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  1. You must be joking. I was on Allure in June. Dining room food was good to very good. Windjammer buffet was the absolute worst I have experienced in 36 cruises. Yes there is a choice of 20 items none of which were even close to tasty. Breakfast bacon inedible, same lunch choices every day disguised to look different. Compared to Celebrity and even NCL, Windjammer food was about same quality as a school cafeteria Luckily there are other dining choices in Oasis class ships for breakfast and lunch!
  2. Does anyone know if they will be limiting number of passes sold to the Beach Club?
  3. Cape Liberty Port Schedule does not show Celebrity Summit next summer!
  4. Can't believe it. People here worried about upgrades and future credits while people will probably die. Hurricane will sit over Bahamas as a Cat 4 or Cat 5 for three days. People there will lose everything and Coco Cay will no longer exist. Could still score a direct hit on Florida which could cause $1 Trillion in damage. Even a glancing blow will cause damage in the billions. So stop complaining like spoiled brats and start praying!
  5. Most of the cabanas specify maximum of 8 people. Is it possible to add 2 more?
  6. The whole MTD is a joke unless your are a party of 2 and can show up at any time. It should be called LTD Limited Time Dining. Traditional dining at 5 pm is ridiculous if you plan to enjoy the ports!
  7. Do we need the parent if the kids have the SeaPass 😆😆😆
  8. Make sure you tip the porters particularly in NYC ports. Also don't just drop your bags off. VHang around until they are placed on the luggage cart. Passengers leaving the ship will have no contact with these carts unless, of course, they are planning on stealing your luggage 😠😠😠
  9. What is required ID for young children 12 and under in Bahamas?
  10. The second person is 12 years old but she will be boarding with her mother and brother in another stateroom!
  11. Can one passenger in a stateroom board early before the other passenger who may be delayed in arriving?
  12. Totally agree with you except buffet on Allure was bad in every way except maybe for coffee?
  13. I was on Allure in June. MDR food was good but certainly nothing like food we got on our first cruise is1996. Windjammer was absolutely the worst buffet I have encountered in 36 cruises. Luckily there were other options. Chops was really bad - watery soup, soggy shrimp and rib steak I couldn't chew! Fortunately it was a freebie from my TA.
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