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  1. I have been on 35 cruises and purchased insurance 35 times Moreover I used to sell cruises.b Insurance from Cruise line usually has low coverage and frequent offers a credit in future cruise rather than cash back!
  2. Travel insurance is a major money maker with commissions of 30% or more. I have found that some travel agents do not understand travel insurance particularly the requirements for previously existing medical conditions. You really need to do your homework when buying travel insurance! Not saying all travel agents do not sell good travel insurance! Look for high medical evacuation coverage and preferably primary medical coverage? Use a website like Insuremytrip.com to evaluate multiple policies and compare to what your travel agent is offering.
  4. CATS has always been a LOVE IT OR HATE IT show. Most people don't understand the story, aren't into dancing and enjoy shows with music that is familiar. That said, you know you have a non appreciative group when someone starts dishing PHANTOM!
  5. CATS is a fantastic play seen by more than 73 million people worldwide. Get the video below. It is a special edition of CATS where Andrew Lloyd Weber picked all his favorite performers including Elaine Page with. 73 piece orchestra! https://www.amazon.com/Cats-Musical-Commemorative-Elaine-Paige/dp/B00004XMTJ
  6. Just saw the mention of loud music. This is not the fault of CATS. We just experienced the same issue at every show on Allure. That's basically the fault of whoever is controlling the sound. I'm convinced the sound engineer on Allure is deaf!!!
  7. Cats is the 3rd longest running show on Broadway and is back on Broadway. Actually there is a story and lots of symbolism. Check this link. https://catsmusicalmeaning.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/an-explanation-of-the-musical-cats/
  8. Are Diamond drinks only available 5pm to 8 pm at bars and in dining room?
  9. Just off Allure. Promenade is frequently noisy. Central Park is usually empty.
  10. I was on RCL cruise a few years back where we were waiting to get voff at noon. I believe they found drugs. Luckily I had a 2:40 flight and made it!
  11. At debarkation get one of the porters to take your bags. We bypassed the entire line for customs!
  12. Recently sailed on June 9 Allure:sailing. Third time on Allure. Thirty- fifth cruise overall. GENERAL - Love the Oasis class ships. Allure still in great condition. SERVICE - Wait staff and stateroom attendant were fantastic. All employees I encountered were friendly and helpful. MAIN DINING ROOM - Food was generally good - selection OK except for soups and appetizers. We had shrimp cocktail or escargot and baked onion soup every night. Coconut shrimp were very good. B Worst meal was seafood pasta. My bad - NEVER order Italian food on a cruise ship except for Costa pre Carnival. PLEASE do away with loud announcements and parades at dinner. BUSH LEAGUE. I like to eat in peace. Quietly asking for a round of applause for chefs and wait staff is sufficiently. WINDJAMMER BUFFET - Easily the worst quality and selection I have encountered in 35 cruises. NCL was substantially better last year and Celebrity way way better on all previous Celebrity cruises. Operative word here is low cost. Bacon inedible. Pancakes and waffles cold and soggy. Seafood stew prepared in a blender. How many ways can you make chicken? PARK CAFE - Really good breakfast and lunch sandwiches. One comment - cannot make a good roast beef sandwich using a knife - too chewy. Need to slice beef very thin on a slicing machine. ENTERTAINMENT - TOO LOUD. My wife has sensitive hearing and even with ear plugs we had to leave Mama Mia. It looked like about 1/3 audience left at intermission - not sure if loud was issue for them. Even the Acapello show was loud. I'm thinking the sound engineer is hard of hearing. SOLARIUM - Great place to spend afternoon and usually a nice breeze. Solarium cafe not much better than Windjammer. CHOPS - Terrible. I have previously submitted a post on this topic. Note that I am not anti Royal Caribbean. We are Diamond level and have Oasis booked for next summer. I just call it as I see it. Good food isimportant to me - not expecting 5 star. Food quality has definitely gone downhill over last 15 years on all Cruise lines.
  13. On two previous Allure cruises we really enjoyed the Brazilian restaurant!
  14. FORGET about the sides. We ordered grilled asparagus and sauteed mushrooms. Apparently they just ignore your request and bring everyone the same four sides in four little cups. I think we got 4 soggy asparagus, a couple spoonfuls of mushrooms, some ice cold fries and soggy mashed potatoes. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with this experience. It's not like one thing was bad. We have diners in the aphilly / South Jersey area and Chops wasn't even close to quality of diner food. We are not talking Michelin 5 star.
  15. Plenty of places. Figure $30 for steak, $10 for shrimp cocktail and $10 for soup!
  16. I also forgot to mention that my wife had the crab cake appetizer which was basically all filler - not quite as good as Mrs. Pauls crabcake!
  17. Recently sailed on June 9:sailing. Third time on Allure. Thirty- fifth cruise overall Received free dinner from TA and went to Chops. Remember you pay $50 per person EXTRA for an upscale meal. It wasn't even good for free. Lobster bisque was a brown watery liquid with no trace of lobster. Shrimp cocktail was mushy - obviously frozen and defrosted before serving. Had ribeye steak for entree - my mouth still hurts from chewing. I should have complained but didn't want to cause a scene. I did complain to Maitre D in the dining room. I can get a really fantastic meal for $50 per person in Philadelphia with really great lobster bisque, crisp shrimp and tender steak. Definitely the worst alternative restaurant experience in about fifty previous dinners!
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