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  1. Good to know. I am sure you have educated a lot of people including me. We have done Alaska in the past but only out of the US so never had to go through both Customs.
  2. Pretty sure the cruise after ours will only go through Canadian Custom in Vancouver. I doubt very much if there will be US Customs Officials in Ketchican. You just show your room key when getting on and off the ship in Alaska. That has been our experience.
  3. Thanks Heidi for all of the information. You are right, we are a small number on this website compared to the 930 booked passengers. By the way, we booked our cruise in November 2017 and in ALL of the paperwork, emails from Viking and our TA, etc., the dates have always been May 5-26th. I don't see any confusion here on Viking's part, even for disembarkation. I assume we will start to disembark by 7am as stated.
  4. We have eaten at Manfredi's at least 6 or 7 times. I have ordered the steak on three occasions. Twice it was amazing and so tender and flavorful, the third time it was so tough I couldn't cut it. The same thing happened to my husband. Our favorites are the bread, octopus carpaccio, calamari, mussels in saffron, truffle risotto, all of the pasta dishes, and salads. We always get half orders of the rice and pasta dishes as well as the entrees. All of their meat is prime. The menu does change. We were on two cruises last year and the entrees pretty much remained the same but the sides and pasta dishes were very different.
  5. Viking is informed by Cruise Critic of the people who are signed up. We are on the May 5th, Tokyo to Vancouver, and already have 72 signed up. Just hope the Orion gets the night right. We have never had a problem in the past but I guess it can't hurt once aboard to check with guest services to be sure ot the time and date. It usually happens on the 2nd or 3rd night.
  6. We were supposed to be in Petropavlovsk, Russia for two days with a different included tour on each day. Now we are only there one day from 8am-6pm. Their website still says the ship will be there two days but with only one included tour offered. The second included tour from our original itinerary is now being offered for $319 for the day we are there. No price adjustment or even an email saying we were losing a day. Found out about it in "My Trip" when reading about the offered excursions, both included and paid tours, and realized the schedule adjustment. Will definitely post a review after the trip.
  7. It is also troubling that the itinerary has changed. We are now on a 22 day cruise instead of 23 day with 10 tours instead of 11. They seem to have sold this cruise before ironing out all of the wrinkles. They are still advertising the cruise through 2021 as 23 days, and 11 tours. Also many of the people on our ship have arranged for their own air and the ship is getting in a day earlier than advertised by some TA's and other websites.. We booked through Viking so had the date right, but not the number of days. We also booked our air through them so no problem there. But because of the lost day we will have to tender for debarkation, as the Port of Vancouver already had other ships scheduled. I can't even imagine that nightmare. I agree some people just are just plain negative if something doesn't go their way but we tend to be flexible and take everything in stride. I am sure we will have a wonderful trip but with so many negative reviews in the last two months, it does send up some red flags.
  8. We only had 8 people in our group and the Vikings Sea and Star were both in port at the same time and made up our group. Have fun whatever you decide. St. Petersburg is amazing.
  9. Husband took tha Skagway train last year and booked the tickets himself. Paid half the price as the ship's tour price and had an entire car almost to himself. He did the same thing in Flam a couple of years ago.
  10. We are on the 23 day Tokyo to Vancouver and the recent reviews are very troubling. Just hope they can figure things out before our trip in May. We have been on three other Viking Ocean cruises and they have been wonderful; food, service, cabins, everything. Some of the included tours could have been better but the latest reviews have me wondering what has happened with Viking Ocean and how soon they can fix it.
  11. Also offered on the Manfredi's menu as an appetizer.
  12. You can only get included beer or wine in the Explorers Lounge during lunch and dinner hours. Outside of that time period it is added to your room tab, unless you have the Spirits Package.
  13. You might also want to look at TJ Travel. We used them and they are excellent. We did a 2 day 20 hr. tour and got to see everything we could possible want to see in 2 days.
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