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  1. Silhouette is a WONDERFUL ship! I remember her fondly... On "S" class ships, I live in the Solarium! Also, the Persian Gardens are awesome! We did Aquaclass on our only sailing on Silly... maybe that's why she brings back so many great memories, too!
  2. If you do choose to cruise on Royal Caribbean again, I would recommend taking one of their specialty restaurant packages. The MDR aboard their ships are ok, just not SPECTACULAR as in the old days. Celebrity is best on MDR all around, imo. Princess MDR is a step above Royal Caribbean MDR, again, imo. We had a B2B on Allure of the Seas, and we ate in the MDR (again, it was ok...) the first week, and then took a f 5 or 6 night specialty restaurant package for the second week to avoid a repeat of menus. (Note, Allure treated us to a free lunch in Giovanni's Table... or whatever they call the
  3. 😆😆😆 So, I'm not sure why you keep referring to "decades" in the way that you do... sorta sounds like a challenge. It's best to make sure you have your own facts straight before throwing down the gauntlet. Have YOU ever heard of the Celebrity ship "Horizon"? We sailed on her in 1995 and that was 26 years ago... certainly decades ago. In fact, we were sailing on Celebrity BEFORE Royal Caribbean bought or merged that company up. Celebrity's Horizon and her sister ship were sailing before the "M" class ships. As to your question with regards to the size of the buffets and selection
  4. They should just do it online like everything else. Then it's not up to any laws in Florida getting in the way. Just my 2c
  5. My online check in didn't ask for that at all. On the other hand, it said I couldn't complete the Health and Wellness section till the day before sailing.
  6. This was how I guessed they’d do it to get around Florida law saying they can’t ask. I’m perfectly willing to prove I got the vaccines. I just want to know how it’s done.
  7. I figured they'd ask in my check-in stuff online. I was all ready to present my vaccine card pictures there, but there was nothing about vaccine status there. I hope they aren't planning to wait till we get to the port for that info... that could lead to all sorts of dopey nonsense I don't want to be a part of...
  8. Princess. We have cruised Royal and Celebrity exclusively for decades, but in 2019, we did our first Princess cruise aboard the Royal Princess. We were in love immediately. The food in the buffet is at least as good as Celebrity buffets but with far more selections. The specialty restaurants are on par with Celebrity's but much less expensive. The main dining room is better than Royal Caribbean (which has gone way down hill in our opinion) but almost up to Celebrity's main dining rooms. Fellow passengers aboard Princess align with that found on Celebrity... more of an older, m
  9. Well, this makes four Princess cruises canceled for us over the past year. Of the first three, I can definitely agree that they needed to be canceled. But Princess pulling the plug on this one, just as everything seemed to be falling into place with all the CDC vs the industry vs FL Gov dramas, just doesn't make sense. I'm not sure what is behind this at all. Princess offered to switch us to the same ship/itinerary for next year, but the whole point of this cruise was to get on a ship this year. It didn't hurt that she was visiting locations we've never been to before. Bummer.
  10. I have cruised on the Celebrity Solstice class of ships MANY times... it's actually our favorite class ship across all cruise lines. It has a smart, easy to follow layout. We LOVE the Persian Gardens, and you get that free as part of AquaClass. We did AquaClass once, and we loved that as well. Same cabin size as other balconies, just better placed and with better amenities. Awesome multi shower head in bathroom shower as well. The biggest plus is you get exclusive access to Blu, which is a fantastic restaurant. We've only cruised once with Princess, aboard Royal Princess in t
  11. Well, finally, Princess cancelled our Alaska cruise (Alaska cruises aren’t happening this year... it’s silly that they keep acting like they are.) and now I don’t have to worry about the final payment drama next month. Hallelujah! My TA says Princess will move us to the same cruise next year. I will see what they offer us, but again, I really can’t plan a cruise in 2022. Hoping the CDC and cruise industry can salvage the Caribbean (which I predict can’t start till August at the earliest) cruise season for 2021.
  12. Some good news: I pointed out the Princess change to 60 days out for final payments to my TA. He called Princess, and apparently, Princess has been “quietly” updating people about this. So I now have till mid-April for my final payment! Thank you to all of you who pointed this change out! I still think it’s snarky for Princess to even expect a final payment on my Alaska cruise when they’ve decided to halt sales on it to everyone else who doesn’t have a deposit in already. Suspend final payments till you open this cruise back up, Princess. Also, CDC foot dragging is
  13. Actually, when I told my TA I don’t want to be moved (arbitrarily in my opinion- I think Princess should ask first!) to a 2022 cruise, he told me it would be best to not make a final payment. I’m not sure when he gets his commission from Princess (I always thought it was after a completed cruise?) but his tactics were all based on me not losing out on a possible deal coming from Princess if they do (well, when they do... let’s be honest) cancel. I’ve seen the deals given to other Alaska cancels and it really didn’t impress me enough. But I think it’s a great thing when a TA makes
  14. So, no I didn’t say that at all. You just showed exactly what I said. It’s Princess that is looking to strike some deal with Canada or the US government (that could take all sorts of directions without Canada doing a thing. That’s the point that the cruise industry has been peddling for the past month. I think it’s just corporate bluster to keep money they desperately need). I never said anything about Canada needing to change its laws or rules or anything of the kind. I personally think Canada should stay closed as long as needed (apparently the government there isn’t ready to open its
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