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  1. We were supposed to be getting off a 12 night cruise this morning. I will look forward to the one have booked already in April of next year
  2. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity-cruises-6-5/united-states/pdfs/Suspended_US_Cruising_Cancelled_Sailing_Guest_Letter_(3-13-20)_FINAL.pdf Hope this helps
  3. music

    2020 Update FAQ

    We are planning a visit in March, the site above is a great source for information. Thank you!!
  4. Delete the app and reinstall it, that worked for me, have a great cruise!
  5. We booked this tour for March, I was reading that the roads are curvy and it's a lot of time in the van. Is this correct? Don't want to have an upset stomach due to motion in the van!
  6. We have a late flight in March also, we plan on using luggage valet then spending the day in Ft. Lauderdale using the water taxi
  7. We use a toiletry bag for things that can leak, liquid things, everything else I ziplock. I also use the largest size ziplock baggies, 2 gallon, for smaller things like undies and socks, if you push all the air out, it save a lot of room and the come in handy for wet item or what ever when needed .
  8. Please tell me what chocolate sharing is? Thanks!
  9. lol, My daughter has been there for years now, but I do appreciate anything new, and thanks for the thought. Now, here's Paul!
  10. Hi Paul, I am enjoying your posts! We will be on the Silhouette in March, my first time on this ship. I love the pictures. We will be flying to Chicago (Rogers Park) this weekend for Christmas with my daughter and her husband, Navy pier is on our visit list. So many fun things to do in Chicago. Thanks for taking the time to post!
  11. I am booked at the Hilton, my reservations says Marina, I guess I'm not sure what or where the room is. Should I call to request a specific room? The reservation isn't till March
  12. I am hoping for an approximate cab fare from the cruise port to Valley beach. Is this a safe port to take a cab ? I am told it’s about a 30 minute drive.
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