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  1. For my sailing on serenade the add to wallet button is there but won’t work. No clue why but I did take a screenshot just in case.
  2. Anyone know what the cut off is for placing a royal up offer before sailing? Would love to know my guarantee room assignment before deciding but it’s looking less and less likely.
  3. I’m 9 days out from mine and still no assignment. Going a little crazy checking obsessively lol
  4. Yep mine shows gty where yours shows 7524! Darn.
  5. Hmm mine when I scanned it still has the end as GTY so maybe they really haven’t assigned it yet.
  6. When did you get your cabin assigned? We are 18 days out from our sailing on serenade and I’m not so patiently waiting lol
  7. Yep and it says to enter a valid name and number. But I copied straight from my reservation number. I saw somewhere else that others on my sailing couldn’t either.
  8. Hello! Wondering what peoples experience has been lately with guarantee cabins and when they are assigned. Anxiously awaiting my cruise on serenade that leaves in 3 weeks. I know it could be assigned at any point but just curious if it’s been more common to be assigned at the very last minute lately? Also, Royal up doesn’t appear available for my sailing. Not sure why. Have only done a guarantee once before and it was assigned very quickly after booking but that may have just been lucky? Thanks!
  9. I was thinking this too. When I looked, there were quite a few ships scheduled for the 23rd when I was supposed to be there on serenade. Nachi was already full. Was wondering if the port/cruise lines don’t want so many different ships mingling in the port…seems like the more ships, the higher chance of outbreaks.
  10. On cococay, where was the floating bar located? Also, did you happen to notice if chill island or south beach looked crowded? Haven’t been since reduced capacity on ships and trying to decide if i want to do cheap this time. Thanks!
  11. I’m trying to learn more about serenade as I love sailing from Tampa. Have done brilliance and am assuming they are basically the same but there’s never much out there on the older ships.
  12. I’m going to ignore the part I really want to respond to in your post and simply comment that Florida’s positive percentage rate was almost 20% today compared to 5% a month ago. That’s not numbers going up because of more testing—that’s a percentage.
  13. At least on the sailings I’ve been watching, today’s “deal” is exactly the same as yesterday. I’m so mad I wasn’t checking on here regularly when I missed the extra sale they did a couple weeks ago. Oh well. I’ll keep watching and hopefully get back to that price.
  14. We intend to cancel our Connie January 2021 sailing. Just trying to find the right option to switch to. Probably not going to lift and shift because I don’t want to sail Connie if she’s not getting the revolution upgrades. Looking at a december 2021 on edge instead. Figure we have a bit of time to figure it out still. But we’ll see.
  15. It lists the 4 perks for suites separately from the two perk option below it. Do we think that means the 4 perks will be included with every suite booking or extra like it is during the current promo?
  16. I had this same frustration yesterday! Thought I was going to book and then realized oh with the perks it’s exactly the same price as the day before so not a better promotion at all. I was like why on earth does it say 4 perks included and then charge me $700 for perks!
  17. Right! That’s the most frustrating part. If they had told me at the beginning that it wouldn’t work and why, I wouldn’t have been so frustrated. And then to get so many different answers just gets so annoying. They are still working on getting my original reservation back.
  18. The supervisor i spoke with insisted that we had to stay in m class and couldn’t switch to s class either. We weren’t interested in that right now anyway but that’s what she swore was the policy. I don’t think she knew what she was talking about though because for the first 5 minutes she said it had to be the same exact ship then expanded to class but wouldn’t go past that. She didn’t bring up the FAQs, just said I was misinterpreting the terms and conditions and insisted that itinerary included the specific ship. They probably just need to add in there a couple terms but I’m not their lawyer. Oh well...will probably end up cancelling altogether but going to wait at least closer to final payment to see what happens.
  19. It actually describes both in those terms, if you read them. I mean it is what is—I booked what i did. I’m only annoyed that they are adding terms and conditions to what’s clearly on their site. If it had said ship class on there, I never would’ve even tried or thought I could. Now just trying to get us switched back to what we had before!
  20. It’s weird that it’s there because under the actual terms and conditions it doesn’t reference that at all
  21. Where is that info located? Their terms don’t say that anywhere...I’ve reread them over and over lol they specify other things about the similar itinerary so I don’t know why it wouldn’t specify that. Extra frustrating since Connie is likely not going to be updated now. Thanks for your experience info though!
  22. Hoping for some insight that I’m not getting from Celebrity with this issue. Booked on Connie 1/4/21 to ABC Islands plus grand cayman and Puerto Rico (originally was labadee when we booked), 11 nights. Trying to switch to Edge which is also 11 nights to ABC islands and grand cayman but does Columbia instead of Puerto Rico. Based on my reading of the terms and conditions—including the fine print on their website, that should qualify. We were looking at the 12/13/21 or 1/23/22 sailings since those are both a year later +\- 4 weeks. Initially they said it qualified but we got disconnected and when we got back on the phone the new person said we can’t do it. Now in the meantime, they’ve actually switched us to the new sailing but at the new, more expensive price. She kept saying the only two sailings that qualify are the two Connie sailings in January 2022 and said the edge ones weren’t in the time frame—when I explained they were, she just kept repeating that her chart said I was wrong. Am I missing something? The itineraries are virtually the same and it’s the same number of nights. Nothing in the terms say it has to be the same ship and at least on the RCCL boards, people were able to do it. Currently on hold waiting for a supervisor but thought I’d check here for others experiences. I tried searching but nothing was coming up that I could find.
  23. We are booked for Connie in January on an ABC islands cruise out of tampa. Looking unlikely that we will be going either. Was so looking forward to it but doesn’t seem realistic right now. Starting to come to terms with that but we are going to wait until closer to final payment to decide for sure.
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