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  1. Also, you don't have to keep the coke, sprite, etc. They will swap it out for ginger ale, tonic, soda water, whatever they have.
  2. We were on a 22 day cruise 9 months ago and most of the pax came down with Type A flu. We got sick about 6 days into the trip and didn't feel like drinking alcohol. We stashed all of the bottles and got new ones restocked everyday. We ended up with about 60 bottles which we brought home. We are leaving on a 28 day trip soon and are in a DV2 cabin (no booze) and plan on taking our 60 small bottles with us! We never got around to drinking them. There is also beer restocked daily if used. Husband ate all of the chocolate. He would have to be on his deathbed to pass on chocolate. The peanuts were
  3. If you booked your air through Viking they will definitely charge you a change fee. We were on two VO cruises last year where people left early without any problem.
  4. While thinking it was not necessary and quite expensive to have a China Visa since Xiamen and Hong Kong are the only ports we are visiting on our leg of the trip, and both are Visa free, my nephew who works for a Visa providing company, explained the Visa is required by Viking, not the Chinese government, for the very reason that if we were to get stuck there for any type of emergency without a long term Visa we were pretty much up a creek without a paddle, so to speak. Viking feels it is better to take precautions and be covered. This way well before the Coronavirus outbreak.
  5. The DV cabins all have sliders and are very quiet when closed, even with howling wind. I imagine the same would be true for the PV cabins with sliders.
  6. We are boarding in Sydney and departing in Hong Kong. We haven't heard anything from Viking yet about the China segment. Pretty scary. As of today 1,400 confirmed and 41 deaths in China. 4 new cases in Australia, several in France, and two confirmed in the US. We are mostly worried about flying out of Hong Kong. I ordered hand wipes and masks yesterday.
  7. I would love to be able to figure out which rooms have the sliders. The people at Viking don't seem to know. We are leaving on another trip in a few weeks and were thinking maybe we could tell by looking at the rooms from the dock.
  8. What room were you in? It seems that the rooms differ depending on where they are located, and maybe even which deck or which ship.
  9. Yes, we were in room #5030 on the Orion and one half of the closet was full length and the other half was drawers half way up. There was enough space to hang shirts where the drawers were, but nothing full length and hardly any room for shoes. It was also a much smaller closet than the DV.
  10. Interesting commentary about the upgrades. We were just offered an upgrade from DV2 to PV1 for $899 each, plus the cost of added insurance. We turned it down. Our last trip we were in a PV2 and liked the extra space but the drawers in the closet took up half of the space for clothes and we didn't like the obstructed view to the balcony due to a wall between the windows. No slider, just a small door that kept slamming shut every time the wind blew and the curtain kept getting stuck in it. The champagne, beer, and booze was nice, however we were in Russia and Alaska so hot chocolate hit the spot
  11. We are booked on the the Southern Atlantic Crossing next year. Is that the one you just finished. If so, how was it?
  12. We sailed on the Orion last year and not only were the Planetarium presentations very non-memorable, but we found the Explorer's Lounge (deck 7) to be freezing all of the time. We had to wear a jacket or sweater whenever we were there whereas Deck 8 (upstairs) was really hot. Did anyone else find this to be the case? Our next trip is on the Sun and we are glad they don't have the Planetarium. Also, sailing on the Jupiter next year and are disappointed to learn they do!
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