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  1. Can someone tell me what this is? Haven't been to PC in over a year
  2. Just don't forget to go back on airplane mode when you return to the ship.
  3. Yes thanks for the info
  4. No we fly into Charlotte and then on to Orlando.
  5. Thank you all for the advice.
  6. American and flying to US
  7. We are flying out at 10 am. How far ahead do we need to be at the airport? How long would the drive be from the Westminster area to Heathrow on a Thursday morning? Trying to figure out timing for a car to pick us up. Any help is appreciated, thanks
  8. We only send wash we are ok with if something happens. Never favorite items.
  9. Thanks for this thread. Made me really think what might and might not be realistic.
  10. We like the change. Royal has been our go to cruise line but we have done 6 trips and are planning our 7th. Definitely a bit more upscale then Royal. Crew is about equal. Celebrity buffet has more choices then Royals. Don't go expecting a mega ship with rock walls, etc. I have enjoyed our Celebrity experience.
  11. Can someone tell me the cost of the internet for just surf per day? Thanks
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