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  1. I booked recently for March 2019 and got 8:30 dining. Best reason for booking early is price increases. You can always cancel before final payment and I:m sure all that info will be available by then.
  2. From Deck plans I am guessing lifeboats will be on Deck 6. Does that mean that these balcony cabins have an obstructed view. Edge Veranda cabins on Deck 6 are lowest priced but I did not see obstructed view designation. Thanks.
  3. Try Priceline or Hotwire. Specify 4 star. Specify Downtown and Beach. You will see some express deals. You won't know which hotel until you book. My daughter hyst got W Fort Lauderdale Beach for $129 a night. I think regular price is around $279 a night!
  4. Staying precruise in Fort Lauderdale. Any recommendations for dependable Van or Limo service to Miami Cruise Port.
  5. I assume you are joking. No cruise line allows children in a cabin without an adult and any sane person would not consider leaving babies alone even if permitted.
  6. Actually, all cabins are ADJOINING. Five persons in any cabin is not a vacation.
  7. Totally agree but I believe evacuation costs are much higher. Many policies cover medical evacuation up to $1 million dollars.
  8. Celebrity and RCL have great FREE Cirque shows in the main theater. I have no desire to pay $35 for a meal which is not as good as what I can get in the dining room at no charge. Same goes for Wine musical since I have Beverage Package. Every cruise has Comedy shows which are usually later at night AFTER THE MAIN SHOW. Please understand that I am not worried about spending an extra $100 for entertainment after I spend $10,000 on a cruise. I just refuse to pay for something which should be free. Since I do have the Beverage Package, I will just have more time to take advantage of that toasting NCL for not having more entertainment options!:evilsmile::ship:
  9. Sorry but that is something that just really gets my blood boiling. People do that on these boards all the time. They disagree with what you say so they tell you to go on another cruise line. Same as telling you that if you don't like what I said get off these boards, which I am not saying, unless of course you are telling me to try another cruise line.
  10. Really, I didn't know that. Thanks so much SNARKY! I have been on 34 cruises so I don't need you to tell me what to do. Not that you deserve any explanation, but I want to try a Breakaway class ship and this ship seemed good for my daughters four children. I would have preferred RCL Harmony of the Seas but price was not competitive. I'm not disappointed, just discerning, and I always point out what I consider deficiencies which need to be corrected.
  11. We usually sail Celebrity and they have a GREAT show every night on a 3000 passenger ship. RCL has a show almost every night on a 6000 passenger ship!
  12. Another FREESTYLE MOMENT. I just read that Illusionarium seating is on first come basis. Suggested you be in line 60 minutes prior to show. I have been on 32 cruises and have never stood in line to see a show, or paid for a show for that matter. You cannot justify payment because there is a meal since meals are included on the ship and the Illusionarium meal is not very good. No reason for not having reserved seating when you book. FREESTYLE is really PAYSTYLE!
  13. Theaters on new NCL ships are definitely too small - no excuse for this except greed. Just booked entertainment for Getaway cruise. Even with smaller theater, Burn The Floor and Million Dollar Quartet are only offered on two night. Freestyle does not mean you can REASONABLY do things when you want but rather WHEN WE LET YOU. Another example. We have 8 in our party, 4 children from 3 to 13. When I booked Specialty Dining I was only offered 5:30 or 8:30. If I had 4 in my party, I could have booked any time I wanted. 5:30 is really a late lunch. If you are doing excursions or just having fun on the ship, getting ready for 5:30 dinner is like being on a treadmill, especially with kids who need a nap. I always book late dining but 8:30 is way too late for kids. Why these times? It's not like they take the larger tables out at 7. NCL encourages bringing families but does not accommodate them once they are on the ship. Another great example of the FREESTYLE MYTH!
  14. Sailing on Getaway in November. Have sailed on NCL frequently in the past when NCL was rated the best entertainment - a different show every night. We sail Celebrity frequently and they have a different show every night. As far as I can tell, NCL has two shows - Million Dollar Quartet and Burn The Floor. Am I missing something? Comedy clubs do not count as shows. 4000 people trying to get into a room that holds 200. Also, please don't tell me about Freestyle when I have to book everything in advance or get shut out.
  15. Does anyone have entertainment schedule for Getaway 2017 Caribbean sailings? We have a cruise in late November and I would like to plan dining and entertainment so I can reserve as soon as booking opens. Thanks.
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