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  1. I have been following along, hence my comment, BUT the guys at FlightRadar are probably not and are wondering WHY so many people are watching this plane. I accept your apology.
  2. Meanwhile over at FlightRadar, why are so many people watching this one plane?
  3. This is the best thriller I have read in a long time, so many twist and turns in the story.
  4. The abbrevation for "Unresolved Romantic Tension", a cousin to UST. A facet of many tv shows, movies, and other media such as fanfiction. Occurs frequently between two main characters who either don't realize, or won't admit to harboring infatuation for the other.
  5. Its just logistics, the lab might be miles away. The Japan Government was only using "government labs" for running the tests, they are now allowing "private pathology labs" to run tests which is allowing for quicker results.
  6. Serious question to do with corona virus, If confined to your room for 2 weeks would they let you smoke on your balcony? I could not go 2 weeks without a smoke. Perhaps the rules would be relaxed if quarantined inside your cabin? Anybody onboard know?
  7. Thank you Ruth C for the backup.
  8. Unless you are a Indonesian crew member or my wife how dare you comment on my trustfulness of my comment timing. After speaking with my wife, she advised that it was way under 5 minutes for the two of us to receive our briefing in Barcelona. Your observation may have been different to ours, but I stand correct in my recollection.
  9. If you check in and go back ashore and "miss" the muster drill, its awesome, you get invited to your own muster drill and it doesn't take more than 3 minutes. Best tip I ever got.
  10. Short answer YES, You are 100% correct in your thinking.
  11. We always stay at The Yokohama Bay Hotel, it has lots of shops/restaurants downstairs and is only a $8 taxi to the port (5 min).
  12. I always ask for and receive two shots of Grey Goose in a tall glass to take back to my room, it is charged as two drinks though on to the SBP.
  13. I just navigated this yesterday for the first time, the guy on the phone was so helpful. We booked a 12 night from Rome in Oct 2020 ( with free SBP) last week then received an email yesterday. We re-fared and saved $500 and still got SBP plus free gratuities. So ended up saving $850 in the space of 7 days.
  14. Bob, we did this 2 years ago and had a balcony, "realistically" we spent 15 minutes out there looking at the glacier taking some photos etc. and then back inside and walking around the ship. The outside public areas were a mad rush for the first 20 minutes then thinned right out. Although its nice to have a balcony, If you need to save the cash, you are not missing out on anything by not having one.
  15. On behalf of Australia, we apologize for your lengthy delay. This process should take no longer than 2-3 seconds. I`ll get the tech guy`s onto it right away.😁
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