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  1. All of a sudden the south beach ones are showing up in my cruise planner even though the beach club and over water cabanas won’t be open yet. So not sure what it’s going to be like!
  2. I tried searching but couldn’t find much info on these. We will be there in December before the beach club opens twice. Thinking about booking a beach bed for one of our days there. Does anyone have any experience with these? Is it worth it? The cruise planner shows south beach beds and just regular beach beds (which I assume means on chill island). Anyone know which area would be better? We just want a relaxing beach day. Want easy access to drinks, preferably. I assume these don’t come with an attendant like the cabanas, right? Any experiences/advice/suggestions? Thanks!
  3. I didn’t know chops was open for breakfast! Is it only for suite guests? Does it cost extra? Thanks for the awesome review!
  4. That is awesome about the omelette station! I hadn’t read that anywhere before. Thanks for the wonderful review!
  5. Does this work the same when doing a b2b on the first day of the second cruise? Will have the drink package on both legs.
  6. Thanks for everyone's help! We went with the sky suite. Can't wait...only a year and a half to wait now!
  7. Thank you all for your replies! Not sure why I’m being so indecisive. Can’t seem to get a gut feeling. Anyone have any insight on how hard it is to get loungers on a cruise like this? As I said, I’ve never cruised celebrity before so not sure how helpful having the retreat deck area is. On other cruises, if you weren’t out by 7 am, all the loungers would be reserved.
  8. I’ve scrolled through numerous pages of cruise critic reviews and threads and through the cabin compilation and I still can’t decide! Its our first time on celebrity and it is an 11 night southern Caribbean itinerary on the constellation. In the past we’ve done mainly balconies or jr suited on royal, plus a couple less enjoyable cruises on Norwegian and carnival. Options are 1140–aft aqua. My understanding is that would have a bigger balcony but we’d lose access to the retreat. I’m worried about noise and privacy based on some reviews but would love the bigger balcony. Other option is a sky suite for about $800 more on deck 6. Like the idea of the retreat deck with 5 sea days and also the extra restaurant. Thoughts on which we should choose? Am I missing any other pros/cons? I’m being so indecisive!
  9. Were you able to do hibachi at Izumi or only sushi? I’ve seen mixed answers. Any issues using it for lunches on the port days at playmakers or JR or was it easy?
  10. This might be a stupid question but do I need to alert royal if I booked (through two different TAs, long story) b2bs? They both show in my cruise planner so I assume they just figure it out that we are staying on? I’ve never done it before.
  11. Chops was open today on brilliance for embarkation day from 12-1:30. Only us and two other groups and it was included in our UDP. Nice surprise!
  12. Is there sorrentos on brilliance? I don’t see it listed but I thought there was one on every ship. First time sailing on a small ship in many years.
  13. Thank you for the review!! We leave next week! Do you know what time you went under the bridge on the way out? Also, did you notice if there was a bar in or near the windjammer?
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