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  1. I will never pack my snorkel mask without bubble wrapping it. It exploded in our suitcase & a million shards of glass/plastic were everywhere. What a mess!
  2. OMG, after hearing about how fast the people drive there, I am not so sure the advice to just hang on to your 3 yr old is the best. A sudden stop, or being hit by someone else & that precious cargo will go flying :(
  3. So the plan will be to go ahead & get ready for dinner & go back onto the deck to watch. Here's hoping that we leave on time :)
  4. Just wondering how long it takes once the ship leaves the Port of Tampa to pass under the Skyway Bridge? We have heard so much about how impressive it is to see this & don't want to miss it. We do have the 6:15Pm dinner seating. Would the ship be passing under the bridge by then or is it too close? 79 days & counting
  5. "If you are going on an excurtion the next day that does not include lunch...order sandwichs the night before from room service and put them in the frig overnight." R duke, I have seen many discussions on these boards re: taking food off the ship. Some people have mentioned that they have seen alot of food dumped in garbage cans as they debark in port. It is forbidden to remove food off ship & it may be confiscated. Just a heads up.
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