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  1. Thanks for the response. We are Diamond on RCL (but frankly our suite perks are better) and never sailed X. HAL we have not much status since they don't accept Princess status, sadly. I think the HAL itiniary IS the best TBH. We have just been on the Eurodam a lot so I am thinking I would like to try something new. GAAAAH. I guess there really is no right answer...
  2. Frank808 would you mind letting me know how it works out? I wish I could do a one way! Or one way B2B. That has been my fave itiniary (YVR to Anchorage area) by far in all the AK cruises I have ever done.
  3. Every other cruise is cheaper than Ovation since that is a new ship in huge demand right now (and the prices reflect it). Here are our other 2 options... (Ovation's current itiniary is the last screenshot). We have been to all these places in the past. Have cruised RCCL and HAL but never X. Most recently we were on the Eurodam for Panama Canal and I hate to say this but it was a bit boring. There was almost no entertainment. They did away with all the large shows in the theater in exchange for 2-3 person "acts" that were not great. So I am not that keen on that cruise even though it has the best itiniary. We are in our late 40s so still looking for some fun things to do aboard, esp at night. Thanks for any and all thoughts.
  4. Hello all, My family and I are booked on Ovation next month to AK. We have all been to AK about 4x before and always love it. I now have a chance to stay for a 2nd week and have a friend join me while the rest of my family flies home, lol. Would I be bored staying on the same ship for 2 weeks doing the same itiniary? Or is the ship large and fun enough for 2 weeks on it? Celebrity's Solstice is in port that same weekend so I am wondering if I should just switch ships and book on the Solstice for week 2 or just stay on Ovation (more convenient)? I would appreciate any help!
  5. Hello all. I am a long time seasoned cruiser but I am in a situation with a HAL cruise coming up in 2 weeks that I dunno what to do with. My friend and I were supposed to travel on March 1st and she told me tonight that she cannot go. She does have her own insurance (and I have my own too) so I am assuming she will use her insurance if it is a covered reason to get reimbursed, but I still want to go. Can someone tell me what my options are? Can I bring someone else and change the name (I am listed first) and I am sure she or her insurance would have to pay up for her half of the cabin but would the new person have to pay again for the half? Or is that even possible? If not, and since I don't want to sail alone, what if I cancel my half of the reservation too? Will my Allianz insurance cover that? UGH. I have never been in this position and it sucks!
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