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  1. 19 hours ago, larry1365 said:

    I am interesting in knowing if people on the full world cruise or some of its segments are pleased with the cash payments or future cruise credits that Viking is offering. Not asking for specific amounts, but just whether or not folks believe they have been treated fairly and in general how Viking is handling the issue. I know it will be a qualifier in any of our future Viking cruise plans. Thanks.

    We were only on one leg of the world cruise, 30 days total. Viking not only gave a very generous, 40% future cruise credit, but also spent countless hours finding us flights home, without going through Asian airports, which was far more costly for them. We flew from Bali, through Dubai, on our way to SFO. They also provided those of us who left the ship in the morning, but didn't have flights out until evening, with a hotel room and lunch and dinner at a very upscale beach resort in Bali before transporting us to the airport. We were very impressed with how Viking handled everything, from beginning to end, keeping in mind the safety and well being of the passengers and crew. We did get our FCC a few days after we got home. We can't say enough positive things about how Viking dealt with a very difficult and changing situation which they had no control over. We already have two cruises scheduled for next year, one river and one ocean.

  2. 2 hours ago, Wendy The Wanderer said:


    You are so right.  We got back to Toronto precisely three weeks ago and were self-isolated/quarantined for two weeks.  Even now our son we are either doing online ordering/pickup, or our son is provisioning us.  Seeing the "new normal" is quite startling, more so now than it was even three weeks ago.


    We don't intend to do "normal" things for quite some time.  Treating our condo as the Owner's Suite, which it resembles, ha ha.

    Our California Governor has extended our shelter in place order through at least May 15. We have not been out since March 11 when we got home from the Sun. Everything has been ordered online and delivered. We also think this "new normal" is going to last for a long while. We really miss our kids and grandkids, but Facetime has been keeping everyone in touch.

    California schools are closed for the remainder of the school year. People are coming up with very creative ways to keep themselves and the kids busy. It's going to be a LONG summer!

  3. 6 hours ago, Heidi13 said:

    The Magical Mystery Cruise to Somewhere is coming to an end. Just received flight details as we disembark in Gibraltar on Apr 10th, flying to LHR with BA. Overnight at the LHR T2/3 hotel then home on Apr 11th with Air Canada. We fly direct to Vancouver, while the others fly to Toronto.

    Safe travels. I am sure you are ready to get home even though the Sun is wonderful ship. At least the uncertainty is hopefully over. We have been home since March 10 and this shelter in place order is sort of like sea days without the sea, and no pampering. It has been quite a shock to our routine. At least Costco delivers as do many grocery stores. Are Beven and the entertainers and some crew also getting off in Gibraltar? Also, thanks for keeping us all updated on your experiences on the Magical Mystery Cruise to Somewhere and we also really enjoy reading your personal blog.

  4. 47 minutes ago, OnTheJourney said:

    I'm a bit confused as to why there are still, what, 8 passengers aboard? I went back through a few pages and came across Andy's post about the plan to disembark non-US and non-Canadians in Dubai, and subsequently US and Canadian passengers continuing on to the US, but then something further about everyone disembarking in Dubai. So...how is it that there are still passengers, let alone so few?  Ship is obviously headed towards the Suez, but then where once in the Med? 

    Apparently the US would not let the 8 Canadians on board the Viking charter flight to the US (Newark), so they stayed on board the ship and are continuing on the "Magical Mystical Cruise to Somewhere".

  5. I was looking at the position and location of the Sun this morning and noticed the destination is  ARMED GUARDS. Is this what I think it means? Andy, are there ARMED GUARDS with you? It looks like you are off the coast of Somalia. I also noticed another cruise ship that states ARMED GUARDS ON BOARD. If there are guards on board, when did they arrive and where will they get off? How many and how heavily armed? Sounds a little scary but I know Viking takes every precaution to keep pax and crew safe.

  6. Look at 

    2 hours ago, OnTheJourney said:


    Yeah, unfortunately I believe you're right. It's likely this event is a game changer for the cruise / travel industry in general. Just who are these 30 ships that are still out there? Which lines? 

    Look at vesselfinder. It shows ship locations all over the world. Several ships are on their way now to the Suez canal that were docked in Dubai and left before the Sun.  You can put in Viking Sun and it will show you where it is at any given time.

  7. 12 hours ago, Heidi13 said:

    Some crew that are due leave are hoping to disembark, but the majority will most likely remain on board doing, cleaning, maintenance, training, etc.


    No information was provided with respect to how long the ship remains in Dubai or where bound for. Lots of other cruise ships secured alongside in Dubai.

    Thanks Andy,

    I hope you all get off the ship soon. Emirates is suspending all flights as of Wed. 25th, indefinitely. Safe travels.

  8. We disembarked the Sun in Dubai on March 9th. At that point the ship had been cleared healthwise by the Balinese Govt. after sitting outside the port for a day while health checks on all passengers and crew were conducted and negotiations with a VIP from Viking, flown in from Switzerland, and the Balinese authorities continued talks before we were allowed to dock and take tours for a day. Approx. 400 pax departed Bali before the ship sailed on the evening of the 9th. Since no passengers have gotten on or off since, one could only guess that the clearance might still stand, but probably at a great cost to Viking. You are correct that the port is now closed to cruise ships. This is most definitely an exception.

  9. We are now home from the Viking Sun, after 50 hours since departing the ship from Bali, through Dubai, to San Francisco. We are sick with colds, not the Coronavirus. Thank goodness.

    Things are changing quickly here as in other parts of the US and the world. We old folks in California, age 65 yrs. plus, have been banned from leaving home indefinitely, along with many other restrictions and school closures. You cruisers on the ship are in a very good place. We met so many wonderful people while on board, stay safe and enjoy they mystery!

  10. 40 minutes ago, Heidi13 said:

    On board we are hearing that Segment 3 has experienced a number of cancellations, plus with Ultimates & World Wonders going home, we expect to have only 600 pax.


    This ship is so not busy with 900, it will be really quiet with only 600.

    Probably a good thing as we have been told by staff that they are way understaffed now due to those who were denied boarding in Sydney and other recent ports because of where they were coming from or where they had recently traveled to. We feel the service in general has been excellent however.

  11. last year on a Northern Pacific Passage cruise about 50% of the pax came down with Type A flu. The menus and salt and pepper shakers were all removed, and we were required to wash our hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before entering the World Cafe, and they timed us. We are now onboard the Sun for the Australia, Indonesia, and Asia/China cruise. We are missing the whole Asia part and have been circling Australia for over two weeks and are hitting a few ports in Indonesia. We are required to wash our hands often, use the sainitizers whenever we walk by them, not allowed to enter the World Cafe without using the washbasins before hand, no exceptions. They are doing everything possible to keep us safe but there is always a possibility of picking something up along the way. Hand railings are probably the worse and we always wash our hands or use sanitizer after using them.

  12. 17 minutes ago, Heidi13 said:

    The person you quoted mentioned many more sea days. The difference, based on the new schedule we have, is 2 extra sea days.


    Not what I would consider many more.


    As the health and well-being of our guests and crew are always our top concern, we have cancelled our visits to Xiamen and Hong Kong, and will now visit Singapore instead.

    Please see the revised portion of your itinerary below:


    Original Itinerary

    Revised Itinerary

    March 6, 2020

    At Sea

    At Sea

    March 7, 2020


    At Sea

    March 8, 2020

    Hong Kong

    At Sea

    March 9, 2020

    Hong Kong



    Your are right, one day was already a sea day, but 3 sea days from Manila.

  13. Also received an email from Viking today with more details on our trip. We will be on the Sun leaving from Sydney in two days on our way around Australia, then on to Indonesia and China. Our itinerary has changed from Manila to Xiamen, flying out of Hong Kong on March 9,  to Manila, 3 days at sea, arriving in Singapore and flying out the same day. Bummer as I would love to spend some time in Singapore, maybe next time.

  14. Getting back to the question of age. We are in our 70's and have been on 5 Viking cruises and are leaving in a few days for another. We have had several younger passengers on our cruises, but Ihe average age is probably 60-65. We have seen the younger passengers have just as much fun as us old folks and fit right in.

    I would say in general Viking passengers are a different type of crowd than many of the other lines, and we have sailed on a lot of them. They are well educated, well versed, well traveled, don't need to be entertained, avid readers, and in general fairly well off, but definitely not in a snobbish way. Upscale and classy would probably be the best description. And a very diverse group from all over the world.

    As far as skipped ports go, we have had to skip a few on occasion, especially tender ports in rough weather. Viking has always compensated with future cruise credits.












  15. I talked with Viking this morning since we are leaving in a week for a cruise from Sydney to Hong Kong. We are somewhat worried about getting home since many ports are closing. Even though we are 5 weeks away from arriving in HK, we are worried about getting home if we miss docking in HK.. They assured me we will get home sometime from someplace.

    I asked about our insurance and what it covered. We have "cancel for any reason" and was told we would get a voucher for the cost of the trip, but no cash. The voucher would be good for a year. A cash refund depends on the reason for cancellation and canceling our trip because of the virus doesn't qualify. If I break a leg or get cancer, that would qualify for a cash refund🤔

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