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  1. We always fly a day or two early mostly to flight or luggage delays. However, this will not help for a major snowstorm. It could take up to a week for airlines to catch up with cancelled flights! Only choices are to let travel insurance pay or drive before the storm hits!
  2. I never miss anything! Our June cruise was the first time we experienced pep rallies every night. Hadn't been on RCL in about 5 years. Read my other recent post for more info!
  3. Totally agree. Also a higher class of passengers. Most dress for formal nights - not necessarily tuxes and gowns. Also dress nicely on casual nights. Have never seen shorts in the MDR and dungarees very infrequently. Way fewer announcements and only one laid back pep rally in the MDR. Definitely a more upscale experience. Price is higher but usually includes Beverage package, prepaid gratuities and at least $300 OBC which makes it competitive. Looking forward to Celebrity Edge. I'm sure someone will ask why I'm sailing RCL. We like Oasis class ships, my daughter's wanted to try them and couldn't pass up price on Oasis sailing out of Port Liberty which is one hour drive from our home. Note: women's designer jeans are not dungarees.
  4. Yes, they both have big boats that go in the ocean!
  5. You missed my point. The alternative should be a nice quiet dinner in the MDR. What they are trying to do is convince you the food is great and you are having a great time. Don't tell me. Show me. Like many here have agreed - bush league! Also there are many different dining options on Oasis class ships. I had lunch a few times in the Windjammer on our recent Oasis Cruise. I thought the food was the worst I have experienced on 35 cruises. No way I would want to eat that for dinner. We will be bringing best ear protection I can find for our next RCL cruise!
  6. Everybody has different likes and dislikes. We cruised almost every summer for 20 years. It's a little warmer but usually pretty nice on the islands. As far as booking newer ships, that's all I will book. We are at the point where we usually stay on the ship and the newer ships have so much more to offer. Love the Oasis class ships, NCL Breakaway class and looking forward to Celebrity Edge class!
  7. August 16-23. Unfortunately price has gone up to $2466 for Boardwalk Balcony. When I first booked in May price was almost $3100. Kept going down but recently started to go up! I was surprised prices went down. Cruises out if NYC area are usually more expensive because cruise line knows you are saving airfare.
  8. We booked Boardwalk balconies on Oasis leaving from Port Liberty for August 2020 at $2290. Also got about $200 amenities from Agency! Great for us since we are 1 hour ride from Port!
  9. I never let anyone handle my bags. To me the downside of not getting my bags on the ship totally outweighs any inconvenience of handling my own bags. I always watch the bags being placed on the baggage carts at the Port before I go check in. We sailed without bags once. Never again! Always fly to EMBARKATION port AT LEAST one day early.
  10. https://www.elliott.org/blog/fly-same-day-cruise-missed-cruise/
  11. Excuse me but that's not the alternative people should accept. I have posted several times before about the loud announcements every night in the MDR. As the OP said, one night is enough. You don't do a pep rally every night if you're trying to sell fine dining. Just serve good food in a nice atmosphere with people dressed appropriately.
  12. RCL does not require letter from father. Rooms are adjoining not connecting. Makes sense that everything should be OK as long as my daughter is there at check-in but stranger things have happened.
  13. My daughter is going on RCL cruise with her two children and a friend. She has two cabins - her and her 12 year old son in one cabin, her friend and 11 tear old daughter in the other. At check in, will they consider that the 11 year old daughter is traveling with the friend and expect parent permission letters or will they realize the daughter is traveling with her mother? Maybe a dumb question but would hate to see them denied boarding.
  14. Does the tour include stops and walking, getting on and off the bus?
  15. This was definitely the cruise director trying to get everyone pumped up to run down to the Promenade and book your next cruise. Like Isaid it felt like a very loud pep rally and occurred on most nights!
  16. Supposed to be how great FOOD is and really BUSH LEAGUE!
  17. Main noise problem is the cruise director on most nights making announcements to tell you how great the door, waiters and chefs are, getting people to cheer and parade. Sound is about 120 decibels. Really busy league if you are trying to sell fine dining. I felt like I was at a high school football rally!
  18. My Time Dining gory August 2020 cruise just became available. Note that it didn't show up on my mobile phone but did show up on my laptop. Would not let me book for multiple cabins. I called RCCL and a very nice lady booked 6:30 for 5 cabins and sent me email confirmation. She indicated that more times would probably show up later but 6:30 was fine for us!
  19. We were on Allure in June and headliner show was an Acapello group. I seem to remember them playing in the lounges on a previous sailing. You can see Acapello groups every night in Philly. I much prefer entertainment on Celebrity. Different show every night, early and late performances, no reservations and three production shows! THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!
  20. I seriously doubt that those costs are considered refundable by the insurance company. I read about the case of a woman who purchased $4500 policy. Turned out the actual non-refundable cost was just a few dollars more and the insurance company refused to pay anything for a claim with a pre-existing condition. I once attended a seminar given by an insurance rep. His opening statement was "Always remember that insurance companies DO NOT WANT TO PAY CLAIMS SO MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE POLICY RULES EXACTLY!
  21. I've seen Phantom 3 times and I was sorry when the show ended!
  22. We have a cruise booked for Aug 2020. Any idea when I will be able to book My Time Dining. I have tried recently on Cruise Planner and it does not give me any option for My Time Dining!
  23. I can definitely tell you the wait staff does not miss the old days. A number of waiters told us that people would not come to the dining room on the last night to avoid tipping. We always tip extra to the wait staff and room steward!
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