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  1. We did an island tour with Arthur Wade (the cowboy) and he was awesome. I originally had thought about doing an excursion on a bus with a bunch of people and after reading reviews on Cruise Critic, I found the taxi tour option. So glad I did. Arthur was a first class tour guide. He was quick to answer emails and made me feel comfortable that I had chosen a good guide. He asked how long we wanted to tour and what we wanted to see. The tour he took us on surpassed anything we could have imagined. We saw all the sights plus some things you wouldn't experience on a big tour. There was a boat race the day we took the tour and he took us to three different boat clubs. One where the race started and we got to see some of the boats and racers up close, toward the end of the day we went to the boat club where the race ended. So fun! Not touristy. Lots of locals having a great time. He bought us Dark and Stormy's there and they were so good! We stopped for lunch in St. Georges and Arthur recommended a fish restaurant. We invited him to join us and had great fish tacos, on the patio, on the water. Great food. He took us to a couple golf courses for beautiful views and great pictures. Everyone on the island seemed to know Arthur and we felt very welcome everywhere we went. This would not have been possible on a bus tour or on our own. We also saw all the sights everyone sees: smallest draw bridge, pink sand beaches, lighthouse, st. georges, Hamilton, etc. But with Arthur we saw so much more and I felt like we really got to experience the island. At the end of the tour he stopped at the boat club he belongs to and bought us a round of drinks before heading back to the ship. We had fun talking with people in his club. It really felt like spending a day with a close friend and his friends along the way were so very gracious. Would definitely recommend Arthur to anyone interested in a great tour of Bermuda.
  2. Don't miss We Will Rock You. Best show I have seen on a cruise ship on 25 plus cruises. Spectra's Cabaret was good as well just not as good as We Will Rock You. Unfortunately we were unable to see The Gift as the times interfered with dinner or other activities. I found it very hard to see the shows and make it to assigned dining. You will have better luck if you go to a specialty restaurant. Better food than the dining room, but the specialties have gotten a little high in price from my point of view.
  3. Hi, yes we did meet you in New York. I hope you got a better resolution than what was offered on the ship. Like you, I did do some research prior to the cruise and did not find the balcony to be obstructed. It is surprising to me that a few on here want to put the blame on the consumer, who does their due diligence and then is treated terribly by ship personnel. Bottom line, cruise lines should just be truthful with the cabins they are selling. Other lines do typically list these type of balconies as obstructed. We had a great time in New York and hope your family did as well.
  4. It was cabin 7600, I believe. I did quite a bit of pre cruise planning and have not had this happen to me in the 25 plus cruises I have been on in the last 20 years. I understand things happen and I'm sure the ship was full and another room probably wasn't a possibility. My main issue was they way they handled it. Being rude and telling me it was my fault for using a travel agent, when their own company says it's not listed as an obstructed balcony. I would have expected that they would apologize on the spot and give me something, I don't really care what, but to acknowledge there was a problem and try to make me, the customer feel appreciated
  5. My family went on the Anthem of the Seas five day cruise to Bermuda. We booked 2 balcony cabins - NOT obstructed view. We got on the ship and one of the cabins was obstructed, the other was not. My daughters had already unpacked in the balcony cabin that was not obstructed and were a little upset when they had to pack up and switch cabins with me, but, I was paying! I went to guest services, stood in line over 45 minutes and finally was able to speak to a customer service agent. I explained the problem and he spent 15 minutes looking at something on the computer and then said he had to get a supervisor. The supervisor came over and I explained that I booked two balcony cabins, not obstructed view, and one was obstructed. She asked me the cabin number, looked it up and said yes it's obstructed (no kidding) and that I should have known it was obstructed and that I should NOT have used a travel agent and walked away. No kidding, the rudest cruise ship employee I have ever encountered. I went back to my cabin, called my travel agent who said it does not show obstructed in her deck plans or booking engine, but she would call Royal Caribbean. She emailed me back and told me that Royal Caribbean says it's NOT obstructed and she had me email her pictures. Royal Caribbean then told her that the ship would have to take care of it, not them. My travel agent emailed RCCL asking them to notify the ship of the problem. I went on RCCL's website and did a mock booking for October and that cabin showed as a regular cabin, NOT obstructed. I had to email my travel agent everyday and she had to email RCCL everyday. Finally the day before we got off the ship we got a letter saying sorry for the confusion, but we will offer you a 20% discount on a future cruise in the next 12 months. I feel like this was way too little way too late. Maybe if they would have treated me with respect and looked into the situation and offered me almost anything, I would have been happy, but my having to beg them to fix the problem they created is ridiculous. I doubt I will be cruising RCCL every again. This was the worst customer service I have ever encountered on a cruise ship. I have been on several RCCL cruises and have loved them all, but not anymore. I met another family after the cruise in New York City who said they also had a problem with their cabin. It was above the smoking area and the area is not shown on the deck plans. The cruise line didn't want to do anything for them either. I guess when you get to be a corporation this large you can treat your customers badly.
  6. I have been reading a lot of these posts and I'm confused! I am cruising out of Cape Liberty, there are four of us. The hotel, Embassy Suites Newark offers a shuttle for $20 per person so $80 for a shuttle I have to schedule and won't know what time I can get until check in at the hotel. I was thinking Uber or Lyft might be better, but don't see a lot of recommendations on that. Is Uber possible from hotel to port? I've seen car services recommended but then they have terrible reviews. Read about cabs that sound unlicensed charging huge fees. Can anyone shed more light on this? Also after the cruise we are going to Manhattan for a couple days. We will have luggage so I don't really want to take the train. I have tried to get an Uber estimate but the website says unable to give an estimate. Does Uber and Lyft go to Manhattan from Cape Liberty? Are there better options? I really want the easiest, most reliable way without getting ripped off. Because we have 4 people a lot of times private transportation is about the same as shuttles that charge per person. I would be so appreciative of any help! So excited to cruise!
  7. Its been a few years since I have been on RCCL and I have a couple questions. How does the regular dining work? Previously we were assigned a time, dining room and table for the entirety of the cruise. I have been reading reviews and am not sure that's exaclty how it still works. We have set time dining. Also is the escape room still on Anthem? I see now reservations are required for many things and a lot are already booked so I have to try to take care of that once onboard. Anything else that may have changed in the last 5 years but isn't talked about all over these boards? Is bottled water allowed to be brought on board? I understand that 2 bottles of wine per stateroom are allowed, is that correct? Thank you so much for any help.
  8. Sounds Like Embassy Suites migh be the best option if I don't find queen beds somewhere. Thank you all so much for answering so quickly. Love Cruise Critic so much!
  9. I would like to stay in the $150 range for a hotel but it's not a deal breaker. Im looking for June 14. I did look at those hotels but the embassy had double beds and Country Inn had some not great reviews. Do you know anything about the Hilton Home 2 suites? Location to airport/port and restaurants? Thanks for your help!!!
  10. Hi, I have tried to read the threads to find nswers to my questions, but find the new format for cruise critic is confusing as it seems I am missing something. Anyway I am flying into Newark the day before the cruise and am trying to figure out where to stay. There will be myself, husband and two teens. I am looking for a hotel in a safe location, easy to get from airport via shuttle or cab, with complimentary breakfast, queen beds, easy to get to Cape Liberty/Bayonne cruise port, that has some dining options nearby. I know, that's a long list! Please help!
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