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  1. A VIP casino offer does, in fact, have additional perks -- priority embarkation, a casino concierge, Casino Cash, welcome aboard party, drinks while playing, treats sent to your cabin, and a final goodbye party, along with free entries in the blackjack tournament and slot tournament. We have taken advantage of these offers several times...
  2. This is the latest from the CDC: https://tools.cdc.gov/api/v2/resources/media/412576/content.html
  3. I called HAL to find out when my Future Cruise Credits will appear under my account. She said by the end of December. I asked how the FCC will be applied if I find a cruise before the end of December. She said they will book the cruise with no deposit and will work through the fare and fees once the FCC has been made available.
  4. Our booking is via a casino offer which came with many perks. Unfortunately, we will lose those perks if we voluntarily reschedule. As a result, we will take whatever "compensation" is offered to us and will wait to rebook with the hope of getting these same offered perks at some time in the future.
  5. I just saw this on the Holland America website (I've been checking it every day for months). We are booked on the February 7, 2021 10-day Southern Caribbean -- a cruise I knew would be impacted. Now, we're just sitting tight to see what their plan is... Seattle, Wash., Nov. 10, 2020 — Holland America Line has reviewed the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Framework for Conditional Sailing and is seeking additional clarification to fully understand the requirements. While we await further information, we have (temporarily) stopped selling all cruises eight days and longer whi
  6. Thank you for your reply! We love the outdoor movies!!
  7. We are slated to cruise on February 7, 2021, on the Nieuw Statendam (fingers crossed) and have some questions about this ship: 1) Does it have Pickleball? 2) I read somewhere that they have outdoor movies -- where do they show these movies? 3) How many gala nights are usually held on a 10 day cruise? I'm sure I'll think of more questions as time goes by. LOL I check the HAL site every day to see if they have changed their target date for resuming cruises...so far, so good for February 7... Thanks!
  8. Just curious -- when you receive an upgrade offer, is it after final payment? Has anyone ever received an upgrade offer before final payment?
  9. We just got off of the Nieuw Amsterdam and played Pickleball almost every day. We had to kick the basketball players off of the court (they were not too happy with us), and had to string the net up a couple of times (a tennis net set strung at the height of a pickleball net). There were a few experienced Pickleball players, but we found ourselves teaching a lot of curious people how to play (it was still fun as it's always fun to play Pickleball!)...
  10. I received this via email... I hope you get a new offer --- it looks like a fun time!
  11. The perks are VIP boarding and disembarkation, specialized service with a dedicated VIP host, VIP-only welcome aboard party, complimentary beverages while in the casino, comp entries to the slot and blackjack tournaments, private VIP-only farewell party and prize drawing, free play in the casino and special fares. I had read about these offers for other cruise lines where your travel companion is included for the comp beverages, the tournament entries, and the prize drawings (as well as all of the other things offered)... Just curious if HAL has the same policies. Thanks for aski
  12. I received a VIP casino offer which my husband and I will be taking advantage of. This is our first such offer on Holland America. I have a question regarding all of the perks of this offer -- are they given to both me and my husband? For example, will my husband be included in the prize drawings, get a free entry in the blackjack tournament and the slot tournament, etc.?
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