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  1. I had filed a dispute with my card when Norwegian refused to issue me a refund for my original payout. My card company was useless and charged me back the amount simply because Norwegian responded with a pile of paperwork that had nothing to do with the dispute. I would think you would not be eligible for a refund if you already received it via a contested charge or if you are in an active dispute of the charge. My request was denied, so hopefully I have no issues getting refunded. After my contested charge was denied, I reached out to the attorney general in my state and t
  2. I've already done it. I put together multiple printouts with details on each explaining everything. It was all clear and concise. However, it seems like all it takes is for the merchant to fire back with, "No, I don't think so pal!" and dump 10 pages that doesn't cover any part of this particular situation. So Capital One puts the charges back, and I have to submit another dispute, this time responding specifically to the documents they sent. It's just tedious. Capital One said it's not their fault, they're blaming Visa for the convoluted process.
  3. I have no clue what they knew or didn't know. I don't think it's choosing poorly when you've been a customer of the company for a long time and they offer to rectify the situation and you're more than happy to keep your business with them because they've always been good and fair with you. I think it's a fair expectation they would try to work out something and not tell you to take it or leave it. The money they make by gouging us in the situation will hopefully fall woefully short of the money they would've made in the future by keeping the same customers loyal to them and spending money w
  4. I tried to explain it to the credit card company but they're basically idiots so far. I have to respond to Norwegians rebuttal of my dispute even though the documents they submitted don't support their case at all. I am guessing it will take months to resolve it with the card company. You can't seem to talk to the ones who actually review the material and make the decisions only the base level reps who read you their scripts and tell you to keep sending in the same paperwork over and over.
  5. I did file a complaint with the attorney general's office in Washington State. I wasn't aware you could sell your credits. For some reason, even though I am the primary person booking/paying for the cruise, they divvied up the credits between me and my wife. Even though she's listed as a passenger when I book.
  6. We had purchased a November 2020 Alaskan cruise in April of 2020. Of course, the November cruise was cancelled due to covid and we got the bonus credits for rebooking another Alaskan cruise for April 2021. That cruise was also cancelled due to covid. We were told we would get 30% off our next booking and an additional 10% off coupon/credit to use. This was fine and I went to rebook the same cruise and even with their "30% discount sale" the price was more than double. I reached out to NCL by phone and was told too bad so sad, no refunds for you. Because we took the bonus credit, th
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