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  1. Question for people going on Baltic Capitals Cruises this summer or have gone this season so far. I know the roll calls have changed a lot over the years. I've been on many and organized many M&Gs. But I have found with the particular sailing for the Getaway on July 18 for this summer, that we are getting a lot of 1 post wonders on the roll call. Basically someone comes to promote one of the 3 main Baltic Tour Companies and never comes back to the roll call. Anyone else experiencing this on their Baltic Capitals Roll Calls? I'm really beginning to think it is actually the Tour Companies creating profiles and dropping posts into the Roll Call Threads. I mentioned it on my roll call a while back and they stopped for a short time. No one is chatting and the only posts really are just a big promotion of these companies. It's pretty sad. I know it's a port intensive cruise. I've done Europe cruises before, but just never quite experienced this before.
  2. djmess

    $50 deposit

    Well, really I was trying to find out if anyone else heard the same thing I heard. Basically if you travel in suites, the deal won't be quite as suite anymore. But we will see when June 6 comes around
  3. djmess

    $50 deposit

    Does anyone know what the NEW Promo will be that begins on June 6, 2017? What the deposit may be?
  4. With the uncertainty, it may be a good idea when booking this particular cruise (if for the itinerary alone), to get Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance
  5. djmess

    How to find out post cruise hotels.

    Hotels are generally assigned around the 30 day out mark
  6. djmess

    Leeway with Ages in Teen Program?

    I am so sorry that your almost teen and her friend won't be able to hang out in the teen club. If for some reason you do get an exception, We would love for you to come back here and let us know. In cruising with my kid on Norwegian since he was almost 2 until now him being 14. I have not seen exceptions except 1 time. I homeschool my kid so we can travel. We were on a Panama Canal Cruise. He was 11 at the time. There was also 1 kid 13 and 1 kid that was 15. All other kids on the ship were under the age of 6. We met the one family with the 15 y/o (homeschoolers also) The family with the 13 y/o we only a couple times around the ship. About 4-5 days into the 16 day cruise, I was talking with the Cruise Director about my son. Told him we had met the one family of the 15 y/o and the boys were hanging out together playing video games on their Ipads. We asked if the 2 boys could sit in the Teen Entourage and play video games. He said, they never waiver on the rules, but he would ask the Hotel Director. Well, about that time, the HD was walking by. I approached him and with the CD explained the situation again. The HD understood the dilemma we were in, we said he wanted to communicate with the other family to ask their feelings. After another day. The 2 boys were allowed to hang out together in the Entourage area and play video games. The 13 y/o never wanted to participate. We found out toward the end of the cruise, we was from another country and didn't understand English, so stuck with his family. So, to say an exception is never made I guess is not really true. But the circumstances and the avenues we had to go through make our situation extremely different from one where there are a number of kids and teens on a ship. Good Luck to you
  7. djmess

    Leeway with Ages in Teen Program?

    We cruise Norwegian all the time. When our schedule fell that we could only do a cruise with my son and his 13th Birthday was 2 weeks after sail date, we moved to Royal. He had an amazing time on the Allure of the Seas and was part of the teen club. We've since cruised Norwegian now that he is almost 14 and he loved Norwegians Teen Club also I so get your dilemma and understand it completely. Our kids/teens are on vacation also and we need to look out for their interests as well as our own
  8. I've been told that Costco does not participate, but you should confirm with them. Maybe talk with supervisors or higher up people or maybe some that has booked from them can confirm if they have received bid offers. I recently (2 days ago for a Mid July sailing) received a bid offer via email, but it does not show up on myncl account.
  9. djmess

    Wonderful Copenhagen 2017 edition.

    I finally figured it out. I did not realize how close the central station was and to be honest with not understanding the language, I had a hard time getting the Name of the Central Station in as the departure place for me. But I figured it out. Thank you so much for your patience with me. I will definitely book from the Central Station. This is what I finally figured out to put in for the central station; Koebenhavn H Airport was used because I knew that name. No other reason
  10. djmess

    Wonderful Copenhagen 2017 edition.

    I am sorry that I am having such problems understanding. I promise I'm a pretty smart traveler, but am just having a hard time with this part of our trip. When I put the 3 passengers in, I see what you posted with the 9 minute train change. But I'm also seeing this: Would it be an option, or am I just in the wrong area: Koebenhavns Lufthavn st 10:55 5:27 1 R, EC 58,00 EUR   171,60 EUR Hamburg Hbf 16:22 Station/Stop Time Platform Products Further information Koebenhavns Lufthavn st dep10:55 2 R 1043 OeresundzugDirection: Rungsted Kyst St. Koebenhavn H arr 11:08 1 Transfer time 29 min. Koebenhavn H dep 11:37 6 EC34 Eurocity Direction: Hamburg Hbf Subject to compulsory reservation (Roedby --> Puttgarden) Hamburg Hbf arr16:22 7E-I Sorry, tried copying what I see and it didn't come out correctly. Let me try again
  11. djmess

    Wonderful Copenhagen 2017 edition.

    Hi Danish Viking, I want to say thank you! You are such an amazing person to help us all out. I have another question. As I'm really just delving into all my research. I've been looking at the train from Copenhagen to Hamburg. I'm traveling with a teenager and his grandmother. We want to try something different, thus the train that goes on a ferry. My question is, where is the train station in relation to the Airport. Or better yet, in relation to Cabinn City Hotel. I've put into the bahn train booking engine Copenhagen Airport as my starting location. Want to pick the right starting point. Also, I noticed we will have to change trains at least one time shortly after our initial boarding. The system first showed me something where we had 9 minutes to get to next train. I then found one that gave us like 25 minutes. I think this is better for us. How difficult is it to change trains. It looked like we would have to go from a platform 1 to a platform 6. Are platforms generally close?
  12. djmess

    Wonderful Copenhagen 2017 edition.

    Thank you for your assistance. Unfortunately I've seen the Wakeup Hotel Borgegade mentioned a few times on this site and I've periodically checked the availability, but my dates are sold out. So, I've found a couple other budget hotels around Tivoli Gardens - Would this be an OK location so that we are closer to other touristy things. One I found is Cabinn City (it's in the budget I like) We are doing so much on our trip, that our hotel in the cities we are staying in are where we really want to save a few dollars
  13. djmess

    Wonderful Copenhagen 2017 edition.

    I'm going to look for the "old" Copenhagen Thread, but while I continue to do research, I'm going to pose my question. Thank you so much for your assistance: I will be in Copenhagen for 2 nights late July 2017 *I have a very inexpensive hotel reserved - Cabinn Metro, but don't really have any idea where it is located in relationship to touristy stuff. We are staying 2 nights post cruise, with 2 days to explore. Third day we are taking the train from Copenhagen to Hamburg So, I'm willing to pay a bit more for a hotel that is VERY centrally located for tourist stuff, especially if I'm going to be paying cab fare to get from my cheap hotel to the touristy stuff. Or can anyone tell me how good the public transportation is. I can see if my hotel is near any public transportation which could make it easy to get to touristy stuff. I've used public transit in London, Paris and Italy. So I know I can do it, just like to be somewhat prepared Also, who knows, maybe I picked a cheapo hotel that is close to something. But I highly doubt that. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  14. djmess

    NCL transferring a booking to a TA

    I understand people get excited, but I also get so tired of people that want to blame everyone(cruise line in this instance) when they just don't READ. Unfortunately our society doesn't think rules and procedures should apply to them. If you don't read and you sign, then that is your problem and no one else's.
  15. If you book onboard the ship, then you get those lower deposits and the OBC. If you use a travel agent, and say for example you used a TA for the cruise you are on. The booking you make onboard will go to your TA of record(the one that booked the cruise you are on) I would let your TA know that when you are on your sailing, you may take advantage of the onboard booking and know the reservation will go to them. ASK your TA, if I do that when I get home will you be able to look at the reservation and offer me something extra (maybe more OBC) If you TA is not willing to do that, the CHANGE TAs. It can be done! As a TA and not as a TA