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  1. Thanks for the input everyone. The cruise is 14d so I am thinking I might be bored stiff alone. I am still talking it out with my friend (remind me never to put myself into this position again) so I didn't call HAL to get the exact penalties, options, etc. Needless to say, it is not a medical emergency that she "cannot go." So likely my Allianz insurance (and hers) would not help either of us. I will keep you posted. For now, I am hoping we can resolve this when she realizes how much money we both potentially are going to lose with her cavalier attitude. Sigh...
  2. Hello all. I am a long time seasoned cruiser but I am in a situation with a HAL cruise coming up in 2 weeks that I dunno what to do with. My friend and I were supposed to travel on March 1st and she told me tonight that she cannot go. She does have her own insurance (and I have my own too) so I am assuming she will use her insurance if it is a covered reason to get reimbursed, but I still want to go. Can someone tell me what my options are? Can I bring someone else and change the name (I am listed first) and I am sure she or her insurance would have to pay up for her half of the cabin but would the new person have to pay again for the half? Or is that even possible? If not, and since I don't want to sail alone, what if I cancel my half of the reservation too? Will my Allianz insurance cover that? UGH. I have never been in this position and it sucks!
  3. None on Liberty OTS as of 5/18. HUGE BUMMER. Loved this on Anthem (which has many)
  4. Thanks for the responses. Confirmed with C and A today the above. Very helpful. Now trying to decide if I really want my 18yo to be D (and get 3 free drinks on her cruise card for the next 3 years)! HAHAHAHA
  5. Hi there, My DD is about to turn 18 in late January. We are only a few credits away from being Diamond so I was going to take a quick cruise to get my status up from Emerald to Diamond. This way, I was told my C and A last week, my soon to be 18 year old will inherit Diamond status forever (although her cruise credits will go down to the number of days she cruised, which is less than mine). Is this right? My friend is saying that when they turn 18, they lose the parents' status completely and drop to what their "true" status would be based on their actual days sailed, which in her case would be even under Emerald. I need to decide if I want to take this cruise in Early Jan ASAP and I really want to know what will happen. I am worried I got the wrong info from the C and A agent last week! I figured you all may know better or may have been through this with your own children. Thanks! Kath
  6. Can someone post the Ovation Fall repo back to Sydney plans please (and the cruise in Alaska right before it)? I am assuming it would be mid-Sept 2019?
  7. We were on LIberty in the Caribbean this past week and had THE worst reception on VOOM all week. As in basically unusable internet. Could not log in most of the time and things like streaming movies or Facetiming had no chance in heck of happening. It took me 5 minutes each time just to get to my gmail and then 5 minutes to load 1 email and 5 minutes to respond 3 sentences. And that was on a good day when I could actually log in. What a joke! I would say 100% no way in AK.
  8. Does anyone know the cost to Uber to Galveston from the Houston Intl Airport?
  9. Sailing 1 (April 9-22): Singapore, Phuket Thailand, Goa India, Oman Jordan, overnight in Dubai Sailing 2 (April 22-May 7): Dubai, 6-days at sea, Aqaba Jordan, Jerusalem Israel, Crete Greece, Barcelona Sailing 3 (May 7 depart): Barcelona, Valencia Spain, Gibralter UK, Madeira Portugal, 7-day at sea, Miami
  10. Hi there, Does someone have the dates and itiniaries for the Mariner transpacific and ?Panama Canal I am assuming towards Miami? Is it booking already? When is drydock? Before the crossing back to MIA? Thanks so much. If it has been posted, sorry! On a cruise right now with poor internet... Katherine
  11. Aside from the anxiety of something going wrong with your ship, this may be a good thing for passengers. I don't know anyone who cares much about Ensenada as a port. You get to spend time on the ship (now heading backwards to HNL but who cares?). And you get to fly home for free. And get compensated towards another heavily discounted cruise. Sounds like the silver lining. Thank goodness this was AFTER the ports... Too bad for the Grand. I love that class of ships and sail them often along with the Diamond/Sapphire twins. They to me are the best passenger/space/crew ratio'd ships Princess owns...
  12. Sorry if this was discussed but isn't there a deck plan after drydock (Sept 17)? Usually when ships add/change cabins, they will have a pre-drydock plan and a post so if we book after drydock, we know exactly what we are getting? Thanks, Katherine
  13. Yessss! Sapphire is back! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that ship. So bitter they pulled her from LA. I think we will fly all the way to England just to sail her again.
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