
  7. I had my Moderna booster the second week of August. I was hoping to schedule my shot for Sept. or Oct. but my ID specialist said I needed it a.s.a.p. He called and made arrangements for me to receive it that same day. I had no side effects.
  8. Port taxes and any packages are refunded to the original form of payment, us uh ally a credit card.
  9. In the past, if leaving out of PE or Miami, he usually was one of the first off the ship. HE drives home to drop off laundry, get mail, etc.
  10. The Connoisseur Club was the cigar/.cigarette lounge and the smell from all those years of closed-door smoking in there permeated everything --- carpeting, draperies, furniture (its still the same). Despite whatever cleaning products they use to mask the odor, the humidity eventually wins out and it smells like an old ashtray.
  11. January and Feb. were very nice in the CL - lots of seats but there were a number of disgruntled D+ passengers early on in January that voiced their displeasure to Ricardo, rather loudly, I might add.
  12. I can only speak to my most recent experience on her. I did not see a major overcrowding issue when it was limited to Suite and Pinnacle for the couple of months I was on her before the pandemic started. I rarely saw anyone in there during the day, and apart from formal nights it was sparsely populated.
  13. Yuk on the Music Hall. It will be difficult to control the overflow AND I can smell the smoke wafting up from the casino. Not to mention it's dismal compared to the CL. Hope this is really very temporary.
  14. I have spent many cruises in the Anthem CL and when D+ were allowed in there were times when it was very crowded. During and after the Jan. 4, 2020 cruise when D+ were no longer allowed the lounge averaged about 12 to 15 people a night with the majority of them there for the early seating. This included suite and Pinnacle guests. Now, I always go on the 10 night or more winter sailings, so I can't speak to the shorter sailings, but if history dictates --- the CL/SL lounge will be sparsely occupied if only suite guests are allowed entrance.
  15. All of my Odyssey feb and march sailings appear and can be opened.
  16. All 3 of my 11 night sailings on Anthem in January show up in my app, but have the "working on the fun" message come up when I try to open them.
  17. Will Anthem be required to do test sailings out of Bayonne once she has completed her 14 day without passengers hurdle? Currently, there are restrictions in place for at least 2 to 3 of the countries that the 12 night and 11 Night Anthem sailings in Dec. and Jan. are scheduled to visit. (On the schedules in different combinations are Puerto Rico, Haiti, St. Kitts & Nevis, Barbados, Antiqua and St. Maarten, St Lucia) I it's a ways off, but with the growing concern of Delta and other variants and cruise ship passenger protocols for some of the islands yet to be decided, what is the likelihood of RCG canceling these voyages and replacing them with 7 night Bahamas sailings?
  18. This ruling (if it stands for this coming winter)will really be problematic for my Odyssey 8 night sailings (given they are not until Feb.) unless RCG plans to test on board.
  19. I submitted my entry and wish as suggested earlier that I was given the opportunity to opt into being considered for a specific cruise. I was invited to the two earlier test cruises and declined due to the last-miunut air fare and hotel fees, but can drive to Bayonne on Aug. 22nd. In fact, I had a GS for the original Aug. 22n 7 night sailing before it was cancelled. Hoping that i can join this test cruise. Sophie
  20. Received my invite for Independence yesterday, but just like my invite for Allure, Ovation and Symphony travel costs make it not worth it for me. Now, if I receive an invite to Oasis out of Bayonne, I will be quick to say yes, esp. since I was originally booked into a GS on that cruise before it was cancelled by RCG.
  21. Pinnacle here and got the invite yesterday afternoon. Last minute coach rountrip airfare from my area to Seattle is bet. $600-$1100. Add a hotel to that and it's not worth it. Though the airfare to Florida is more reasonable, it's not worth it for a 2 day cruise. I am hoping that I receive an invite to the Oasis test cruise on Aug. 22. I was originally booked in a GS on that cruise until it was cancelled and Cape Liberty is a 2 hr. drive for me. Fingers crossed!
  22. Years back, RCi offered whale watching tours off the coast of the Dominican Republic during the last part of January through March. I believe that year was the only time the excursions were offered as there were too many complaints and demands for money back due to seeing nothing or becoming so seasick passengers could not stand up. That aside, the humpbacks give birth there and raise their calves until they are ready to travel to colder waters. It is wonderful to watch. I know that one main issue that contributed to an end to RCI offering that excursion was the type of boats used; they were not your conventional whale watching boat that most people come to expect.- essentially they used one-level tenders that had a partial Bimini hard top. Most people boarded the tender on the ship expecting to go to land and get on a bigger boat- much to the shock of most of the passengers, especially the seniors, it didn't happen. There was, obviously, no guarantee of seeing the humpbacks, but we were fortunate. There were several other boats checking out the area and communicating via radio. We raced from spot to spot to catch them. Several mothers and their calves gave us a show. Unfortunately, at about 8 miles off the coast, even in 5-8 seas, most of the passengers on the tender became very seasick to the point that the mates were using mops to wipe the vomit off them and the deck. There were some decent swells and many passengers were screaming when they weren't vomiting. I had a great time, took some great pictures and helped the mates hand out bags. I did not mop. When we returned, about half the passengers went to medical and many others went to Guest Services to complain. I believe the following year, that particular excursion was not offered.
  23. B, From what I have read from Pins currently on board ships now, they have received their amenities in their cabin and their internet. According to Mr. Bayley, there are no changes to Pinnacle benefits other than those temporary measures due to the pandemic. Nowhere has our losing internet as a benefit been mentioned. Sophie
  24. I believe there is a difference between evolving and spontaneous generation by interjection...lol Sophie
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