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  1. We were only on one leg of the world cruise, 30 days total. Viking not only gave a very generous, 40% future cruise credit, but also spent countless hours finding us flights home, without going through Asian airports, which was far more costly for them. We flew from Bali, through Dubai, on our way to SFO. They also provided those of us who left the ship in the morning, but didn't have flights out until evening, with a hotel room and lunch and dinner at a very upscale beach resort in Bali before transporting us to the airport. We were very impressed with how Viking handled everything, from begi
  2. Welcome to the rest of us who have been dealing with this for a while. So glad you are home and setting in. Stay safe and remember safe distancing!
  3. Our California Governor has extended our shelter in place order through at least May 15. We have not been out since March 11 when we got home from the Sun. Everything has been ordered online and delivered. We also think this "new normal" is going to last for a long while. We really miss our kids and grandkids, but Facetime has been keeping everyone in touch. California schools are closed for the remainder of the school year. People are coming up with very creative ways to keep themselves and the kids busy. It's going to be a LONG summer!
  4. Safe travels. I am sure you are ready to get home even though the Sun is wonderful ship. At least the uncertainty is hopefully over. We have been home since March 10 and this shelter in place order is sort of like sea days without the sea, and no pampering. It has been quite a shock to our routine. At least Costco delivers as do many grocery stores. Are Beven and the entertainers and some crew also getting off in Gibraltar? Also, thanks for keeping us all updated on your experiences on the Magical Mystery Cruise to Somewhere and we also really enjoy reading your personal blog.
  5. Just got this email, you probably got it as well, but if not https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/h/1spyt4xpyzc7o/?&th=1712ea92041e8959&v=c
  6. Pretty much figured that waa the case. So glad you made it through the bad zone. Keep safe!
  7. Haha, or answer with "lots of manpower and HUGE guns" as the pirates are probably monitoring which ships have armed guards on board.
  8. Apparently the US would not let the 8 Canadians on board the Viking charter flight to the US (Newark), so they stayed on board the ship and are continuing on the "Magical Mystical Cruise to Somewhere".
  9. I was looking at the position and location of the Sun this morning and noticed the destination is ARMED GUARDS. Is this what I think it means? Andy, are there ARMED GUARDS with you? It looks like you are off the coast of Somalia. I also noticed another cruise ship that states ARMED GUARDS ON BOARD. If there are guards on board, when did they arrive and where will they get off? How many and how heavily armed? Sounds a little scary but I know Viking takes every precaution to keep pax and crew safe.
  10. Look at Look at vesselfinder. It shows ship locations all over the world. Several ships are on their way now to the Suez canal that were docked in Dubai and left before the Sun. You can put in Viking Sun and it will show you where it is at any given time.
  11. We did the same route from Dubai to SFO over the pole, the weird part was that it was daylight the entire way, all 16 hours!
  12. Thanks Andy, I hope you all get off the ship soon. Emirates is suspending all flights as of Wed. 25th, indefinitely. Safe travels.
  13. Just wondering if anything has been decided about the fabulous crew aboard the Sun? Are they leaving in Dubai as well, or staying on with the ship. Also, will the ship continue on to the US, or stay in Dubai? I know things are changing all of the time but am curious if there have been any decisions made regarding them.
  14. Sorry, I read that all wrong. We departed Bali on the 9th, not Dubai. We flew home via Dubai. Everything I said about the Balinese govt. does not apply to the Sun's new itinerary. Bali is also closed to cruise ships now. My mistake!
  15. We disembarked the Sun in Dubai on March 9th. At that point the ship had been cleared healthwise by the Balinese Govt. after sitting outside the port for a day while health checks on all passengers and crew were conducted and negotiations with a VIP from Viking, flown in from Switzerland, and the Balinese authorities continued talks before we were allowed to dock and take tours for a day. Approx. 400 pax departed Bali before the ship sailed on the evening of the 9th. Since no passengers have gotten on or off since, one could only guess that the clearance might still stand, but probably at a gr
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